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Standard Life are putting part of their extensive property portfolio on Cork Street up for sale. This would destroy 7 art galleries including The Mayor Gallery which was the first gallery on Cork Street in 1925. Selling this huge development would destroy almost 90 years of history. Cork Street is renowned throughout the world as an art collectors paradise and clients come from around the world to come and see, and buy art there. Students come from around the UK to study there and its location to the Royal Academy make it a convenient and very central place for them to do so.

Destroying over half the street to make room for Bond Street fashion retailers and hedgefunding businesses would destroy what has become one of London's cultural heritages. Bond Street fashion can stay on Bond Street. Like Savile Row is famous for tailors, Cork Street is famous for Art. It has become a London landmark and we should leave it this way.

Please sign up and help petition against yet more corporate greed that will turn this cultural hub into yet another faceless and bland part of the city and help Cork Street maintain its position on the Art world map. Threatening to raise rents will also drive the galleries out. We ask for a substantial lease on these properties so that we can stay here for years to come.

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    The Mayor GalleryThe Mayor Gallery shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Rupert MaasRupert Maas commented  · 

        It would tear the heart out of the London art market. The Council must make it a condition of planning approval for the proposed development that ground floor art galleries are included on protected leases restricted to dealers in art, to preserve the unique character of the area, such as has been done for tailors in Savile Row.

      • Bob DavenportBob Davenport commented  · 

        A terrible idea to lose gallery space there.

      • Fergus KinmonthFergus Kinmonth commented  · 

        This would be another nail in the coffin for high street diversity and a great loss to the arts world in general

      • Annely Juda Fine ArtAnnely Juda Fine Art commented  · 

        I was shocked to hear today about the possibility of the whole of one side of Cork Street perhaps being destroyed to make way for shops and office blocks that would destroy the character of Cork Street as the most important art gallery street in London.

        I am surprised that Westminster council would allow this to happen, especially as there have been galleries there for more than 80 years.

        I have signed this petition to try to have this outrageous development stopped. I realise that I have my pension fund with standard life and that’s certainly not what I want them to invest in.

      • Marion HuttonMarion Hutton commented  · 

        What an awful threat! Good luck with the campaign.

        Marion Hutton

        from West Wales but a frequent visitor to Cork Street - so handy that it's just behind the RA.

      • Christopher BattiscombeChristopher Battiscombe commented  · 

        On behalf of the Society of London Art Dealers, which represents more than 120 of the top art dealers in London and elsewhere, I very much hope that arrangements can be made to enable Cork Street to remain as a centre for Art Dealers, as it has for so many years.

      • dewavrin caroledewavrin carole commented  · 

        i am , fully with you , on this subject , always the same thing : money ! money !
        i truly hope you'll succeed .
        good luck

      • Martin B M WilliamsMartin B M Williams commented  · 

        Much regret the proposed extinction of a street of small shops and businesses - which add immeasurably to London's cosmopolitan charm. Their retention is vitally important to London and the country's art trade.

      • michaelmichael commented  · 

        We urge You to save Cork Street & Keep London's Art Scene alive

      • Nicola CarrinoNicola Carrino commented  · 

        Cork Street è conosciuta nel mondo come strada della cultura e dell’arte. Il progetto speculativo che possa privarla del ruolo acquisito è inaccettabile. Quale scultore italiano ed ex-Presidente dell’Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, esprimo ogni solidarietà perché Cork Street permanga a sostenere in piena possibilità, l’azione comunicatrice, oltre che operativa, insostituibilmente didattica, della ricerca artistica internazionale.

      • Liz ConnellLiz Connell commented  · 

        Save Cork Street for galleries. Why would we need more clothes shops?

      • Martin ClistMartin Clist commented  · 

        Stop London turning bland! keep the best where it belongs, 'Cork Street' has entered our language as word signifying the best in Contemporary Art. Keep what makes it unique, the home to galleries, both small and great.

      • Tom MartinTom Martin commented  · 

        Save Cork Street - the guts of a hugely successful and vibrant gallery sector will be ripped out if this sale goes ahead. Save Cork Street!

      • henry wyerhenry wyer commented  · 

        save the cultural hub of cork street

      • AmeliaAmelia commented  · 

        Save Cork Street

      • GMGM commented  · 

        Cork Street is fundamental to the history, success and support of British art from the 20th century to today and a vital cornerstone of national and international art in the capital - to destroy it would be a soulless travesty.

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