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CCTV to be made compulsory in UK slaughterhouses.

Following Animal Aid's detailed investigation into UK slaughterhouses, the campaigning group is calling for mandatory CCTV to be installed in all abattoirs. This must be made law ahead of January 2013 when new Regulations - which will not allow the UK to improve upon existing measures - come into force. Already, the supermarkets are on board. Now we just need to persuade the government!

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    Kate FowlerKate Fowler shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Margaret MortonMargaret Morton commented  · 

        After seeing the cruelty to pigs carried out by workers at Cheadle Meats I am convinced that CCTV should be in every slaughterhouse.

      • Cameron GreenCameron Green commented  · 

        The time is always right to do what is right. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

      • Kirsty HendersonKirsty Henderson commented  · 

        Why not? We have CCTV everywhere else. Seems obvious to me to have it where cruel, not to mention illegal, happenings take place.

      • julie redcliffejulie redcliffe commented  · 

        I wish we could do the same to the vermin humans as they do to animals. Why we think we are so superior beats me. i am ashamed to be a human, we cause nothing but trouble on this planet. People say Rats and Badgers and Foxes are all vermin, but we are the biggest load of vermin, we pass on Disease, we have over populated the planet and are distroying it in the process, yet we dont get slaughtered or culled or mistreated. If we did there would be an outcry. So why do we treat these animals that havent harmed anyone and feed us so we can continue to reap havoc, and cant defend themselves in anyway. Lets stand up and be counted against these very nasty evil people who dont deseve to live.

      • Caroline RyanCaroline Ryan commented  · 

        It is time for us all to stand up for what we believe in; to own it and act upon it.

      • carole herbertcarole herbert commented  · 

        all meat eaters.......politicians / public / supermarkets should be forced to watch what goes on in abattoirs in THEIR name...........and if any can remain unmoved by the barbarity of it...then they have no soul...and it is left to the rest of us to protect these animals.......

        we must all take sides...
        'neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented...'....elie wiesal on accepting the 1986 Nobel Peace prize

      • JustinJustin commented  · 

        we have them at the train stations too

      • Kate GloverKate Glover commented  · 

        Animals value their lives just as much as we do, they are not a necessity for us to use as we please.

      • EvaEva commented  · 

        Justice should extend to all sentient beings.

      • HildeHilde commented  · 

        These animals can't speak for themselves, we have a moral obligation to speak for them. Our attitudes towards sentient beings must change and we need to put into place systems that protect them.

      • Debbie PurdomDebbie Purdom commented  · 

        It is time CCTV is compulsory in all slaughterhouses and they must be monitored properly.The terror and fear these animals endure for this disgusting industry is prolonged by these human sadists who torture and bully them prior to their untimely deaths.These people need to be prosecuted.

      • James RickhardsJames Rickhards commented  · 

        The law that says you can not use
        Undercover film of abuse in court cases
        Involving slaughter houses should be
        Changed too

      • Jonny HoltJonny Holt commented  · 

        There are slaughtermen (and women) who are skilled, compassionate and conscientious. There are also still a few small local abbatoirs, serving the needs of their community. This campaign will allow the public to see a vital part of the food chain in operation and enable people to reconnect with the process by which food gets onto their plates. It will also weed out the few underperformers and thereby raise standards of animal welfare in this country.

        But what about meat from outside the UK? In order for meat to be sold in this country, shouldn't it all have to comply with our standards? What will Danish bacon producers have to do - or will they have an easier ride than our home-grown producers?

      • Julie HensonJulie Henson commented  · 

        An excellent idea. Hope it gets all the support it needs.

      • Barbara HobbsBarbara Hobbs commented  · 

        If abattoirs have nothing to hide then they have nothing to worry about from having CCTV installed.

        And CCTV must be installed immediately after all, CCTV cameras seem to pop up all over our cities almost overnight so it can't be that difficult!

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