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Support EFVI.EU - Fight against draconian legislation that only benefits the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.

We have a European citizens initiative www.efvi.eu in place so we can get a seat at the table to negotiate a fairer deal on the use of e-cigarettes, directives put in place on the 26th of February have effectively banned all ecig products on the market today with each member state having to put these policies in force by 2016, this directive will only put public health at risk and deny smokers the use of a scientifically proven safer alternative. The EU regulations are so disproportionate that it will only be the large multinational tobacco and pharmaceutical companies that will effectively own the market producing products that are too expensive and like regular forms of NRT have very limited success, this will effectively stop people from attempting to quit smoking tobacco.
We have come along way with electronic cigarettes in the last few years and are showing massive health benefits to there users, it has cost no tax payers money and has had no cases of Ill health, please don't let the governments take it away.

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      • http://batdongsanhungthinh.com.vn/ commented  · 

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        Dự án nằm trên đường Tăng Nhơn Phú (quận 9, TP HCM) có 3 block, 18 tầng và 1 tầng hầm với 690 căn hộ diện tích 58-87 m2 (2 hoặc 3 phòng ngủ). Điểm thu hút của dự án này là chủ đầu tư bán đồng giá 880 triệu đồng cho 100 căn giao dịch trong ngày đầu công bố. Các căn còn lại có giá khoảng 17 triệu đồng/m2. Trong ngày đầu công bố, hơn 400 căn hộ đã có người đặt mua.
        Ngoài bán đồng giá bán, dự án còn có chương trình trúng thưởng với tổng trị giá 300 triệu đồng cho khách đăng ký mua, hỗ trợ phí quản lý 1 năm, ngân hàng hỗ trợ vay 70% trong 15 năm. Ngoài ra, phương thức thanh toán cũng linh hoạt, phù hợp với người có thu nhập trung bình như ngân hàng hỗ trợ lãi suất 2 năm đầu, thanh toán vượt tiến độ được chiết khấu…

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This may seem an arcane area for non-smokers but those personally involved have been staggered by the complicity, duplicity and dishonesty of politicians and officials acting as the mouthpieces of both the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. This is definitely an appropriate cause for 38 Degrees, of which I am a regular contributor and supporter. Please run a campaign on this.

      • Thomas Blomberg commented  · 

        This is a crucial issue which 38 Degrees should support. E-cigarettes have been the single most effective way of lowering the number of smokers since the anti smoking campaigns in the 1980s and 1990s. In the UK alone, some 2 million have moved to e-cigs. The pharma industry's NRT, on the other hand, is a massive failure.

        Although millions have started using ecigs in Europe and the US, there are so far no reports of any serious health issues, and those advocating banning or heavy regulations are not basing their views on facts.

        The EU proposal would effectively kill off this massive movement to and make millions of ecig users go back to smoking cigarettes, as the only type of ecig usage that would be allowed, would be the expensive and very unsatisfactory "cigalikes" that the tobacco industry is pushing for.

        I tried to stop smoking for over 30 years without any success, but in February 2011 I tried my first ecig and it immediately stopped my 40 a day craving. I haven't had one single cigarette since then.

      • Katie Walker commented  · 

        I attempted to stop smoking for 33 years using every single NRT as it came onto the market and failed! That is until I used a vapouriser. I have now not had a single analogue cigarette for over 5 years! Please support this initiative to help the thousands of people like myself to stay off cigarettes and other tobacco products.

      • Patricia Waters commented  · 

        The Royal College of Physicians now support electronic cigarettes as an important development in harm reduction with regard to smoking. There is also massive growing scientific evidence of the positive impact they will have on Public Health.
        We need to successfully take out a Citizens Initiative in order to challenge the recent decisions made by the EU on the Tobacco Products Directive and for that to be successful we need one million signatures Europe Wide. The initiative can be found at www.efvi.eu but we desperately need the backing of 38 Degrees to ensure its success. Electronic cigarettes are the most promising harm reduction tools to have been invented and can be compared to the importance of the discovery of antibiotics. As ordinary citizens we have to contend with the massive lobbying power of 'Big Tobacco' and 'Big Pharma' along with media scaremongering. Nevertheless, the truth and the proof is beginning to emerge that they will be the most effective challenge ever to tobacco, saving literally millions of lives in the future and in saving billions of pounds to the NHS. All agree that they should be properly regulated as consumer products but as it currently stands the EU will over-regulate them to such an extent as to be unusable by the majority. If these decisions stand in their current form, millions of people will be 'condemned to death' by being forced back to tobacco cigarettes. All we ask is for the support to fight media hype and for the chance to legally challenge the EUs decision by obtaining the required one million signatures for the Initiative. Whether people currently smoke or not it has to be very much in the public interest to protect the health of ourselves, our children, our friends and the general public. We therefore call on 38 Degrees to listen to the scientific evidence now available and support this Citizens Initiative.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Don't think these should be banded because its the only thing that has stopped me smoking and i have tried well over 10 times to stop smoking in the passed. There is also no way on this earth that e cig oils can be more dangerous that tobacco, there has been rat poising found in tabacco b4! i'm not saying that the oils are good for you but I don't think they can be any worse than smoking tobacco! If the government are trying to say that they are just as bad as smoking tobacco then they may aswell ban tobacco and e cigs full stop instead of just banning one! Saying all that, I think the government are just saying all this rubbish about the e cigs so they can ban them and then bring them back in and sell them as a medicine so the government will make the money, and its also the government that own most of the tobacco companies and they make nearly or over 100BILLION!!! a year alone on just selling tobacco! So why is there a so called credit crunch when they make that much a year on just one product? the government are just money grabbing gits!!!

