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      Anonymous commented  · 

      The Department of Health is slow to tell.
      There is more than 2 to 3000.
      45,000 per year.
      Only there is no NHS doctor who knows a thing about Lyme Disease. They believe it to be something like flu and the patient will get over it.
      It it carries on more than a couple of weeks.
      They have not a clue it's sepsis.
      It suppresses the immune system so the markers for infection are not well defined.
      Hence the NHS don't know what their dealing.
      We need IV antibiotics.

      The local authorities like the council need to work out how to control the environment.
      But the rely on the local GP to say something.
      All than happening because the tests were so poor from what was Southampton lab.
      The authorities just let it happen.
      Essex council put a notice up last year 2016 saying there was a field in Harlow where one dog had died and others had got sick.
      The local vet told the council.
      The Council told DEFRA.
      They got the Chief Vet involved he just looked round the fields and said he couldn't see anything. A Vet at Bristol university said the pre-states are difficult to see.
      There are no experts within the NHS.
      They usually tell you to get on with it.
      I have servived so much.
      But they don't respect you.
      Because there is no training.
      Only lies and deceit.

      There should by proper cleaning of the immediate home environment and vegition cut short.
      There seems to be a lack of any idea on how to control this condition. In America its said they spray the environment 3 times a year.
      The land is no longer burned at the end of the year.
      I first noticed that the Tick appeared when I 3G transmitter. The Mod knew this in the 1950/60 that Tick would increase with radiation.
      Again the council was made responsible Trading Standards
      have not a clue.
      Industry should be closed down industry.
      But that's not going to happen.
      Doctors just tell me to move.
      They are not going to get involved.
      The NHS doctors told my family I was mentally ill.
      And they were not to help me.
      My husband died of Lyme Disease.
      There is no Solictor's who will take this on.
      The government knew in 1980
      Criminal statutory duty
      BBC Panama a few weeks ago.

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