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Against forced academies and the privatisation of our education system by stealth

Our government is forcing schools to become academies against the majority consensus. They are ignoring parents, schools and local authorities. They are using bullying tactics to hand schools to academy chains, run by major Tory donors. They are not only forcing failing schools but good ones and allowing these chains to cherry pick good schools to give academy policy credibility. Parents all over the UK are starting to organise themselves. 'Parents Against Forced Academies' are calling for a public enquiry into the bullying and likely corruption endemic to forced academy process. Decisions about handing over our public schools to academy chains are being made behind closed doors without proper consultation or transparency.

Please join us in our fight for our Education system and our democracy.

The underlying anti-democratic nature of the Department of Education's handling of these matters points unequivocally to a hidden agenda of privatisation. This is fuelled by political self-interest, by party donations, lobbying and future job offers beyond parliament.

Privatisation will only serve the elite and the sooner it is challenged the better. And the rhetoric that Academies will solve all problems is based on very weak foundations. They are increasingly selective of pupil intake, channel funds to executive figures away from teachers, operate dangerously strict pupil codes of conduct and have increasingly fast teacher turnaround. As parents, this is not what we want for our children or our country.

This issue has largely fallen under the media radar and public awareness. It deserves to be front page news and brought to public attention. Education is our future.

We strongly believe that this issue mirrors the NHS privatisation which has fuelled much public outrage. The public deserves to know what is happening to Education too.

This is a serious request at a serious time, and we urge you to support us.

Parents Against Forced Academies

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      • Antonia commented  · 

        Last week I had to report my childs school WOODHOUSE ACADEMY RECENTLY TAKEN INTO MEASURES BY WOLVERHAMPTON UNIVERSITY for not dealing appropriatly with a perssistant infestation of head lice.
        Low and behold on the day my daughter returned to school she was given a letter which she was told was 'special' and adressed to her.
        The letter addressed to her actually contained detrimental criticism of her ability.
        Which she opened and which has forced us to have an otherwise unnecessary conversation with her about educational procedure.
        The poor administration and insensitive delivery of an unfounded opinion with suspicious timing.

        Children expect to be engaged not droned at,
        taught not programmed,
        inspired not criticised
        What mockery is this when corporate greed feigns interest in my child for its own financial gain.....................................

      • David commented  · 

        Gove and his massive stemroller in action. OPrivatised nly his dogma matters. They are destroying our education system in a huge experiment that will blight a generation of children.

      • Shiraleen commented  · 

        This policy has been devised in order to deliver a target in increasing the numbers of academies. The way in which is has been carried out is in a non-transparent and heavy-handed way. My daughter goes to a school that had been placed in 'special measures' in June but in May the children took their SATs exams....because of the delay in reporting, the results now show that the children and teachers have made a massive improvement! Gove isn't listening to the views of the entire cross-party council that voted against academisation. Parents DON'T matter?

      • kate commented  · 

        The idea that the Government are steam rolling these plans through is terrible. Schools run as a business is a vulgar proposal. Leave education to educationalists.

      • Alex Murray commented  · 

        My son's (previously "good") school is going through this. It is despicable that ofsted is being used as a lever without giving schools the time to improve and implement new strategy. Parents voices are not being heard. This is not a democracy. All parents should have the right to choice for their child. And is a profligate waste of public funds. Follow @savesnaresbrook.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Tax payers' money being paid to the trustees and executives of private companies running academy chains instead of being spent on schools and children's education. Unfair, unjust and immoral.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Academies will be using private companies for (among other things) children's services such as counselling, welfare, etc. One of the criticisms of the Victoria Climbie report was the lack of co-ordination between agencies responsible for child protection. This is such a bad idea!

      • John David Hughes commented  · 

        A country is not a democracy if the rulers have the power to enforce their ideology against the will of the people. The government should listen to the concerns of the parents and the teachers. The education of children should not be jeopardised by political tinkering.

      • Sarah Barton commented  · 

        38 Degrees needs to get behind this. We are losing education as a public good and the not-too-distant future is fully privatised for-profit education. For some reason the media has been virtually silent on this. The general public don't seem to be aware of what they stand to lose, but the private companies and so-called 'charities' know very well what they stand to gain.

      • Graham Shackson commented  · 

        We are having a Free School ( not so free) pending
        Planning consent , built way out in the countryside on AONB land when there are plenty of places in our local
        Colleges. Money seems to be a plenty from the DfE. This site in North Devon on the A39 is SIX miles from the nearest town. Don't tell me the UK is short of money.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree with Mark Stevens, imposing free schools on a rural village which does not need any additional schooling is putting our existing schools under threat. Please add to this petition.

      • Marie Wood commented  · 

        Agree with Mark Stevens, imposing Free Schools on areas without need, is also putting our existing local schools under threat. Please could you add to this petition

      • Victoria Jaquiss commented  · 

        I wholeheartedly agree. Never was there a worse time to go to school. What this government and its money-grabbing pals borders on criminal!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        What tyranny we are currently living under!

      • Mark stevens commented  · 

        Can you add imposed new free schools to this campaign? We are currently having a free school imposed on our rural village that is not wanted by, and does not serve, our community.
        They are supposed to be built in areas where the education standards need raising and there is a shortfall of school places. Our community has excellent schools already and are undersubscribed.

      • MavsWorld commented  · 

        Fight against stealth privatization of anything. Private services don't run better on private monopolies.

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