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Bombardier and the future of the British train building

We are concerned about the future of the British train building industry.

Our concern is a consequence of the decision to appoint Siemens as the preferred bidder for the new fleet of trains for the Thameslink Programme. This will result in 1,400 jobs being lost in Derby and up to another 20,000 in the UK, as suppliers are also affected.

Politicians from all the parties including Conservative MPs, businesses and the unions are calling for the contract to be reviewed.

Independent experts argue that the if the sums are done correctly, awarding the contract to Siemens can't possibly offer value for money to the British taxpayer as 20m a year will be lost in income tax, a sum that has not been factored into the government's decision. Alternatively, awarding the contract to Derby will increase tax receipts by as estimated 100m a year. We are calling on the Government to revoke the preferred bidder status and ensure that there is a vibrant train building manufacturing industry in the UK at Derby in order that railways play a big part in transport planning.

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    Peter Robinson shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Michael Clasper commented  · 

        Recent governments have shamefully shackled British based manufacturing industries - it's time they woke up to the fact that a healthy manufacturing base is imperative for growth and reduced unemployment.

      • Barry Greatorex commented  · 

        Really important if manufacturing trains in Britain, and its associated consequences for 're-balancing' our economy and developing a green economy, are to occur. And that's not to mention the consequences for the East Midlands as described above.

      • Roz Wollen commented  · 

        We are concerned for our local industry and UK jobs. Please consider lobbying for this cause which will not only help us locally but will benefit the UK

      • Jane Smith-Bodden commented  · 

        We are concerned for our local industry and UK jobs. Please consider lobbying for this cause which will not only help us locally but will benefit the UK.

      • Daddat commented  · 

        How did it come to this ? in a single word THATCHER ! The rot started then when we were told British industry was failing and there would be no support for "lame ducks". Other Eurpopean countries supported their manufacturing industries, but we turned into a nation of hairdressers, burger flippers and insurance salesmen - sorry, financial advisors! The maths is fundamenta,l if we do not achieve "full employment" living standards will decline inexorably and if we don't export we die. The number one priority for the Government must be the support of manufacturing and export of engineered goods. Nothing short of this will fix the problem.

      • Goflyfalco commented  · 

        The REAL problem is the EU! You can protest all you like about Bombardier , immigration, Human Rights etc, but until the UK leaves the EU you are wasting your time. That is the overiding issue which must be addressed. See "Referendum" on the Campaign suggestion page.

      • Alan commented  · 

        I can't believe this is only ranked 52nd. It is so important and deserves every bit of attention it can get. Cameron et al must be shown that our industry needs to be kept alive and productive. Otherwise we're down the plughole and will never recover

      • Morgeo commented  · 

        38 degrees will not answer my question regarding their ranking system.
        This is 53rd - mine is 1st and has been for months now but are they interested ? It seems not, so you could be wasting your time even bothering with this site.. You have 385 votes, mine has 7539.
        Look at : fairness, justice and equality on page 4 of the campaign ideas and that is where it has been for the longest time. On second thoughts, you stand every chance of getting chosen because they ignore those that are supported most it seems.

      • Daniel Mitchell commented  · 

        Hammond has no excuse for not placing the order with Bombardier
        British jobs for british workers

      • sudharshan R Parigi commented  · 

        Makes no sense to move the company out of UK, and make people unemployed........Can't understand where can the Govt fill the gap! I think they don't have a sight of the future problems of unemployment.

      • Roger Jackson commented  · 

        This is a prime example of Westminster's total lack of understanding of the country outside London

      • graham commented  · 

        tipical of our govt yet another british industry gone to forgieng workers soon the will be no british industries left and its my own view thats what this govt wants as they dont care about this county any more

      • Christine Isherwood commented  · 

        Keep train manufacture in Britain - cos as many British people already realize train travel is cool. It is the new religion. Love to see where I am going - don't enjoy being in a fluff ball of cloud - A to B and apparently nothing in between!! Immerse yourself in the rolling British countryside that Bombardier has helped to facilitate , the lifeblood the of the town and the city as it unfolds before your eyes. Humanity in all its form embarks, disembarks - life on the move - it's cool. Gimme me some. Gimme me Bombardier. It's on the make. For British industry.

      • arthur jordan commented  · 

        Seems like people don't think enough about manufacturing in Britain to vote for this perhaps they think all we're good for is selling hamburgers to each other

      • Rachel commented  · 

        This decision needs to be revoked. It is a huge blow to the people of Derby and UK manufacturing in general. The last thing we need during a recession is our own Government undermining British industry.

      • arthur jordan commented  · 

        Cct has never worked properly in this country always when companies like Siemens compete for work there is always hidden costs which only come to the fore just look st edinburghs tram system keeping jobs for British workers is always cheaper in the long run no jobseekers rent or council tax for the government to pay and taxes being payed by the workers more than offsets any tender made by other country companies

      • Debbie Acquaviva commented  · 

        Cannot understand the government? What are they getting from this? Surely keeping British workers at work and extra investment it would generate for Derby is worth more than anything that Siemens are offering?

      • Dene Tydeman commented  · 

        Everyone you speak to in the country thinks this is a terrible decision for our country. The impact of losing a buoyant industry on the back of a flawed decision would be catastrophic. The government talks about making Britain great again but is reluctant to change an obviously wrong decision. They must stand up and be counted and change the Thameslink decision

      • Mark Grayling commented  · 

        Nothing against the workers based in Germany and no particular love for the Canadian firm with a base in Derby. We need an industrial strategy which has a banking sector geared to long-term capital investment rather than one which plays the casino. That's what they have in Germany and that's why Seimens beat Bombardier to the contract.

      • J Hall commented  · 

        My local MP from Derbyshire South says Bombardier trains are ten times more expensive than Siemens but I wouldn't trust her to buy an ice cream for me from Walls and get the change right. Also as a local MP she should be moving Heaven and Earth to support local industries.

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