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The removal of Cannabis Hemp from the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

The prohibition of Cannabis hemp is purely political and has no basis whatsoever in the protection of the citizens well-being or health.

The evidence is overwhelming

Medicinal - Multiple Sclerosis, Crohns, Sativex
Recreational - social, spiritual, creative
Industrial - paper, food, bio-degradeable plastic

Cannabis can be applied as a medicine to a vast array of conditions.
This is, to any educated indivdual, 21st century common knowledge.
GW Pharmacueticals (UK) legally produce around a tonne of useable female flowers annually to use in their cannabis tincture spray Sativex. This is prescribed for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.
See their grow room here. Hypocrisy at its most blatant.
Cannabis does not have to be smoked. It is fat soluble and so the active chemicals can be dissolved in warm oil or melted butter.
Cannabis can also be vapourised. When vapourising the herb heats up to a temperature just below ignition. Cannabis 'mist' is then inhaled. It does not burn and so no carcinogens are produced.
This makes vapourising free of any toxicity. The future is vapourised :)
Governmental Irresponsibility toward young people and society at whole.
Young people will always experiment.
Proper legislation would regulate *THC and *CBD content and impose responsible guidelines for young people.
Imagine the quality of the alcohol young people would drink if it was illegal?
Prohibition allows dangerous criminal gangs to prosper (people traffiking, prostitution).
Head in the sand policy is political and not rooted in providing protection for society.
An evidence based policy is a responsible policy.
If it ever acts as a gateway drug it is purely due to the fact that it is illegal and the purchasing of it may lead an individual into a situation where they might be exposed to the sale of other illegal substances.
If a young mind is over exposed to anything that has a powerful effect on the consciousness it has the potential to cause harm i.e. alcohol, TV, cannabis, computer games etc
You have only got to go out in any major UK city on a Friday and Saturday night to see the utter carnage alcohol creates.
Yet I am actively encouraged to drink alcohol, especially on national and religious holidays. Where's that at !?!
* CBD and THC are the main psychoactive chemicals present in Cannabis. These are the chemicals that make you high. THC can, in a tiny minority of indivduals, cause psychosis. However it has recently been proven that CBD has anti psychotic properties. A consequence of breeders growing strains to have high THC is a drop in the levels of CBD. This new knowledge is causing breeders to rethink things and begin producing strains with equal levels of THC and CBD
Hemp as rotation crop and soil rejuvenator.
One acre of hemp produces as much usable fibre as 4 acres of trees and unlike trees its fast growing.
Hemp is an ideal rotation crop for farmers worldwide. It puts down a taproot twelve inches long in only thirty days, preventing topsoil erosion. Its water requirements are negligible, so it doesn't require much irrigation and will grow in arid regions. It matures from seed in only 120 days, so it doesn't need a long growing season. Hemp's soil nutrients concentrate in the plant's roots and leaves. After harvest, the roots remain and the leaves are returned to the fields. In this way, soil nutrients are preserved.
Hemp is also a beneficial crop for the Earth itself. It is very easy on the land. It doesn't need many nutrients, so it doesn't require chemical fertilizers. Hemp outcompetes other weeds, so it doesn't need herbicides to thrive. Even hemp strains that are 100 percent THC-free produce their own resins that make the crop naturally pest-free, so it doesn't require toxic chemical pesticides. Hemp actually leaves the soil in better condition than before it was planted.

In February of this year Winston Matthews has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for growing cannabis. I am disgusted and outraged at what is happening to Winston and to the millions of peaceful cannabis users all over the UK who continue to be criminalised. Winston is not a criminal, plain and simple. Winston suffers from severe back pain caused by a back injury he had when he was younger. He uses cannabis as medication to ease the pain. Winston poses NO THREAT whatsoever to society. Yet our justice system believes itself to be justified in locking up a responsible individual who just wants to grow his own medicine and in turn costing the tax payer £50000. Where is the justice? Where is the victim? The victim is Winston! How can this be called justice?

This is a hugely important issue and we ignore it at our peril!

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