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Save Barn Elms from Thames Waters Plans to construct the super sewers main drive shaft

We are a coalition of residents, councils, MPs and GLA members joining forces to defend an unspoilt stretch of the River Thames riverbank from seven years of construction misery.

Alistair McGowan, Peter Snow and Caroline Langrishe are among the high profile names backing the pressure group's campaign.

We are opposed to Thames Water's plans to construct the main shaft of the proposed Thames Tunnel at Barn Elms.
We believe there are alternative sites which offer less impact to our community, wildlife & quality of life for local residents!
Thames Water wants to choose Barn Elms playing fields, between Putney & Barnes to build one of only two ‘MAIN DRIVE SHAFT SITES’ required to drill the Thames Super Sewer Tunnel.
The work will be continuous for 7 years minimum A cleaner Thames is needed, but a Main Drive Shaft Site should be built on industrial land, not a unique area that includes a Special Site of Metropolitan Interest & Bat Corridor & protected trees (the towpath), close to a National Site of Special Scientific Interest (The Wetland Centre).
Barn Elms is adjacent to one of the most famous and unique stretches of river in the world (home of the University Boat Race), the Embankment Conservation Area, is close to homes and businesses, and is used as sports fields by at least 10 schools. Access to the river and towpath will be restricted during construction. The area could be disrupted by up to 10 trucks per hour accessing the site 24/7 and by arc lit construction at night.

Take action against this. Pls fill in
www.gopetition.com/petition/40513html or go to http://www.stoptheshaft.org or Stop the Shaft (SaveBarnElms) on Twitter or contact us at tunnel.putney@gmail.com

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      • Belinda Edington commented  · 

        Barn Elms and the tow path must be saved. It is madness to destroy an beautiful area of natural beauty to increase river quality, when suitable brownfield sites are available. Thank you stop the shaft for your huge efforts.

      • Tanya Sonachan commented  · 

        Please, Please help to stop the shaft - this choice of location is crazy there are miles of built up areas along the Thames and surely more suitable brown field sites. The decision to wreck one of the few unspoilt stretches of Thames is insane - it's not only an area enjoyed by local residents but also families, schools and Universities from all over London.

      • Nick Price commented  · 

        Thames Waters proposals would disrupt not only the playing fields but the tow path and river use, making it difficult and in some cases dangerous for sailors and rowers. This is such a busy stretch of river it seems crazy to use Barn Elms when there are alternative brown field sites that can be used.

      • Mike Sonachan commented  · 

        Why spoil one last few places in London where you could walk along the river in natural beauty and wild life preservation. it will never be the same (7 years is a long time) I want my young children to use this area now, not when they are grown-up.

      • David Reynolds commented  · 

        Barn Elms is the very last place that should have been mooted for these major seven-year-long construction works. The towpath, Beverley Brook Walk and Putney and Barnes Commons are an oasis of calm and beauty of immeasurable value to residents from all over central and west London.

        It is quite clear to anyone with half a brain that Thames Water did not research this proposal with anything that might remotely be called rigour. I attended one of their ‘exhibitions’, held to explain their proposals in Putney Exchange. I spoke to a very friendly antipodean man who knew about the engineering of sewage pipes, but I was dismayed to find that he had absolutely no knowledge of any part of London, let alone Putney or the Thames.

      • Sarah Betteley commented  · 

        All of our family use and value this area. I run with the dog most days, we cycle along the towpath and my husband and son play rugby at Barn Elms. This is a beautiful spot, enjoyed by so many and there are many more suitable places that could be used for the main shaft site that would not involved spoiling a much loved and well used area of natural beauty and importance.

      • nat commented  · 

        If these plans go ahead a whole generation of school children will be affected. These fields are used by schools from lots of different boroughs, not just local. Thames Water MUST use industrial sites instead of turning playing fields into a construction site!

      • Peter commented  · 

        Stop the shaft. This is a fantastic example of a community really pulling together. We should all be proud to be part of this.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This are is vital to our community! Stop the shaft.

      • Hamid Hazrati commented  · 

        Wholeheartedly object to use of Barn Elms as a main drive shaft site for all the reasons already recorded.

      • Jim Frost commented  · 

        We do not want our precious green spaces destroyed!

      • Kristian F. Wentzel commented  · 

        A terrible decision by executives, who sit well over 10,000 miles away deep down under for their share holders. Better alternatives have been accepted by Thames Water's own top engineer. Leave Barn Elms alone!

      • Mark Harrop commented  · 

        This area needs preserving not digging up.

      • Emma-Jayne Sherry commented  · 

        Save Barn Elms playing fields. In an ever growing city, green space is so valuable and must be preserved.

      • Chris Fox commented  · 

        It's the worst possible place fo a super sewer.

      • Evie Hodgson commented  · 

        Planned by men with no vision whatsoever. Idiots. Total lack of concern about any impact on everything.Acting accordingly to what suits them. Too many people with power, money and yet no vision. Money must really corrupt.

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