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Illegal EU Caged Egg Imports from 2012

From 1st January 2012, it will be illegal to keep hens in battery cages anywhere in the European Union. However, despite having had 12 years to implement the regulations laid down by the Laying Hens Directive 1999, some EU member states will fail to reach the deadline and are seeking an extension for their farmers. This could result in millions of hens being kept in battery cages illegally, and millions of battery eggs entering the UK illegally, potentially hidden in processed foods such as ready meals, pasta, cakes etc.

British farmers have invested £400m to comply with this legislation. However, they now face unfair competition, not only from egg producers outside the EU who do not need to comply with EU legislation, but also from non-compliant EU farmers.

We are asking you to sign our petition to tell David Cameron and his Government that we want to food labelling which clearly states if egg-based ingredients are sourced from caged hens. Improved food labelling will allow consumers to make an informed choice to help protect higher welfare production and to support British egg producers – good for both the welfare of hens, and our British egg producers.

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    Andy TomesAndy Tomes shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • lynda bentleylynda bentley commented  · 

        Anyone who sees battery hens stops buying them. Help to educate people and promote fairness for hens and British farmers

      • Sally BSally B commented  · 

        it isnt fair on the farmers who have made the change so come on EU get your act together and sort it out. We live in the 21st century and NO mammel or bird should be kept in barbaric conditions it is unacceptable and those who dont get on with the programme need fining then they would sort it out. Having seen 1st hand how these birds come out of those prisons i think you need to see it too.

      • Sarah TarrantSarah Tarrant commented  · 

        I think there should be a photo on caged and barn hen boxes of eggs showing consumers where these eggs have come from and the condition the hens have been in to provide them. Even the photos on so called 'free-range' eggs can be misleading.

      • Caroline SmithCaroline Smith commented  · 

        The conditions these hens are kept in are a disgrace, 12 years is long enough to implement changes. Clearer labelling is needed. Our British farmers need to be protected and do our chickens!!!!

      • Chris MahonChris Mahon commented  · 

        Food labelling for non-compliant egg content is an absolute minimum as without it the product is being misrepresented. It should be illegal for food products using eggs from hens not being kept to our Wealfare Standards to be sold in this country or imported into this country.

      • Helen SinclairHelen Sinclair commented  · 

        What do we want ?
        Clear labelling, graphic pictures and a ban on the use of battery eggs.
        When do we want it ?
        Now !

      • Rose DickinsonRose Dickinson commented  · 

        Until I kept battery hens I had no idea what personalities they had and their potential for problem solving. It is totally unacceptable to keep hens in cages.

      • Rebecca MasonRebecca Mason commented  · 

        Labelling is fundamental- many people are unaware from where the eggs contained within cakes, etc. are sourced, and also the terrible lives that battery hens endure to produce those eggs. We are a nation that loves animals. This cruelty must end now, and labelling is imperative to raise awareness.

      • mick mandersmick manders commented  · 

        Ban imported eggs from countries that fail to meet British hen welfare criteria

      • ann bartonann barton commented  · 

        There is more and more information being given on our food labels, including the % of our daily recommended requirements. To help us make an informed choice then maybe a picture of a battery hen on the pack along with the % of how many live and die in these terrible conditions would do the job quite nicely. Thanks.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Ex-battery hens - they are real "characters", and very engaging, active, inquisitive creatures - when said to be "spent" for egg-laying, they are normally sent for slaughter after a abnormal life. If they are rescued afterwards they can recover their feathers and lay eggs - and they are so enjoyable - such perky creatures should be free to roam and NOT confined in cages. I'll not buy any products containing battery eggs (eg. mayonnaise, ice cream, cakes). Thank you for your attention.

      • anne bakeranne baker commented  · 

        Please, please, please do everything in your power to stop the cruel life caged hens live and ensure that customers get every opportunity to make an informed choice - LABEL, label, label.

      • Jacqui ArmstrongJacqui Armstrong commented  · 

        If you had ever seen the state of ex battery hens when they leave the cages you wouldnt hesitate to take the strongest action to ensure that all efforts were made to ensure that Britain would not be a destination for eggs from these illegal practices. Please do all you can to ensure that food labelling is clear and simple and leaves people in no doubt of what they will be buying. Thank you

      • Sue BartlettSue Bartlett commented  · 

        Please ensure food is labelled clearly to allow consumers the choice.

      • redted125redted125 commented  · 

        comply with the law !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pauline Hanness & Brian HannessPauline Hanness & Brian Hanness commented  · 

        I want my food labels printed clearly as I do not wish buy food containing eggs from caged birds.
        Why should EU countries get away with doing this when they have had years to clear up their act

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