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Support YOUR NHS!!

My name is Frances Hunt. I am a nuring degree student in the Birmingham area and also work as a HCA in the hospital environment.

I have silently followed the journey of the NHS Bill, now the Health and Social Care Act from when it started in 2010 to the present day. I will continue to follow this story and do everything I can to minimise the effects of this damaging, in my opinion, Act both at a local and national level!

Although there is not much tangibly we can do to change the Act, there are a HUGE number of things we, as the general public, staff, relatives, family, friends, health professionals of the NHS can do to stand up, be heard and counted and have a voice loud enough to delay the privatisation to what we hold dearly as a nation!

The National Health Service (NHS) was set up initially by A Beven on the 5th July 1948 on the basis and long term ideal that healthcare should be free and accessible to ALL!! This is when the first healthcare professionals came together and united to fulfill this proposal and idea. With regards to funding it was proposed that the NHS would be funded entirely from taxation of the nation. This applied to all the people of the nation!

Below is a timeline of events,from when the NHS first started in 1948 to the present day...

In 1960 the first Kidney transplant took place in the UK in Edinburgh (involving identical twins)
In 1962 there is a call for hospitals, General Practice and Local Health Authorities to unite together instead of being split.
In 1967 The Salmon Report identified and set recommendations for the Nursing Profession
Also in 1967 The Abortion Act was introduced and passed on a free vote resulting in Law!
In 1968 the first successful heart transplant took place at an NHS hospital in London
In 1972 CT scans were introduced
In 1979 the first bone marrow transplant (to a child) was successful at Great Ormond Street
In 1980 the first successful use of keyhole surgery was used to perform the removal of a patients gallbladder
In 1980 the iconic 'Black Report' was published, comissioned three years prior to that to look into the inequalities of healthcare in the UK. This resulted in consequent reports,with similar finidings, such as the 'Whitehead Report' in 1987 and the Acheson Report in 1998.
In 1986 the governement at the time launched the largest public health campaign to educate the population about Aids as the direct result of HIV
In 1987 the first successful heart,lung and liver transplant took place in Cambridge
In 1988 the national breast screening campaign was introduced in the UK
In 1990 the Health and Community Care Act came into being which meant health authorties would manage their own budget.
In 1991 the first NHS Trusts were established to help promote equal health care at local level.
In 1998 the NHS direct service was initiated by nurses
In 2000 the first NHS walk in centres opened, operating 365 days of the year.
In 2002 the Primary Care Trusts were launched to help improve healthcare at local level
In 2004 the first patient choice pilots came into effect
In 2010 the White Paper was published
n September 2010 the BMA response to the White Paper was published
In October 2010 White Paper Consultation Ended
In Decmeber 2010 Dr warns of NHS reform danger
On 19th January 2011 Health Bill unveiled
On 1st Febraury 2011 GPs oppose reform
On 12th March 2011 Lib Dem revolt
On 15th March 2011 BMA emergency meeting
On 13th April 2011 Lansley No Confidence Vote
On 10th May 2011 Lansley plans Bill changes
On 24th May 2011 Bill delayed
On 26th May 2011 Bill delayed further
on 2nd June 2011 Lansley states NHS faces crisis without reforms
On 7th June 2011 - issue raised.. 'Health Bill will kill modern medicine'
On 14th June government response to Future Forum
On 17th June 2011 Quality premium removed from the Health Bill
on 27th June 2011, Health Bill to 'sail through parliament'
On 28th June 2011 BMA votes for Health Bill withdrawal
On 7th July 2011 NHS Board plans leaked
On 8th July 2011 5th wave of commissioning groups, Peers set out Health Bill priorities
On 18th July 2011 London GPs protest over NHS Bill
On 25th July petition on accurate Bill backing
ON 17th August 2011 warning on the risks of NHS reforms
On 1st September 2011 .. Lords may scrap the Bill
On 6th September 2011 GPs warn Bill destabilises NHS
On 7th September 2011 MPs set to back Health Bill
On 29th September 2011 GP petition against the Health Bill
On 9th October 2011 GPs join NHS demonstration
On 13th October 2011 Lords vote 'Yes' on Health Bill
On 10th November 2011 quality premium to go ahead
On 28th November 2011 DH withhold Bill risk analysis
On 7th December 2011 BMA warns NHS in chaos
On 22nd Decmeber 2011 fresh RCGP poll on Bill
On 12th January 98% of GPs back
On 19th January 2012 Nurses join Health Bill opponents
On 3rd February 2012 Health Bill ammendments dont go far
On 8th February 2012 calls for Lansley to quit
On 23rd February 2012 epetition to scrap Health Bill
On 6th March 2012 GP confronts Lansley over the Health Bill
On 7th March 2012 RCGP Chair urges Lords to drop the Bill
On 8th March 2012 GPs join anti-health Bill March and Lansley rejects health Bill Lottery
On 12th March 2012 Lib Dem conference blow to Bill
On 14th March 2012 NHS constitution to check Bill and MPs reject GPs epetition
On 16th March 2012 Lord Owen to make the risk register public
and draft risk register leaked.

