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Save The London Fire Brigade Control.

Save The London Fire Brigade Control

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    Love LondonLove London shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • vincent archervincent archer commented  · 

        the privatisation of the fire brigades which are now run by asset co should tell them privatisation of the fire brigade will not work. look at asset co. dont make the same mistake twice

      • Michael HayfordMichael Hayford commented  · 

        This is an absolutely ridiculous idea! Who in their right mind would even think about sacrificing the safety and well being of the citizens of this city (and every other city across the UK), whether it saves money or not!? I don't get it. You cannot replace any one of those control officers, my Mum is a control officer for the LFB, and a bloody good one...along with her colleagues; the amount of training they have been through and are constantly going through, the amount of knowledge required to keep us all safe day and night is staggering...passing it down to those who have NOT had any where near the level of training will only result in one thing...chaos!

      • AlisonAlison commented  · 

        A step too far!! A critical emergency service.. I wonder if the residents of London have been consulted on this! Brownie points for someone no doubt wonder who!!!!!!

      • Ade fryAde fry commented  · 

        This is another ridiculous idea dreamt up by people who have no idea what a very difficult and highly skilled job control operators do. Politicians should not be let anywhere near any of the emergency services. Regional controls,were they not meant to save money?, what a disaster they were.

      • CliveClive commented  · 

        This is an appalling idea. A terrible way to treat a dedicated and professional work force and an unforgivable situation to create for the people of London who depend on this professional service. The preservation of life should not be for sale to the highest bidder for profit Clive Hayward

      • Jon BeamsonJon Beamson commented  · 

        Another totally preposterous idea intended to save money at the expense of lives and property, evidently conjured up by someone who does not have a clue what a FireFighter (Control) actually does.

      • susan meechsusan meech commented  · 

        Please support the London Fire Brigade Control They are a dedicated and professional team that work hard to keep Londoners safe 24- 7. when you go to bed tonight remember them and smile because you are safe in their hands..

      • Sharon Riley FBUSharon Riley FBU commented  · 

        FireFighter (Control) are the first line intervention in any emergency situation. Their skill, knowledge and professionalism as part of the emergency response is vital and should be kept within the Fire Service. They provide vital information to attending crews and Fire Survival Guidance to those who find themselves in life threatening situations. These proposals must be scrapped now or the public will see a worse service on the cheap, LIVES WILL BE LOST. You sold off your vehicles do not sell off the skills of these life saving members of the team.

      • spanglespangle commented  · 


        VOTE NOW.

      • Someone Who CaresSomeone Who Cares commented  · 

        Stop this madness LFB management! Has the near bankruptcy of AssetCo who own your fleet of emergency vehicles not taught you anything? How sad that people are blinded by power!

      • Appaling IdeaAppaling Idea commented  · 

        The privatision of emergency service functions has been hopeless and ending up costing far more - All the evidence suggests this will be the same.
        What you really don't need are mistakes when sending fire engines to burning buildings
        Seconds cost lives

      • Cindy Cindy commented  · 

        .....Please vote to save the London Fire Brigade Control Room - they want to privatise the Control Room - the first point of contact for the London Public in an emergency. This is political - not practical OR necessary - as the Control Room Staff give good service 24 hours of every day......

      • RussRuss commented  · 

        I am sick of cuts in the core services to keep saving money as eventually there is nothing else to cut. when that happens corners are well and truly cut or the service has to be brought back in from the outsources.

      • Steve SmithSteve Smith commented  · 

        Outsourcing is an excuse for some politician to get a backhander in the form of a paid directorship. We will get a poorer emergency communications service, but pay a higher fiscal cost for it, probably in lives of firemen and victims of fire, accident, or any number of other situations that the LFB provide in modern London.

      • Chris WarrenChris Warren commented  · 

        How can this be safe? - you need qualified trained operators doing this vital job. I wouldn't feel safe knowing anyone could be taking the calls.

      • Thom StittThom Stitt commented  · 

        Outsourcing of an essential element of an emergency service can never be right, keep London's Fire Control where it should be, at the heart of the LFB.

      • Gem WGem W commented  · 

        Save the London Fire Brigade control room.

        Please keep voting

      • Graham PGraham P commented  · 

        Privatisation of public sectors doesn't work, why risk the lives of the public by selling off our Fire Controls? Keep them public.

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