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Save Barn Elms from Thames Waters Plans to construct the super sewers main drive shaft

We are a coalition of residents, councils, MPs and GLA members joining forces to defend an unspoilt stretch of the River Thames riverbank from seven years of construction misery.

Alistair McGowan, Peter Snow and Caroline Langrishe are among the high profile names backing the pressure group's campaign.

We are opposed to Thames Water's plans to construct the main shaft of the proposed Thames Tunnel at Barn Elms.
We believe there are alternative sites which offer less impact to our community, wildlife & quality of life for local residents!
Thames Water wants to choose Barn Elms playing fields, between Putney & Barnes to build one of only two ‘MAIN DRIVE SHAFT SITES’ required to drill the Thames Super Sewer Tunnel.
The work will be continuous for 7 years minimum A cleaner Thames is needed, but a Main Drive Shaft Site should be built on industrial land, not a unique area that includes a Special Site of Metropolitan Interest & Bat Corridor & protected trees (the towpath), close to a National Site of Special Scientific Interest (The Wetland Centre).
Barn Elms is adjacent to one of the most famous and unique stretches of river in the world (home of the University Boat Race), the Embankment Conservation Area, is close to homes and businesses, and is used as sports fields by at least 10 schools. Access to the river and towpath will be restricted during construction. The area could be disrupted by up to 10 trucks per hour accessing the site 24/7 and by arc lit construction at night.

Take action against this. Pls fill in
www.gopetition.com/petition/40513html or go to http://www.stoptheshaft.org or Stop the Shaft (SaveBarnElms) on Twitter or contact us at tunnel.putney@gmail.com

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      • RolandG commented  · 

        The actual current figure is nearer £4.2Bn over 7 years. The TW proposals will not solve the problems and are unsustainable. TW have admitted it will be full most of the time and will back up and overflow in the predicted exceptional rainfall events resulting from global warming. It would have cost about £7.2Bn over 12 years to seperate sewage from rain/surface water and if started when it should have been, it would have been finished by now. The annual cost to bill payers would have been the same but TW would have far less effluent to treat and thus lower bills for us in perpetuity.

      • Foyez commented  · 

        You can take part in the consultation process here. http://www.thamestunnelconsultation.co.uk/

        At rising cost, now 4.1 billion to erect this tunnel it is clearly not the best option. Other more sustainable methods can be used to ensure sewage from combined-sewage overflows does not get deposited in the Thames. For example the use of sustainable urban drainage which will create more green areas.

      • Rosemary H commented  · 

        We need to protect our green spaces - please visit my proposal to protect a priceless range of hills!

      • J Murphy commented  · 

        An alternative should be found; seems a ridiculous proposal. All the sports fields will surely lose out if this goes ahead

      • John bannister commented  · 

        What a shame if this project, with all the associated disruption, was to
        proceed. It would take away the one place I can find some peace and
        calm in this hectic life of this area. Please stop it happening.
        Many thanks.

      • J Driver commented  · 

        Which Londoners would use any of this fabulous area with such a huge installation sticking well out into the river, across the towpath and dominating the playing fields? We would lose all these recreation spaces. It will make several sporting clubs totally uneconomic and they will fold for good. River usage will become much more dangerous right where it is most active. Why should Londoners lose all this to save money for a private, mostly foreign-owned, company when a brown field site is available?

      • andi commented  · 

        Please don't wreck an area that brings so much pleasure to so many. It just doesn't make any sense.

      • Nick Aldridge commented  · 

        Spend a tiny bit more money by putting it on one of the brownfield industrial sites available, and do a lot less damage.

      • claire commented  · 

        save barn elms. my kids love it and this will also affect my sons beaver hut and they will be devastated. The childrens bedroom also over looks it and i want my children to have good night sleeps and dont want this to then effect there school education levels, as they will be disturbed by the hurdious noise.

      • Sarah B commented  · 

        While we need to allow for the necessity of improving the sewerage infrastructure, there is no need to disprupt the hugely valuable green spaces in the city. Brownfield sites have to be a realistic alternative.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It is unthinkable that this could be built on such an unsuitable site for so many reasons - if it must be built then it should be on industrial land away from so many fragile areas of natural beauty and wildlife.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This should be constructed on a brownfield site and certainly not near Wetlands, protected trees, the Embankment Conservation area, a famous and beautiful stretch of river, not to mention homes and sports fields.

      • stephen barnes commented  · 

        Find a brownfield site that doesn'nt have sport pitches and clubs on it...

        Thousands of people will be affected by using Barn Elms, just beacuse the public can't see them from the footpath doesn't mean they're not there!

      • Roger Dennis commented  · 

        Our family has walked the towpath in this area and visited the Wetlands Centre many times. My son played football on both Barn Elms sites. The shaft would cause unacceptable disruption to a wonderful area of London and I fully support the campaign to stop it.

      • Alison Bennett commented  · 

        Incorporate it with the Mortlake Brewery redevelopment that's already built up and close to the Thames.

      • Maddy Ball commented  · 

        You need to consider other options before spoiling a much used and needed green sight

      • Ms Martin commented  · 

        I fully support the campaign to protect Barn Elms

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