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Standard Life are putting part of their extensive property portfolio on Cork Street up for sale. This would destroy 7 art galleries including The Mayor Gallery which was the first gallery on Cork Street in 1925. Selling this huge development would destroy almost 90 years of history. Cork Street is renowned throughout the world as an art collectors paradise and clients come from around the world to come and see, and buy art there. Students come from around the UK to study there and its location to the Royal Academy make it a convenient and very central place for them to do so.

Destroying over half the street to make room for Bond Street fashion retailers and hedgefunding businesses would destroy what has become one of London's cultural heritages. Bond Street fashion can stay on Bond Street. Like Savile Row is famous for tailors, Cork Street is famous for Art. It has become a London landmark and we should leave it this way.

Please sign up and help petition against yet more corporate greed that will turn this cultural hub into yet another faceless and bland part of the city and help Cork Street maintain its position on the Art world map. Threatening to raise rents will also drive the galleries out. We ask for a substantial lease on these properties so that we can stay here for years to come.

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      • Stephen Henderson commented  · 

        When you think of Cork St. you think Art of an International standard. I for one wish it to stay that way

      • christian DONCK commented  · 

        Cork street should not be altered and has to stay an art street. Keep the old London for ever.

      • Stéphane Jaffrain commented  · 

        Cork Street must remain the art Street in London. Do not give up. Best regards.

      • Conny Templeman commented  · 

        There has to be a way to educate those in corporate business so that they come to understand that our history and culture are off limits and too precious.
        This fight to save Cork Street and this huge public petition is one form of education for those people.

      • Elizabeth Dawnay commented  · 

        I am fed up with people ruining wonderful historical places just to make more money and I wish this petition the best of luck!

      • Sarah Quill commented  · 

        Cork Street and its historic galleries must be saved from the creeping corporate vandalism which has already destroyed so much of London's character. Keep the petition going.

      • Michael & Diana Parkin commented  · 

        Save the Cork Street Galleries-Important part of Twentieth Century Art History Past & Future!

      • Zuleika parkin commented  · 

        Save Cork Street. It is as simple as that. It is a street that is a stage to the some of the greatest art dealers which the real drama in art history gets played out. As a customer it is charming to walk down one street that is full of unique art galleries and friendly characters and all with their own stories to tell in whichever gallery you tune into. Not sure i want to hear about fashion.. Isn't that enough clothes shops in London?

      • Professor Michel REMY commented  · 

        The 19th century saw the fight between God and Mammon, now it's the fight between culture and obscurantism...shall we lose our souls and become money-obsessed robots? It's merely a case of survival of what makes man a man, and not a zombie in a pin-striped suit.

      • John Cunynghame commented  · 

        Cork Street is syonymous with Art Galleries. It should remain so.

      • Hans Pietsch commented  · 

        Although the street should go a bit more with the times, the art should stay.

      • Rupert Legge commented  · 

        The galleries are an important part of London and a cultural hub. They should stay.

      • Claudia Hussain commented  · 

        What a shame it would be to see Cork Street gone. This is indeed a unique place in London and one of the reasons London is such a special city.

      • Alison Jacques commented  · 

        Cork Street is historically the street for art in London, fashion houses and hedge funds on Cork Street would be a terrible mistake. I trained as an art dealer on Cork Street with Leslie Waddington as did countless other art dealers who went on to have their own galleries such as Tim Taylor and Ben Brown. Cork Street must remain an art gallery street.
        Alison Jacques, Art Dealer

      • JONATHAN ROSS commented  · 

        My parents took me to galleries in Cork Street as a child and it was an important element in forming a life-long passion for art. This part of London is internationally known for its galleries; aren't there enough fashion retailers in the West End already!!!

      • Edward Chaney commented  · 

        If it not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change: Cork Street should be kept for galleries as Charing X Rd is for bookshops

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