I suggest a campaign about ...

stopping climate change being dropped from the national curriculum.

A government adviser reviewing the school National Curriculum is recommending that Climate Change be excluded from the science curriculum. Unless the public succeed in persuading the government of the crucial importance of climate education, it will be dropped from the curriculum from 2013, when the new National Curriculum comes into being.

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    Diana Korchien shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Ros Bedlow commented  · 

        Understanding how ecosystems work to support life, and how our activity affects them, should be up there with numeracy and literacy. It is literallly vital.

      • Lorraine Cookson commented  · 

        How can we possibly expect children to recycle and save energy, use public transport and walk to school and all the other behaviour associated with counteracting the effects of climate change without teaching them the facts about Climate Change and what is happening and how it is effecting our planet. Climate Change crosses many curriculums Geography, Science, Citizenship and Energy efficiency brings maths and physics alive. Schools need to be more creative in addresseing climate change across currcuklum areas.

      • Dave Hampton commented  · 

        they said they'd put sustainability at the heart of government
        they said they'd be greenest ever
        now this 'government' tries to censor science education...

      • Nicole Dorrell commented  · 

        Climate change is a vital unit for sustainable change with respect to nature and understanding the threat posed by pollution, waste, high extraction of resources, natural disaster recovery plans, to imagine zero carbon housing and transport methods, to creating urban spaces for food and community spaces - for a better world for our children and our children's children. This is a science in its own right and deserves its place on our curriculums at schools to promote change for the future.

      • Bernard Burns commented  · 

        I support this campaign, and I've added my vote to it. Note to other people making supportive comments - don't forget to add your vote too!

      • T Cooper commented  · 

        We have too many in our government and industry willing to deny the risks of climate change. Keeping children in ignorance will only make matters worse.

      • annlytical commented  · 

        don't turn the UK into the US. continued refusal to believe in the climate change in some parts of the country keep the US -- a vital market for sustainability -- a decade or so behind progress in Europe.

      • Heather Kirk commented  · 

        It is such an important issue and very relevant in this day and age, and considering our children are the future they need to know as much as they can to continue all the work and effort that is being put into the issues that need addressed today, and in the future. Everything 'environmental' should be a part of school curriculums.

      • Clifford Raw commented  · 

        What is wrong with these people ? if we don't educate our young about the issue that arrise from climate change we will be left with a nation ill equiped for the future, when we should be in the forfront. seems to me like its a case of more cuts to our ever failing education system.

      • mdnghtrvn commented  · 

        If we can't teach children Religious education, we can certainly teach them about climate change - man made or otherwise

      • Isabel Nicolau commented  · 

        The climate IS changing, so why wouldn't it be on the Curriculum?!!! How can we expect our children to deal with such issues if we don't prepare them?

      • Rachel Rupprecht commented  · 

        It's a no-brainer... of course it should be on the national curriculum. How could we argue it has no place?

      • Laura commented  · 

        Children are the future and responsibility for the environment should be the first lesson they learn

      • Jacko'thegreen commented  · 

        Err.. this is the most important bit of science on the curriculum today

      • Maggie Beach commented  · 

        Any science course in educataion needs to take into consideration current thinking, and current thinking by the majority of scientists is that climate change is happening; is in a large part exacerbated by man and will have an enormous and sometimes catastrophic effect on world populations. How could it possibly be left out of a balanced and responsible science curriculum?

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