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Standard Life are putting part of their extensive property portfolio on Cork Street up for sale. This would destroy 7 art galleries including The Mayor Gallery which was the first gallery on Cork Street in 1925. Selling this huge development would destroy almost 90 years of history. Cork Street is renowned throughout the world as an art collectors paradise and clients come from around the world to come and see, and buy art there. Students come from around the UK to study there and its location to the Royal Academy make it a convenient and very central place for them to do so.

Destroying over half the street to make room for Bond Street fashion retailers and hedgefunding businesses would destroy what has become one of London's cultural heritages. Bond Street fashion can stay on Bond Street. Like Savile Row is famous for tailors, Cork Street is famous for Art. It has become a London landmark and we should leave it this way.

Please sign up and help petition against yet more corporate greed that will turn this cultural hub into yet another faceless and bland part of the city and help Cork Street maintain its position on the Art world map. Threatening to raise rents will also drive the galleries out. We ask for a substantial lease on these properties so that we can stay here for years to come.

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      • anthony haden-guest commented  · 

        If this should go forwards London will become less London, less worth living in. And certainly less attractive, even to those blinded with greed. It's not just a matter of the art world. It's to do with the soul of the city.

      • Ann Hindry commented  · 

        Cork Street should and must stay a place where one can see art in the center of the city. Life is not about clothes! They're all around already! Don't let London become a gigantic department store!

      • Sally Gethin commented  · 

        I am very sorry to hear about these outrageous plans for Cork Street – we don’t want another sterile shopping mall thank you very much. What we want is London at its finest - and Cork Street is the finest place for international art.

      • Joanna Stella-Sawicka commented  · 

        Cork St is a cultural landmark - do we need yet more commercial development in London?

      • lucile van Veen commented  · 

        i hate such a money situation based on money and nothing else
        Culture must be at all times subsidiesed by Fashion money and never the contrary

      • leuwenkroon robert commented  · 

        can not be Fashion is eating culture, culture has a future and a past Fashion lives maximum one season

        S H A M E

      • Simon Martin commented  · 

        The importance of Cork Street to British (and international) art over many years should not be swept away in one highly unfortunate move. I very much hope that a solution can be found to maintain its position in the art world, and wholeheartedly support this campaign.

      • Galerie van Gelder commented  · 

        Don't uncork Corkstreet causing complete evaporation of the arts amidst hedgefunding business priorities neglecting cultural diversities in one and the same area. Kees van Gelder

      • Dr Sue Tate commented  · 

        A vital cultural site - we must keep the bland at bay!

      • Sylvia de Crépy commented  · 

        I fully support this campaign and to keep Cork Street as an Art street.

      • Antony Penrose commented  · 

        Cork Street is an important historical site, and part of the world history of modern art. There must be a way of keeping it and still satisfying the requirements of the developers. Don't trash this essential part of our cultural heritage for just more retail - there is more than enough of that anyway.

      • Patrick Elliott commented  · 

        I take 400 mile round-trips from Edinburgh to see shows in Cork St. I wouldn't cross the road to enter a posh clothes shop. It's a major international cultural landmark.

      • Victor Lewis commented  · 

        It's more than just a street name; Cork Street brands the London art scene.

      • Jacques Hennessy commented  · 

        More clothes shops. How dull.
        I fully support this campaign.

      • Kay Heymer commented  · 

        Cork Street should be preserved as a space for art.

      • Mathias Pfaff commented  · 

        Great place to come to...it has been a pleasure for decades.
        I really do hope, we can keep, C-street going!

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