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CCTV to be made compulsory in UK slaughterhouses.

Following Animal Aid's detailed investigation into UK slaughterhouses, the campaigning group is calling for mandatory CCTV to be installed in all abattoirs. This must be made law ahead of January 2013 when new Regulations - which will not allow the UK to improve upon existing measures - come into force. Already, the supermarkets are on board. Now we just need to persuade the government!

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    Kate Fowler shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Frances Williams commented  · 

        If you choose to eat meat then you should know what life and what death that animal had. I can not eat meat if that animal has had a cruel end. There must always be respect towards farm animals, they are living beings just like us.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Stop the abuse in slaughterhouses by installing CCTV, compassion should be shown to all animals.

      • Sara Bubastis commented  · 

        I agree with this call for CCTV in slaughterhouses. I also would like a call for smaller, more local slaughterhouses so that animals do not have to travel too far for this purpose. I have been vegetarian and vegan before, and agree wholeheartedly with their ethos; however, if people insist on eating meat, they should insist on compassionate treatment of the animals who die for their food.

      • Tamsyn Smith commented  · 

        As a regular petition supporter with 38 Degrees I strongly urge that this cause is highlighted immediately. If people do make the choice to eat meat then they must at least concern themselves with how it got to their dinner plates. Or better still, go vegan!

      • Erica Rawlings commented  · 

        CCTV in all abattoirs would help to stop unnecessary cruelty to animals such as kicking and punching before being slaughtered.Being vegan and not supporting this grotesque industry is the best!

      • Michael James commented  · 

        This is an essential first step towards preventing the unthinkable cruelty that goes on every day in these slaughter houses, where mass murder of our fellow sentient beings takes place on a vast scale.

      • sharon commented  · 

        It is essential as a guarantee (if they are monitored properly) of basic animal welfare and as an end to the apalling suffering that Animal Aid's filming has uncovered.

      • Teddy Bourne commented  · 

        I completely agree. Look at America, where factory farm corporations are trying to have it made a criminal offence to take undercover footage of the abuses at their "farms". The same principle applies to abbatoirs. There should be complete openness about their practices.

      • Hilary Bisschops commented  · 

        If there were no problems, the powers that be would not be against the installations-quite obvious. The animals deserve far better.

      • Maureen Ellen McGill commented  · 

        These scary sickos will only have one good thing going for them, making more people go vegetarian!

      • Teresa Deacon commented  · 

        Apart from the perpetrators, no-one could fail to be shocked to see the appalling abuse uncovered by Animal Aid. If CCTV helps to make the last hours of these sentient animals less miserable then there has to be a law to make it compulsory. The only solution of course is to become a vegan.

      • Ian Mack commented  · 

        This is essential to stop cruelty in an already vile situation.

      • pauline hodson commented  · 

        A Compassionate Society - Yes, and it starts with Animals.

      • DAVID KENNEDY commented  · 

        Get cctv in, get animals protected, get the nation on a vegetarian diet. "When you stop buying they'll stop dying" !

      • Terasa Beach commented  · 

        if they are acting in the humane way that they should be, they should not have a problem with cctv being installed. get it installed asap please.

      • Bronwyn Slater commented  · 

        Please introduce cctv cameras in all slaughterhouses.

      • C G commented  · 


      • Francesca commented  · 

        I have seen some disgusting and horrendous footage of inhumane slaughterhouses; I truly hope that with the aid of enforced CCTV a lot more prosecution will occur and result in a lot less animal injustice.

      • Ann Jones commented  · 

        CCTV should be compulsory, it's bad enough that animals have to be slaughtered but to be inhumane is despicable. All animals should also be stunned prior to slaughter. I am sorry if this offends people of other cultures but to kill an animal while it is conscious is unacceptable

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