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CCTV to be made compulsory in UK slaughterhouses.

Following Animal Aid's detailed investigation into UK slaughterhouses, the campaigning group is calling for mandatory CCTV to be installed in all abattoirs. This must be made law ahead of January 2013 when new Regulations - which will not allow the UK to improve upon existing measures - come into force. Already, the supermarkets are on board. Now we just need to persuade the government!

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    Kate Fowler shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Kirsty Bailey commented  · 

        It's high time people knew what really goes on in slaughterhouses - on a day-to-day basis! Not just when the inspectors come round...

      • Andrew commented  · 

        The degree of animal abuse in slaughterhouses that has recently been uncovered by charities like Animal Aid on a routine basis makes the implementation of CCTV an issue of the utmost urgency. Animal research laboratories should also have them, in my view, but realistically we can only hope to persuade the ignorant or indifferent by taking one step at a time.

      • Jacky Mcleod commented  · 

        Like any other crime - give it the means to be prosecuted. It's not rocket science.

      • Alex Kapila commented  · 

        If there's nothing to hide then there is no reason to object to mandatory CCTV.

      • Code commented  · 

        This is a very important issue that should be dealt with immediately

      • Jennifer Ashwell commented  · 

        It is crucial, for the sake of improved animal welfare in slaughterhouses, that mandatory CCTV is installed, in all slaughterhouses, urgently and as soon as possible.

      • Anne Ansel commented  · 

        This is the only way to guarantee a commitment against animal abuse since the animals caanot speak for themselves they are voiceless victims. This is no different than having nanny cams to protect voiceless children in the care of sitters. The public is demanding this and government must follow through!

      • brenda smith commented  · 

        there is too much abuse inside slaughter houses that is hidden from public eyes-- there is not excuse to torture, and hurt innocent gentle animals this is just inhumane and disgusting

      • Joanna Wild commented  · 

        This is needed right now. Horrors are going on behind closed doors of these hell holes with animals suffering horrific abuse.

      • Val Wolf commented  · 

        People who work in these places repeatedly abuse animals. They must be watched.

      • Pauline Purcell commented  · 

        Great idea. Best of luck trying to get Jim Paice on board.

      • valerie knapp commented  · 

        Essential and also essential to monitor the footage . It's no good putting it in if the evidence is ignored or vanishes!!

      • Noelene Evans commented  · 

        If there was no abuse going on then why can't they accept CCTVs in slaughter houses? What are they trying to hide? and who are they trying to protect?
        It shouldn't be debatable......CCTVs should be mandatory in ALL salughterhouses!!

      • Joanna Attard commented  · 

        No more cruelty in these slaughterhouses... It is bad enough these poor animals are being sent to their death without having to be abused all the while they are waiting ..:(:( These people need to show compassion to these poor animals ..they have feelings too and fear & smell death just like humans... YES TO CCTV IN SLAUGHTERSHOUSES....!!

      • carol bowen commented  · 

        the torturing of animals being sen to slaughter has to be stopped

      • Penni Norman commented  · 

        This is an absolute necessity to stop animal cruelty that goes on!

      • Natalie Colgate commented  · 

        Animals and all living beings have the right to be respected during their life as much as just before death. CCTV cameras would encourage workers in slaughterhouses to realise that their actions are monitored and that unnecessary cruelty to animals in their dying moments is not acceptable on any level.

      • Pauline Turner commented  · 

        As Linda McCartney said "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, no one would eat meat". CCTV is the next best thing. Ideally footage of the horrors of the slaughterhouse should be broadcast on a daily basis on major TV channels.

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