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Stop the proposed closure of Farm Terrace Allotment in Watford

The outline planning in 2007 of the Health Campus in Watford excluded the closure of this allotment. A change has taken place and this historic (1896) terraced allotment is now in danger
West Watford & Oxhey Garden & Allotment Society

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    Gerry Barker shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Sarah Hardy commented  · 

        As a recent convert to allotment gardening I am appalled by this proposal. Have just watched the One Show and strongly believe that it speaks volumes when the Mayor refuses to meet with the allotment holders to discuss their concerns. How it that representing the people? Please keep fighting for your right to be heard, and vote to re-elect your major asap. How insulting.

      • Rosangela Di Raimo commented  · 

        I hope the Judicial Review went/goes well. Let's hope common sense prevails!

      • Gerry Barker commented  · 

        With the Judicial Review booked in July 2014 in front of a High Court Judge in Westminster, we send the Farm Terrace Action Group all our best wishes.
        West Watford & Oxhey Gardens & Allotments Society

      • Jane McGuigan commented  · 

        Good luck to Farm Terrace Allotment Society, we must keep this historic plot of land for the community and the environment.

        The proposed development is on a flood plain. The ''health' campus' holds no detailed plans for a new hospital and there is no funding either. West Watford is already a densely populated and overdeveloped part of Hertfordshire. The infrastructure is creaking in this area. We do not need another 750 properties.

      • Dave Wignall commented  · 

        Disgusting that more green space is being given over to car parking.

      • KLH commented  · 

        Agree totally re: flood plain considerations for development by John D. Also fully back Sue and Angela's comments. Fresh grown food is tasty, healthy and great fun to do!

      • Julie commented  · 

        I saw this plan from watching a programme on
        the bbc. This is an outrageous propasal to close allotments within our "trying to keep green" council and community. The worse part is that they dont really know what the building plans are. Housing, football club car park or maybe a little hospital area, nobody really knows. Save our allotments

      • Sue Pellegrino commented  · 

        Allotments are a vital community asset. Green space should be retained in urban environments and the community should be encouraged to grow their own fresh food - healthy outdoor activity for all

      • John D commented  · 

        Has anyone worked out what the loss of the allotments and their concreting over will mean in terms of added flood risk in the area?
        That is, of course, something that needs to be considered in overall terms of building all over the West Watford flood plain.
        Did Eric Pickles consider the potentially increased risk of flooding when deciding the allotments could be used for a different purpose?

      • Holly Allen AKA gardenbirdblog commented  · 

        I think it's incredibly disappointing that people who are helping themselves to lead healthier lifestyles by growing food in a community setting are faced with being ousted from their allotments. Obesity, food security and lack of adequately planned, usable green spaces and infrastructure are at critical mass. Spiralling developments with inadequate access to green recreational spaces appear to being approved unchecked at a frightening rate in urban areas at the moment and I believe we are in danger of creating 'places to exist' rather than places to actually 'live'. Allotments and gardening are a key solution in tackling all of these issues and I think that in the long run the social cost of having less access to growing spaces will not be worth the short term revenue of yet another development.

      • John D commented  · 

        The allotments are clearly being taken not to build a bigger or better hospital but so that Watford Football Club can expand its parking provision. So, an active energetic recreational activity will now be replaced by one involving added numbers acting solely as spectators, with very little in the way of health benefits. Does this make sense? The added concrete on the land will surely result in more scenes like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAI9I3y_aIM in the future, only in West Watford.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I think Angela's points are all that needs to be said really...

      • Ann Williams commented  · 

        If this campaign succeeds, it will be a landmark case in the protection of allotments and food-growing, to which this government pays lip service, while seizing the sites for short-term 'development'.

      • angela commented  · 

        With benefits being cut and the growing concern re food security in this country, more should be done to encourage Councils to have more allotments, not build over the ones they do have. Like all things its a cheap way of selling off land to a developer who wants to pack em and stack em high, more undersized homes with little or no outdoor space. More should be made of all the under utilised buildings that lie vacant in town centres, business parks etc. We need people with imagination and forward thinking, not ones that go for the easiest, quickest solution with no thought of the impact that building on these green spaces will bring. Those that support this land grab should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Aaron Brown, Norwich commented  · 

        80 % of UK allotments have been lost since 1945 and with a population estimated to be 77 million by 2050, rising food prices, and food imports inescapably increasing above the 40% which they are at present as the developing world can no longer feed us; we are going to build on another 60 allotments. There really is no dam hope and it really is the case of local Lib Dem leaders knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing!

      • Roger Reading commented  · 

        Was the move by the Mayor a legal one or has she flouted the rules by going direct to a decision without a discussion. Personally I doubt she has any morals. At a time when the government is urging us all to be more active, she is closing the door, and consigning you all to a gradual decline in health, and to costing the NHS more in care and health. Shame on her. I bet she could do with an allotment of her own. Roger. (Harrow allotment holder).

      • Janebfc commented  · 

        These allotments are synonymous with Watford and with the football club! Burnley must have been the first team to play away at Watford when they opened their new stand because some of us still clearly remember - with amusement - being ushered along the edge of the allotments to our new designated stand. Indeed we were so amused we started up a rendition of "Tiptoe through the tulips". Putting houses so close to the ground is asking for trouble policing games, managing traffic on match days etc etc; in addition to the travesty of closing allotments at a time when I thought we were trying to encourage people to grow more!

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