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Live animal Export

Ramsgate harbour has just opened up to exporting livestock to the continent for slaughter. This greatly enhances the misery these poor animals go through in their short lives. We should try to ban this practice and if animals have to be slaughtered, do it before it leaves this country.

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    Paul shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • kate commented  · 

        This is hideous- and has to be stopped- please also view other petitions on animal welfare

      • Zoe Bremer commented  · 

        The simplest solution is to extend the Minimum Value Rules to all farm animals. This allows the export of live animals for breeding and sport but, provided the minima keep pace with inflation, prevents animals from being exported for food.

      • Naomi Stewart commented  · 

        This barbaric practice must be banned. Yes we must publicise this trade so people can get involved in making a change. Because only with poplar pressure can this happen. While on the subject of animal welfare it really is about time that the public was made aware of the sorts of animal experiments going on in this country.

      • joy commented  · 

        This is a repugnant trade - we have to publicise the appalling misery involved so that we get more people to fight against it.

      • liz commented  · 

        If someone could get a personality interested and do a campaign like Jamie Oliver dinners or the fish fight it would have a huge impact on this disgusting trade.I suggest locking all the politicians up for 36 hours in a crowded truck without food and water ,they might give this issue more priority then!

      • dansx commented  · 

        This needs to stop

      • Mary commented  · 

        Exporting live animals hundreds of miles to slaughter in countries where slaughter practices leave a lot to be desired is barbaric. It gives me such a sick feeling in my stomach and overwhelming sadness.

      • carolyn commented  · 

        This is a cruel and barbaric trade and should have been stopped centuries ago. How would these traders like to endure these torturously long journeys themselves, or send their pets on them and receive the treatment and fate these terrified young farm animals endure? It has to stop NOW, it's obscene. How do these hauliers/farmers etc sleep at night?

      • Christine Bennett commented  · 

        I fear that as long as there is money to be made, all animals will be looked upon by farmers as one more crop. This live export is a disgrace to this, so called, developed country of ours. It should be stopped.

      • John commented  · 

        The transport methods for animals of all forms of livestock is massively unnecessary. The insane thing is we export to other countries so much that we actually have to import from other countries (it tastes no different), if you've got to eat meat then keep it local and it should be so that the animals are cared for rather than abused and subjected to torturous journeys. I've seen how these animals are transported and it IS UNCALLED FOR...

      • Joanna Victoria Webb commented  · 

        BAN LIVE EXPORTS NOW! . Animlas are forced to travel for up to 70 hours (sometimes longer) with no food, water or rest. They are taken to countries where they are killed without pre-stunning. This is not a vegetarian or vegan issue, it is an issue for all moderate compassionate people regardless of whether they eat meat. These animals are not having their basic care needs met and that is disgraceful. This is a cruel and unnecessary trade. Animals should be fattened and slaughtered (using pre-stunning) as near as possible to the farm where they were born and raised, they should then be exported as meat. This un ethical trade needs to stopped!

      • Stella commented  · 

        I completely agree that this is cruel and criminal and must be stopped. We must stop eating animals.

      • carol russo commented  · 

        Animals suffer terribly being tranported,it's completely alien to them,if they have to be slaughtered then it must be done here, under strict welfare conditions!!

      • wilma davidson commented  · 

        Export and import of live animals for slaughter is cruel as animals experience terror while being transported. They are cramped and uncomfortable. If these animals must be slaughtered then it should happen near their home.

      • Frank commented  · 

        What is the difference between taking animals to Northern Europe for slaughter than taking them to Wales?
        It is closer in Europe!

      • Peter Titley commented  · 

        Subjecting LIVE animals to long, arduous journeys towards substandard treatment in dubious foreign abattoirs is socially and politically irresponsible.

      • Nuala Reilly commented  · 

        Can't believe our government is allowing this awful export trade to continue! Export on the hook not on the hoof!

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