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Standard Life are putting part of their extensive property portfolio on Cork Street up for sale. This would destroy 7 art galleries including The Mayor Gallery which was the first gallery on Cork Street in 1925. Selling this huge development would destroy almost 90 years of history. Cork Street is renowned throughout the world as an art collectors paradise and clients come from around the world to come and see, and buy art there. Students come from around the UK to study there and its location to the Royal Academy make it a convenient and very central place for them to do so.

Destroying over half the street to make room for Bond Street fashion retailers and hedgefunding businesses would destroy what has become one of London's cultural heritages. Bond Street fashion can stay on Bond Street. Like Savile Row is famous for tailors, Cork Street is famous for Art. It has become a London landmark and we should leave it this way.

Please sign up and help petition against yet more corporate greed that will turn this cultural hub into yet another faceless and bland part of the city and help Cork Street maintain its position on the Art world map. Threatening to raise rents will also drive the galleries out. We ask for a substantial lease on these properties so that we can stay here for years to come.

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    The Mayor GalleryThe Mayor Gallery shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Ronald M. Walker.Ronald M. Walker. commented  · 

        The desire to use Cork Street for yet more housing is both philistine and unthinkable. This very special street of art galleries is known world-wide and is now an important city oasis and part of our British way of life; I agree with Nancy Mackenzie's comment which is to the point.

      • nancymackenzienancymackenzie commented  · 

        Cork St is a beautiful space in the middle of busyness and buisness ..tranquil and devoted to the pursuit of excellence in art .just as step from chaos and turmoil .
        It has an international reputation , enabling tradition ,greatly valued by all
        Where on earth are we headed ..to greed and subsequent oblivion no doubt How sad !

      • Mr Terence SimpsonMr Terence Simpson commented  · 

        I have been visiting Cork Street for over 20 years. It is an individual street with small galleries showing work of varying type, often of British artists. It is an institution and allowing it to be developed with galleries being replaced by fashion shops, as Agnews has been, would be shameful to London's character and history.

      • HannahHannah commented  · 

        It would be such a shame to destroy Cork Street's cultural art heritage just for more clothes shops and developers!

      • MariaMaria commented  · 

        Absolutely essential, I feel like everyday I hear a new story of a historical, unique, culturally important part of London under threat from short-sighted, money driven re-development. This street/ art centre is a gem and one we should be protecting at all cost, it makes me feel sick thinking this could be lost.

      • Denis CurryDenis Curry commented  · 

        Cork Street is synonymous with art. Don't destroy it

      • Christopher BibbyChristopher Bibby commented  · 

        The removal of seven galleries will damage the character of a street famous for its art galleries. Therefore planning permission should not be granted for the redevelopment.

      • David GDavid G commented  · 

        Save the galleries!!

      • KtateKtate commented  · 

        Save the galleries!

      • MurraysMurrays commented  · 

        Is nothing sacred? Well Cork Street is more sacred than Mammon

      • Jamie EastJamie East commented  · 

        Mayor Gallery, Cork St. - the "nucleus" (Country Life, May 4, 2011) of Pop Art & Surrealism.

      • Alain ViguierAlain Viguier commented  · 

        Cork street is in a much better position for tuning-in with the world change than are the changes planned for Cork Street. Will once again world planning be more stupid than world change ? The deadning smile of tunnel vision.

      • Omar. Omar. commented  · 

        NO! It would be a great loss to the areas heritage.

      • Sigrid BruijelSigrid Bruijel commented  · 

        We consider Corkstreet as important as art itself.

        Utrecht, the Netherlands

      • CarolineCaroline commented  · 

        What a loss this would be - Cork Street should be allowed to carry on the good work!

      • Andrew LambirthAndrew Lambirth commented  · 

        Cork Street is a unique cultural amenity, recognized worldwide. Save it for Art!

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