As a nursing student and healthcare worker for the NHS I am extremely passionate about this cause and have followed the progression of events from day 1. I am shocked and saddened that the Bill has passed as a result of ignorance, total dismissal and disregard for public interest by the government. There was numerous occassions where concerns were riased by a range of healthcare professionals about the Bill. I believe GPS,nurses, pyhsiotherapists, doctors, surgeons, podiatrists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, psychiatrists and all the other healthcare professionals that work on a day to day basis with patients and their families are the based placed people to highlight the concerns and worries of the Bill. We all united to prodeuce a petition to oppose the Bill, however the government chose to ignore and dismiss our valid concerns resulting in the full royal assent of their proposal.

It has been an unclear rollarcoaster ride from start to finish but now its Law the fight is only just beginning. We as the general public and nationals of the UK have a platform to unite further and help save our NHS and fight the privatisation of our much loved resource from profit rich, money grabbing private companies that cannot seem to understand the damaging effects that were highlighted so many times by different healthcare professionals over the past 21 months!

The generations before us spent vast quanities of time, energy, money and resources into developing the NHS so there is free access to healthcare for all, without inequalitity between the rich and the poor. However this is now under total threat!!!

Although theres not much we can do nationally, as its now law, theres SOO much we can do locally..

I propose a network of Keep our NHS Public groups nationwide who together can work together to lead the way in fighting privatisation. If you believe in this cause and support our NHS campaign, are willing to stand up and be counted, fight for what you believe in and BE the change you want to see please show your support by signing below...


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    Frances shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • dodgydosser commented  · 

        All the people below/above who have expressed a wish to 'be involved' please actually join 'Keep Our NHS Public' (http://www.keepournhspublic.com). It *is* a national network of activists trying to fight the act.

        We are desperately short of people and money, so even if you don't have much time, you can come out on marches and donate some cash. The website will keep you informed. Go visit!

      • John Dale commented  · 

        I agree with you comments but not sure it was passed through ignorance. The people who passed it were Conservative and Liberal MP's and members of the Lords. There was enough debate and comment on this that they all ought to have made sure they studied the bill and the objections and decided for themselves. Of course they had to support their party which makes them informed but at the very least biased. They could be classified as corrupt as although they have party loyalties they were sent to the place as a representative of the people and this they have ignored for party political loyaties.

      • Frances commented  · 

        and ill do everything i can to make sure that happens... just sent this link to groups in america.... can people send it to groups in australia, china, japan etc... lets make this GLOBAL!!!! AND get support from other countries!

      • Frances commented  · 

        soooooo much we can do - please dont give up hope. while im around ill do my very best to represent everyone!!!

      • Ian Lockley commented  · 

        Well Done Frances, I wish everyone had your enthusiasm :)

      • Yvonne Parmenter commented  · 

        We have lost the battle but we must win the war to save the NHS.

      • Frances commented  · 

        WE CAN beat this government, please encourage people to sign this and spread it x

      • christina commented  · 

        yes i agree totally and would love to be involved

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Very well spoken, it's good to see someone fighting a good cause, and genuinely caring for others. I shall pass this on, and hope things go well.

      • Wendé Anne Maunder commented  · 

        I heartily support this initiative and hope it is shared far and wide on all the social networks.

      • jodie allen commented  · 

        excellent post well done, keep up the good work!

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