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Resist the Criminalisation of Squatting

On 13th of July 2011, the government published a consultation paper:"Options
for dealing with Squatting". The consultation period ends on 5th October
2011 so we need to act NOW to be heard.

The proposals outlined would affect a much wider community than those who
identify as squatters;

- tenants would be at risk from unscrupulous landlords,

- worker and student occupations would be illegal, as would peace and climate camps.

- Police discretion is considered as a way of determining who is or is not a squatter

- violent and forcible eviction of squatters would be legal

- Anyone who used a squatted social centre or venue could be labelled a squatter, regardless of whether they actually lived there.

And this is the last of our ancestral rights to go.

For hundreds of years, we have had the right to live in abandoned buildings. Just as the government took away our land and rights to use common land in the past, now they are attacking our right to shelter.

In 2009 there were 725,000 empty homes – the government estimate the number of squatters in England and Wales at 20,000: squatting is not the problem, it is part of the solution.

We have a problem fighting this. The consultation paper pretends to be
speaking for the normal, respectable person although it is clear enough that
the interests being promoted are those of big developers and property

The negative images of squatters spread in the media in recent months make
it hard for us to convince people that this is not a 'squatter' consultation
but an attack on the human right to shelter that will impact most heavily on
the most vulnerable people in society. These are standard divide and rule

please see:

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      • Toby Stonelake commented  · 

        Squatting is a right of the people and should never be taking away. There is no reason squatting should be illegal, this is an unjust attack on the people associated with squatting.

      • Bex commented  · 

        Criminalizing squatting will only make our country's lack of homes problem worse - anyone sane should resist!

      • liam commented  · 

        ridiculous unnessecary farce

      • Vicky Sandford commented  · 

        I have squatted when homeless and it was a godsend as i wasnt the most street savoy person at the young age i was homeless. The squat and the people around it gave me a home and a safe place to be. It is a shame the powers that be would rather lay to waste people and property than look and see that it might be a soultion. Not a problem

      • Claire Wilkins commented  · 

        Squatting is useful to the community and helps to keep abandoned and unused buildings out of disrepare and demolition. Squatters are not, as may see them, just drug taking freeloaders, many use abandobed builds, many of which would simply remain empty until demolished or be turned in to unaffordable housing, to benefit the community by turning them in to cultural or artspaces as well as living spaces.

      • sam dred-fairy commented  · 

        it's not just about squatting - just as the anti-terror laws have been bastardised and twisted to repress genuine and lawful protest and freedom of expression, this is just another insidious measure to erode the few civil rights we have left.

      • Marj Cook commented  · 

        I strongly oppose the legislation being put forward by our government, to criminalise squatting

      • Rebecca Anderson commented  · 

        The criminalisation of squatting is just further criminalisation of the poor and vulnerable.

      • di commented  · 

        squatting is what kept me from living on the streets. there are so many houses left empty and too many people living on the streets it makes sense to let people have a roof over their head.more and more of our freedom is taken away from us we need to stop this before anymore is taken away.

      • STUART JONES commented  · 

        i had to live in a squat when i was 16... Met some of the nicest ppl in squats.

      • stella berg commented  · 

        Even in such a wealthy community such as UK there are those left behind, poor, ill and desperate. To pass a law that denies them the common right to shelter buildings that nobody else is using is exemplary of the greed and ruthlessness that wealth can exhibit. Let us squash this EDM before it goes any further

      • GrimUpNorth commented  · 

        All this over-regulation and criminalisation of disputes that are solvable through private, civil law property rights and the common sense of Her Majesty's judges smacks of creeping Code Napoleon Europeanism, and runs contrary to the rights of freeborn English and Welsh people under common law. True as it may be, I suppose that's not an argument you'll hear from Mr Weatherley MP and his self-basting chums in the Daily Mail.

      • freedomforall commented  · 

        People need places to live, it's outrageous thinking that landlords who cannot be bothered to do anything with their building can get away with it. Put them in use! Squatting is the answer.

      • Laura Zapata commented  · 

        Squats was my first one when I came to London. It is very important as a symbol and as a social tool that squats are present in society.

      • Marcus Ludewig commented  · 

        With such a shortage of decent homes it should be a case of use it or lose it...

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