      • Anthony Billingham commented  · 

        Some one actually commented the truth, I'm impressed.
        It's never been about health, only money.

      • Tom Johnson commented  · 

        Great stuff. . . "You are missing the whole point of the so called draconian legislation."

        Why are 38D a party to the distraction?

      • john owen commented  · 

        You are missing the whole point of the so called draconian legislation.

        If the pharmaceutical and tobacco companies don't make massive profits, how can the state take so much revenue from them.

        If the use of e-cigs continues to grow soon the pharma's will lose millions and death dealers will go out of business. What do you propose we tax instead, to make up for the shortfall in revenue.

        If everyone stops smoking then the average age that people live to will increase, thus adding to the burden upon the state through welfare and state pension payments. Not to mention the effect on the ecomoy of ALL the jobs that would be lost.

        We can not sustain the current growth rate of the number of over 65's now, so what happens when even less people fail to die off before they even reach pensionable age?

        Have you never considered that there must be a very good reason why the state has not banned smoking outright.

        Never mind the taxes on the producer's staff wages, or the taxes raised from the support industries who produce the paper, the cardboard, make the production machinery the shipping and haulage companies, the taxes raised from the all the companies that whos existence is entirely dependent on providing the materials and means by which tobacco products are produced. The tax revenue raised just from the selling of cigarettes, not cigars not pipe or rolling tobacco just from cigarettes more than pays for the running of the NHS.

        If you don't yourself then perhaps next time you see a smoker instead of pulling faces and making silly comments you ought to thank them for the sacrifice they make both in terms of finance and their lives.

        If you want to maintain the status quo and an NHS ecigs have got to be taxed as hard as smoking is or stopped so that people continue to smoke.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please support us, e-cigs have helped me finally stopped smoking.

      • Babs commented  · 

        This campaign needs to be supported. I was a very heavy smoker for more than 50 years but since taking up vaping have not touched a cigarette. The way this was pushed through the EU voting system was a joke I watched it live and was shocked at the way it was handled it was a clear infringement of all the rules. If this is not stopped it will lead to a lose of any rights. 1 of the things that shocked me most was the sending of an email allowing a vote on split votes being sent to MEP's 1 hour before the vote if the MEPs were doing their jobs they would have been in sitting then so should not have read the email until after the vote. This is a clear infringement.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I used to be a very heavy smoker & I believe e-cigs have saved my life.

      • Dave Upton commented  · 

        Democracy is eroded in small ways by chipping away at the edges. E-cigs are at the edge. Having seen the 'due process' in the EU, I understand how liberty is lost. We cannot allow bureaucrats influenced by big tobacco & big pharma to erode democracy. This is much bigger than e-cigs but they mark what is probably the most important public health innovation of this century. We must get public support for the citizens initiative (www.efvi.eu). It is not just another petition! The public needs to know how the EU parliament decision was over-ruled by the unelected commission.

      • Michael commented  · 

        I find it very upsetting that money is coming before health. :-( I really do hope that common sense will prevail and that the powers that be get educated on this subject.

      • Udo Laschet commented  · 

        What is this for a regulation? Profit for tobacco and pharmaceutical industries - millions of smokers that will pay their taxes and with their health and lives - and massive restrictions to functioning alternatives that are riskless! I thought, politicians see a greater picture of this reality. But now i know, that politicians are not able or not willing at all, to read the informations they got!

      • RobC commented  · 

        We need to get the TPD overturned. Not just for vapers, but for DEMOCRACY.

      • T. Czech commented  · 

        Too many restrictions are anti-democratically!

      • Richard Ford commented  · 

        I wrote a longer comment earlier however I wanted to add this.

        What really makes me angry and disappointed in equal measure is the way that the EU, in pushing for these regulations, appears to of put the interests of Pharma/the Tobacco industry above the health of the citizens of Europe.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        They really did fail to listen to the science.

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