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Pro wind farms. Let's be "for" something for a change!

Government seriously considering u-turn on wind; wind companies' investment on hold due to uncertainty; well-funded anti-campaigns. Is the viability of life on earth more important than a view?

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    Ruth JarmanRuth Jarman shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • AVMaestroAVMaestro commented  · 

        Wind farms are uneconomical, inefficient, and ruin large areas of our precious landscape and what little wild land we have left.

      • Herbert EppelHerbert Eppel commented  · 

        I'm all in favour of hydrogen in conjunction with renewables, including wind. Where does Paul Perkin's "magic cheap solution" hydrogen come from???

      • P F PerkinP F Perkin commented  · 

        Wind Energy is expensive. Also it will not work if it is too windy or not windy enough.

        Please consider my suggested campaign on Cheap Clean Energy. I hope you can see your way to support it.

        Best wishes, Paul.

      • TerryTerry commented  · 

        I bet you wouldn't be Pro if they were in your back Yard! Especially within 800 metres of your home! You are those the misguided people conned by the wind energy companies.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The idea that there are well funded campaigns against wind farms is totally misleading. ( There may be some fanatics from the "climate change deniers" such as Lord Lawson who are against ALL renewable energy - who are well funded). The majority of those of opposing wind turbines are those who have to live next to them. Many of those who are in favour of they live no where near them! Many of us have no problem with small scale wind turbines that support the energy needs of a small businesses or farms OR the use of small scale solar arrys to do the same for house and other buildings. the small scale will provide localised energy, reduce demand on the national Grid, provide some income for those individuals, provide local companies/communities with work and employment.
        What many of us are against are the large scale wind farms, which are funded by large investment companies, owened by foreign companies, operated from off shore, all profits/income will be taken out of the country ( as someone stated we have companies that are now "subsidy farming".

        When referring to costs - there is an independent report prooduced by the Rewable Energy Foundation Sept 2011 - "Renewable Energy in the Countryside" page 15 - "... Nuclear are very competitive with all renewables, with the exception of conventional co-firing, which are very cheap means of generating green electricity.
        "..weaknesses in the levelised sot method when comparing controlllable conventional generators with randomly intermittent generators , such as wind power - ie grid expansion, system balancing, residual system inefficiences".
        ".. when they are taken into account the relative cheapness of nuclear generation, ccGT...... becones considerable".


        We need a mixed power generation policy.

      • Andrew CoupeAndrew Coupe commented  · 

        Two recent pieces of research regarding wind 'farms':




        The latter suggests that building a wind farm on peaty upland sites releases enough CO2 from the disturbed peat that it will take the wind farm 23 years to offset it.

        The UK *cannot* rely on wind power (onshore or offshore) to produce the bulk of its energy needs - it's just not reliable enough. The environmental impacts (destruction of wildlife habitat, noise, release of CO2 etc.) of these monstrosities are not properly taken into account when they're planned. And on top of that, we're all paying for them in the form of higher bills.

        I don't believe we can continue to burn fossil fuels ad infinitum, but wind power can never be more than a supplemental energy generation measure at best. And investment in these white elephants is diverting money from better mechanisms such as hydro, tidal and geothermal. It's time the government woke up and recognised these things for what they are: a way for landowners and manufacturers to make short-term profits from the taxpayer.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Onshore wind farms should be banned immediately! Full Stop!

        They are a blight on the British countryside, generate nowhere near the amount of electricity claimed, are expensive to manufacture and maintain and have a finite life. The polution caused during their manufacture is far worse than any CO2 saving that they make when they operate.

        The only reason wind farms are being built in the UK is due to the government subsidies which make those building them very very rich.


      • reVOLTreVOLT commented  · 

        Wind energy makes no contribution to CO2 reduction and comes at great cost to every householder. The argument has gone way beyond views, birds and bats. This fundamentally flawed policy is just a political football.

