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Privatisation of the police

No to the privatisation of the Police!

West Midlands and Surrey Police Force have recently announced that they are to put £1.5 billion of Police Force responsibilities out for grabs to the private sector. This is likely to include frontline services such as:

 bringing offenders to justice
 investigating crimes
 detaining suspects
 protecting vulnerable individuals
 supporting victims and witnesses
 managing road safety.

For the full list look here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/interactive/2012/mar/02/contract-note-bidders-police-services?fb=native

The private sector must not be allowed to reep profits from such vital public services. Institutions that are there to protect the safety of the public do not need the third party involvement of private companies.
History has repeatedly shown that when private companies that are incentivised by profit margins are allowed to deliver essential public services, accountability goes astray. Giving the authority that is currently vested in the police to private companies jeapordises the rights and liberties of all UK citizens.

Home Secretary Theresa May believes that handing the power of policing to private companies will protect frontline policing; we say it won’t, and that there are alternatives to making drastic cuts to policing, and indeed, destroying the concept of the Police as a trusted and dependable public institution.

There are far too many issues at stake to summarise them all in this brief call to arms, but other than the basic morality at stake they include:

 Social care and responsibility: ‘the Police’ is far more than a crime-fighting force. What will happen to victims who need access to social workers, counsellors and so on?

 Training: who will ensure that privately trained officers are not in fact privately trained security guards? Our current police force has to train, sit exams and meet required standards. Will the taxpayer then fund yet another private body to take on this crucial role?
 Ensuring the rights of both victims and suspected criminals are protected, and that everyone has a fair trial and is innocent until proven guilty. For example, the UK already has one of the lowest rape conviction rates in the Western world, with the few victims that do come forward often commenting that they feel on trial themselves. How will a profit-driven business model improve our already appalling statistics in such areas?

The list of specific issues is long, and we will be adding to it as this campaign builds. For now, we need you to please register your support and add your comments and feedback. Please act now – before it’s too late!
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      • clifford commented  · 

        we all know how this will go the proper police force will now become yet another luxury for the rich whilst we are left with contracted firms we will bare the brunt of the mayhem as usual

      • Welshscrew commented  · 

        Police Officers like HMPS Officers are Crown Servants & should not be privatised at all.

      • clifford commented  · 

        there will be no value for money for us only for the bosses of companys awarded the contracts don't forget security workers are on low wage so the government will save money on this deal it will be like everything they undertake disaster for us no change for them

      • Asif Awud Telyoo commented  · 

        Can anyone imagine a Middle Eastern multinational getting in with our Police Force? Come on folk let's be serious!

      • clifford commented  · 

        what you have to remember the rich will always have proper police protection the changes will only affect ordinary people and this government has blatantly shown there considerations are for the rich only its the money they want not fairness

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes I'm all for it - why not we might just get value for taxpayers money!

      • clifford commented  · 

        of course it will be a shambles the thing is crime does not touch them in the ivory towers they live in let them live on the council estates of britain for 3 months they would soon change there minds and we all know quite a few security firms are owned by gangsters so we know how it will end up i just don't know how they are getting away with so much people have given up there pride perfect for cowards (government) to operate

      • Chris Jones commented  · 

        I think the recent G4S debacle around the Olympic security is a stark enough warning to steer clear of a privatised police force, collaborative working, or anything similar. Policing is a public service, where there is no place for proffit.

      • Matthew Vaughan commented  · 

        God help us ! The owners of these ' Private ' police forces will live in gated luxury as their employees are paid peanuts .Society will resemble Mexico within about 5 years ! Huge rise in violence and crime . For God's sake, save our Police force !!

      • clifford commented  · 

        i think you will find as with all there plans it will happen regardless of public outcry and opposition the camerons cowards gang seem to do as they please and are just not phased by anything they have not heeded the local election warning they feel that invincible so i am afraid nothing democratic is going to work we need to be as tough and ruthless as them until that happens nothing will change

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        If this continues I believe there will come a time when if you have call the police you will be asked if you are a shareholder in g4s, and if not then your name will go to the back of the queue. We have to get this on the wider media, so far it's barely being reported in the ''popular'' press - no wonder cameron loves murdoch and his ilk they are doing a good job of hiding this.

      • clifford commented  · 

        the crime rate is going to go up because people are getting desperate with all the cuts like everything else they come up with it won't work but as usual we will bare the brunt of it regardless of opposition and protest they know the people pot is boiling and the lid will blow soon and it will end up on the streets in the form of riots why do you think they are doing it they are preparing for the riots to come lets not forget the people on the hill will be protected no matter what

      • MetalDog commented  · 

        We have to make a noise about this.
        Once we lose the force as it stands now to private companies, we will never get it back again. Our police force isn't perfect, but they do an incredibly hard job, are understaffed (save for PCSOs, which is where a fair chunk of the money is going) and they to a large extent under-appreciated.

        We expect the police to be there when our lives turn to shit. On this occasion we need to be there for them. A lot of their brass are selling them out, they need us to help them fight privatisation.

      • Andrew commented  · 

        I couldn't believe this news. It affected me as negatively as the forest sell-off idea. It's a huge leap towards an unaccountable, unapproachable, unreasonable, militarised and aggressive style of policing, where the concepts of 'public duty' and 'public servant' are consigned to history.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        ow do I take my votes fromthis campaign and transfer them across? there is no delete button on screen when i press the vote button.

      • Paul Cave commented  · 

        How do they do it cheaper then? By cutting corners I assume to ensure profits for shareholders. With the track history of all privatised sectors, especially in terms of data, IT and anything to do with prisoners, It's insane that we're doing this.

      • Big vern commented  · 

        Winsor Part 2! Bet those police officers who haven't been on the beat for donkeys years, those police officers who have ballooned on donuts are now worried. We did tell you that you were next, and you were adamant that you were safe! Privatisation is now looming too. You really think your safe? The will slowly worm there way in. Your stab vests will be emblazoned with who evers logo OWNS the force. Could it be like a scene from Robocop, where the police are owned by OCP. My brothers and sisters of the thin blue line it appears you have also been sold out for a Knighhood by baron silage Von Green Back and his cohorts!!!!

      • john pocock commented  · 

        To the serving police officer and anyone else that believes that "privatization"of the Police service is a good point,dont they know they are all registered as public limited companies now,so,it wont take much to complete the transition.
        The courts and i also think ,the CPS also come under this banner.
        Also ,for quite a long period of time,forensics have been ,Mostly,under the private banner.
        The fact is we know very little about who does and doesnt own us.
        This country has for a long period been farmed off to so called ,"caring private companies/institutions", and look where it has got us.Just think of one example TSB.The bank that belonged to the investors.Maggie sold it and a couple of years ago we bailed it out.
        This was due to total incompitance on the part of the governors of the bank.It belonged to us,they sold it,we gave it more money,they nackered it and still take the profit. MASSIVE EF---g JOKE.
        Roll on Police Privatization.

      • Muirchertach commented  · 

        Completely forgot to mention the fact that an overseeing QUANGO will be set up to monitor private companies carrying our police 'back room' functions. Probably dubbed Ofcrime. Not only will it cost whatever savings are made by police forces it will mostly be staffed by highly paid ...................... well guess who. Political friends, perhaps?

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