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Sri Lankan war crimes must be prosecuted

The Government of Sri Lanka is contesting a report by the United Nations which reveals that tens of thousands of civilians died in its final offensive to end the country's civil war two years ago. Most of them were killed by government shelling which targeted hospitals and UN and Red Cross centres, a UN panel of experts has found. The acts were war crimes, the report says. But the government insists it can prove it never targeted civilians.

There is a simple way to resolve this. The international authorities should lay charges, before an international war crimes tribunal, to answer what the UN calls "credible allegations".

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    Saraniya Thayaparan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The actions of many governments at different times has and will be deplorable I can't argue wih that and wouldn't.

        But what gives one country or indeed a collection of countries the right to judge what is or has taken place in another. It always seems to me that it is the well off (so called civilised modern democracys) that want to do the judging of much smaller less powerfull nations.

        What is said about the genocide carried out by the UK of the native australian people or by the US government of their indigenous peoples?

        That aside when will people learn. We (our governments) only care when Oil is involved.

        Stop messing about have an independent UN aswerable to no state that acts swiftly and harshly on any and all violations of human rights. Do not under estimate what this could mean though. Tanks rumbling through suburbia because Geralidine Arkwright can't always park outside her own terraced house when there is a local football match. The White House nuked because Wyatt Smith can't have a cigarette in the local park in California.

      • Yathushan Sivarajah commented  · 

        To be honest, I feel we really need to relook at what we call the international justice system. No one is above the law. However, in the case of geo politics Israel is exempt as America feels that need support and a presence in middle eastern politics. In the same way that North Korea & Iran are capable of carrying out their nuclear activities without any real threats from China or Russia. As in this current world political allies mean much more than the suffering of innocents. I feel that maybe instead this is a serious issue of the UN just like the League of Nations before. I think it is time that the nations of the world re look at what they are doing to world civilians.

      • Gordon Clack commented  · 

        What we must realise is that only German, Japanese, Serbian and now Libyans are charged with war-crimes. The Israelis have immunity just as they have immunity from UN resolutions and International Law. The US will not press for action over atrocities in Stri Lanka because that would mean recognising the International Criminal Court and they don't want to do that do they because it might mean Americans being charged.

      • Gaya Murugathas commented  · 

        The United Nations can no longer stand on the fence as "taking a neutral stand to injustice, is taking the side of the oppressor" and therefore must act now if to maintain any faith that the citizens of the world hold in the organisation. Those that have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity must be charged and held accountable, for the good of Sri Lanka and the international community. Only then can Sri Lanka and all it's people begin to heal and move forward and rebuild the amazing country I once knew.

      • Rathisha Thiruudaian commented  · 

        It's a human rights issue after all. What does it mean if they are not brought to justice?

      • SALI commented  · 

        Music stirs emotion. The west sold arms, then ignored the genocide. People need to care about the corrupt system they feed. so when they assume power they'll do right.

        2 songs about the Sri Lankan-World problem. if they influence people, (instead of music vids about tits and arse), humanity might deserve its name.

      • Matt Finucane commented  · 

        I see no reason as to how this can go about ignored for such a long time. I wish we lived in a moral world in which this would be unacceptable and all guilty would be arrested instantaneously. I only hope with this vote we get a little closer to that world.

      • Hannah Eiseman-Renyard commented  · 

        There is no excuse for these abuses of human rights and the offenders must be held to justice.

      • SqueakinglyJen commented  · 

        The FCO said: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/news/latest-news/?view=News&id=615115382, which is very vague and doesn't suggest they are going to press for an ICC trial etc. But it should make it easier to hold them to account on this, since they have accepted the problem.

        Journalists are often killed - http://www.thesundayleader.lk/20090111/editorial-.htm - which is why there has not been enough coverage of this...

        The targetting of hospitals and the strong evidence suggesting systematic rape and murder calls for action.

        See last night's Channel 4 documentary here: http://bit.ly/m84RhF

      • Navaratnam Paramakumaran commented  · 

        Until these criminals are punished there won't be peace and the next generation from the Tamil Diaspora community will fight back with a vengence. International Communities must prosecute these criminals in order to go forward. Tamil National Council - TNC. United Kingdom.

      • Geethana commented  · 

        Something finally must be done about the ongoing war crimes. The UN need to open their eyes on this situation immediately....this war has gone unnoticed for too long!

      • G.Chayan commented  · 

        WAR criminals must be prosecuted

      • Pavi Vemaleswaran commented  · 

        Tens of thousands of innocent civilians were brutally murdered. The people responsible for this must be brought to justice. An international war crimes investigation needs to take place! The war criminals need to be punished!

      • Gowsi commented  · 

        Send them War-criminals to Where they deserve! Help Bring justice to Tamils.!!

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