      • jessie wilkinsonjessie wilkinson commented  · 

        Oh yes - Germany - what a mess! see:

        Plus they are really upsetting their neighbours:
        (from European Energy Review Nov 2012)
        "This German alleingang is leading to strong resentment among some of the Central European states, as our Berlin correspondent Paul Hockenos found out when he attended a German-Czech energy forum recently in the Czech town of Ostrava. He was amazed by the open display of irritations between the Germans, Czechs, and other participants.

        The Czechs told the Germans in no uncertain terms that they will not accept massive overloads of intermittent renewable energy spilling across their borders anymore, if this threatens to upset their own energy balance. They also said they will go ahead with their nuclear plans: they have put out a tender to build two new nuclear power reactors at the existing Temelin nuclear power plant site – at a stone’s throw from the German border."

        WIND IS FREE - EVERYTHING else to do with it ISN'T unless you live in cloud cuckoo land.......

      • Brian WainwrightBrian Wainwright commented  · 

        The (public) money wasted on these things would be better spent on thoroughly insulating every home and public building in the UK and adding solar panels where appropriate. However that would not give fat profits to incredibly wealthy landowners.

      • SKJSKJ commented  · 

        No doubt all you supporters of these obnoxious monstrosities don't have them near their homes! Sleepless nights, loss of property values, is not somthing the sane would support! Simple case of I'm all-right Jack!

      • jazjaz commented  · 

        "wind power has the highest energy return/energy invested ratio of any source of scalable energy available to the united kingdom".
        What? This is the usual kind of fatuous comment I have come to expect from so-called "greens".....
        Where did you get this information from? RenewableUK ie the old British Wind Association ie the wind industry? Any chance of a link backing up this ridiculous statement?
        It's about time Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF got lost and stuck to what they supposedly know about. It certainly isn't how to keep the lights on and run our industrial nation. Do you know what is happening in Germany after they bowed out of nuclear? You need to do some proper research mate.

      • jazjaz commented  · 

        Ah Peter
        You mean THAT Tim Yeo who is soooo personally invested in so-called "green" technology?
        Offshore wind is just too expensive to install and maintain and the electriicity produced isn't worth it.Please supply the data saying that the ACTUAL electricity produced would supply a third of our electricity consumption. Or are you talking CAPACITY here, ie what COULD be produced if the wind blew all the time.... at the right force etc. (not too much and not too little, it is all such a delicate matter)
        What you fail to mention is the devastation caused to the coastal areas supporting this so-called "revolution". Guess you are happy to sacrifice our beautiful coastal waters and shore in the name of these "jobs", forgetting to mention too that for every so-called "green" job, 2 "conventional" jobs are lost.
        And while you are at it perhaps you could PROVE that both onshore and offshore wind farms actually lower carbon emissions?
        NOTHING is non-polluting. Thankfully this government is starting to wake up to the brainwashing the world has succumbed to thanks to Greenpeace, Friends (Foes) of the Earth etc etc. Exactly what qualifications in the engineering world do these novices have?

      • Peter KentPeter Kent commented  · 

        Several companies are considering investing £M100s in much needed manufacturing plant in the UK to produce renewable energy equipment but they need to be sure that the Government won't change policy once they have made the investment. Most of the manufacturing plant will be to produce huge 10MW turbines for installation in offshore farms far out to sea. 4000 of these would produce more than a third of our total electricity consumption. There would be thousands of new jobs in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of the equipment. Manufacturing the turbines in the UK would lower the price over importing them and make us world leaders in this new and growing technology.

        A renewable energy target for 2030 would give these companies the confidence to invest but Osborne blocked the inclusion of the 2030 target in the Energy Bill. However both Tim Yeo, Conservative Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee and the Labour Party are planning amendments to the Bill to include a 2030 target.
        We need to give them our support to back this new industry for the UK and to provide a non-polluting energy production for the long term benefit of the UK.


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