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Make Ecocide the 5th international crime against peace www.eradicatingecocide.com/thesolution/

Crimes against our ecosystems, like genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of agression, should be reconised by the International Criminal Court

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    vonnconchvonnconch shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • KK commented  · 


      • Rosie MuchRosie Much commented  · 

        This is simply the most important and powerful international legislation that we could have and are in dire need of.

      • ECEC commented  · 


      • LeonaLeona commented  · 

        This law is a must and a responsibility for all of humanity. From the beginning of time it was practiced but never made official as all knew that we relied on it. It was an universal unwritten belief. However, over the last 50 years society has slowly moved itself away from its responsibility of natural order. As a result, in general, society has become ignorant while others have become rich from the destruction of our Earth. Society, global I am referring to, must open its eyes and stand up for justice while corporations need to take responsibility and transfer their strengths so that we have a prosperous, cleaner, greener future.

      • AzulAzul commented  · 

        Please consider using 3 VOTES and you can vote from different emails accounts...is that cheating ;-)

      • Beatrice YannacopoulouBeatrice Yannacopoulou commented  · 

        rights are not reserved for the human... all living things have rights, for rights come from existence...rights to be, rights of an uncompromised habitat and rights for each being to reach for its potential and fulfil its role in the web of life...human beings need the imagination and courage of creativity to recognise the diversity of these intrinsic rights of existence... paraphrasing the wonderful Thomas Berry

      • Adam ConnellAdam Connell commented  · 

        This will change the world in an immensely positive way forever.

      • pauline laumanspauline laumans commented  · 

        In ecosystems also belong, killing animals, cutting trees, barrage, changing course of rivers

      • Robin KinradeRobin Kinrade commented  · 

        People and planet must come before profit.

      • Mike FerriganMike Ferrigan commented  · 

        Please remember to vote.Comments, while welcome, don't count as votes.Thanks.

      • Liz CooperLiz Cooper commented  · 

        Yes, yes. I supoort this campaign!

      • Emily HinshelwoodEmily Hinshelwood commented  · 

        This is SUCH an important issue, and if it goes through will support so many campaigns on behalf of the environment.

      • Lobma ThundrupLobma Thundrup commented  · 

        That ecocide is not already a crime against nature is a disgrace. Iy must be enacted as soon as possible.

      • Cindy BarnesCindy Barnes commented  · 

        This is THE most important thing, using all my votes. We are part our ecosystem, not separate, the sooner we realise this the better for us all.

      • maggie nicolsmaggie nicols commented  · 

        Of course there needs to be a crime of ecocide. Big business literally gets away with murder and it affects everyone on this planet.

      • Gail AllenGail Allen commented  · 

        I fully support this campaign to make ecocide an international crime against peace.

      • Aubrey MeyerAubrey Meyer commented  · 

        To make the crime of 'ecocide' justiciable, the party who is charged with it will have to face a charge that is definable and measurable.

        'Ecocide' is a very broad term potentially covering issues from local to global, but - I would imagine - heavily weighted to the global end of that scale.

        So if for example we follow Peter Challen's proposition of 'crossing planetary boundaries into the zone of immense suffering', clearly failing to prevent anthropogenically driven climate changes is taking us there.

        If so, the question is now not so much who is to blame for causing it as who is to blame for failing to prevent it?

        Commiting at the intergovernmental level to the contraction and convergence agreement that is "inevitably required to achieve the objective of the UNFCCC" is a defence against this charge and failing to commit to that is to plead guilty.

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