I suggest a campaign about ...

stopping climate change being dropped from the national curriculum.

A government adviser reviewing the school National Curriculum is recommending that Climate Change be excluded from the science curriculum. Unless the public succeed in persuading the government of the crucial importance of climate education, it will be dropped from the curriculum from 2013, when the new National Curriculum comes into being.

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    Diana Korchien shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        And this goverment claims to be the greenest? LIES.

      • Michael Eddy commented  · 

        the issue of climate change is important, but should also be considered holistically along with biodiversity, which a stable can't exist without.

      • Dave Hampton commented  · 

        Just reading some of these disgracefully dishonest comments here reminds me how important it is that childrens bright minds are exposed to both sides of the so-called 'debate' - and given some help finding their way through all of the smoke and mirrors, cloak and dagger, science and pseudoscience that pervades the air around us.
        Children need to be informed about the differing views of ecologists and scientists - and why these might differ from those of the PR lobbyists working for a struggling trillion dollar industry - fossil extraction. They need to be aware that it is possible that 25 billion tonnes a year of extra CO2 dumped by mankind into our air supply (burning up a multi-million-year finite precious resource) is harmless. Well it's possible!!!
        Crucially - children can be given information on the BALANCE of PROBABILITIES too.
        Manmade catastrophic climate destabilisation is not a FACT.
        (It is merely a 99% certain probability.)

      • bill commented  · 

        What absolute codswallop. There is NO proven causal link between humankind and climate change. The paltry amount of noxious gases we expel as a eace are far outweighed by what nature spews out from the various fissures, cracks and volcanoes in the earths crust.
        So get a grip and stop being so dammed pious, get off your high horse and look at the FACTS!

      • Timothy commented  · 

        I am sick of this, its such rubbish.

        I drive a Range Rover, I can becuase I work hard and its my choice, I have when I have been in lLondon had a huge stand up row with an idiot stickering my car, it turned violent, and the Police were called and the silly girl arested, I didn't press charges, but my point is I drive it becuase I can, and I wnat to.

        There are so many people harping on about climate change, and pick on easy targets like me and my RR, but sit outside heathrow and see the planes land and take off, one take off alone is more crabon emmissions than my RR will produce in a lifetime of ownership, yet fly we do.

        Banning planes ? - yeas well we know how likley that ever is to happen, what the eco warriors have become fixated on is things that have a almost nil effect, it shouldn't be taught in schools as its mainly misimformed do gooders ranting about the lesser spotted grass ant dying and bunnies collapsing as I drive my RR past.

        Teach kids to read & write and have manners and respect, the idiots I have turn up for jobs seem to be short on them all


      • graham commented  · 

        im also glad that it could be dropped from the national curriculum

      • graham commented  · 

        why if we are really honest with ourselfs we know that climate change is scare mongering by the gove and any way there is so many other much more important issues to sort out than this one

      • Mara Rennie commented  · 

        This is something we were not taught and look what a mess we have made. Children need to learn to preserve the world they live in.

      • Russell Holden commented  · 

        Eliminating study of climate change is simply an act of madness.

      • Carol Barbone commented  · 

        Science education is the best way to encourage young people to look at the facts, participate in debate and make their own decisions about important global issues. Dropping any study of climate change from this section of the curriculum would be a 'head in the sand' approach.

      • Nigel commented  · 

        "This is incredibly important. Climate change is far and away the biggest issue facing us."

        No its not.

        Most of the "Facts" or rubbish, and we - the human race have been on this planet a few seconds in its true timescale. PC idiots and dogooders would have us beluive that diving a 4x4 will have icecpas melt and bunies die in their 1.000s - then they go on holiday in a 7347 that does 250,000 miles on take off and landing vs the car.

        Its nonsense, and nothing more, the planet will surivive

      • Ron McGill commented  · 

        GREAT CAUSE.
        Can't believe people fight against keeping our planet clean and livable. Lemmings.

      • Patrick Whitefield commented  · 

        This is incredibly important. Climate change is far and away the biggest issue facing us.

      • Colin Bootle commented  · 

        Re Martin Rosen - it's perfectly possible to test Darwin's theory of evolution in the laboratory - use fruit flies or bacteria - anything that has a short life cycle, and vary the conditions. All "true" sciences are based on theories. Less than "true" sciences may include computer science, political science, economic science and so on. Being "universally accepted" is not a sign of a "true" science.

      • Diana Korchien commented  · 

        Martin, since 1958, atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been scientifically measured on an ongoing basis at the Mauna Loa observatory (ref the Keeling curve). Although we probably cannot alter the government's decision to slim down the curriculum to the 3 core subjects of English, Maths and Science, we need to ensure that the science curriculum teaches global warming science.

      • Martin Rosen commented  · 

        Like it or not, the harsh reality nis that "climate science" is not a true science like physics, chemistry, et al. It is a set of theories which cannot be tested in the laboratory, rather like Darwin's Theory of Evolution. The "science" of climate change is far from universally accepted, and very many important and credible experts have denied many of its central theses.

        Climate change rsearch is an interesting field of human endeavour, but no more. Schools are no places in which to indoctrinate our young people with dubious theories, and I believe that it should be excluded from school curricula in the same way that in the sameway that the Theory of Intelligent Design should be excluded.

      • Ben Wellings commented  · 

        Preposterous to leave climate science out. The suggestion that it is somehow transitory by the advisor just shows how poor education has been on the issue.

      • treaclemine commented  · 

        Climate change science is a great way to teach science - it's highly typical, very important, interesting, stimulating, multi-disciplinary, controvertial ...

        The Government adviser concerned is ... seriously misguided.

      • Paul Gasson commented  · 

        Climate change is far too critical in terms of survival of the human species to be dropped from the national curriculum, whether this is due to political beliefs, this year's in-vogue teaching trends, or the fossil fuel or other industrial lobbies.
        Climate change has to be absolutely central to childrens' learning if we are empower them to deliver solutions.

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