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A call for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the UK

'The oil and gas industry is seeking to exploit UK onshore gas reserves trapped in shale rock and coal beds requiring environmentally damaging and risky techniques, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking). We, the signatories of this petition, call on the coalition government in Westminster, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Scottish Parliament to impose a moratorium, demanded by environmental groups and geology experts in the field, on shale gas, and on the related coal bed methane extraction industry, at least until the results of studies here, in other countries in Europe and in the US have been properly evaluated. Such moratoria are already in place in France, North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), New York State, New Jersey.'

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    Mark Gabb shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • sheryl commented  · 

        look at the news people and animals are dying

      • Rosie Rechter commented  · 

        This is a distraction from investing in GREEN ENERGY!

      • Eve Hart commented  · 

        Fracking is dangerous ill thought out technology. designed for short term profit and not our long term future.

      • buzzardmoon commented  · 

        let thee, who useth not electrickery or billious eartly gas in any form or another ,shout from the roofiest tops about the enviroment....however as you all lovingly sit on your plastic computers in your central heated houses shut up and think how YOU can be the difference first. Buy and consume oil/gas based products no more I say..whats that, you still want your homes and cars and clothes and offices and glossy magazines and internet!!. Its a lifestyle we as a consumptive species have made for ourselves and clicking away on a campaign forum is not going to make the problem go away. We, people, are the problem, companies only supply produce that will sell, so if you dislike it THAT much stop using it!

      • gerald jarvis commented  · 

        If you do nothing else, you must watch Gasland. it is scary

      • Nicola Thomas commented  · 

        Continuous fracturing of the earths crust is a dangerous business. We already have seen earthquakes, possibly as a result of such fracking, both in the US and the UK.
        When will they bring the exploration for fuels in line with the every publicised eco-friendly policy that we are for ever having drummed into us, day in and day out. We have all the power in the world around us in the sea and the waves, surely it is time to leave the land alone and put more investment into hydro energy. Instead of fracturing our earths crust, and covering and degrading our beautiful landscapes with millions of wind farms, pylons, pipelines, energy parks, power stations, etc.

      • Shalegasinfo.eu commented  · 

        Hi everyone:
        I am a supporter of other 38 degree campaigns, but this one is not one of them.
        At www.shalegasinfo.eu I have the top ten myths about shale gas on line.
        I think the overwhelming scientific consensus is that climate change is real and we need to do something about it. Similarly, the overwhelming scientific consensus is that natural gas can be produced safely.
        Yes, we need to reduce our use of energy. But we don't waste 60% of energy and that is the share that coal and gas have of UK generation. And no, it is not physically possible at any price to replace even half of that with renewables.
        Sustainable development has three pillars. CO2 reduction is one, but so is affordability (20% of the UK is verging on fuel poverty already!) and energy security.
        Until now, people have never had to live with the consequences of energy in their own communities. Gas, coal or oil comes from some place far away of which we know nothing.
        But shale gas promises to be ubiquitous: Thanks to new technology only recently available, we can now produce gas worldwide.
        It won't pollute water. The head of the US EPA told the US Senate just last week that there is not one proven case of water contamination. Is she an industry shill? Obama has signed treaties on shale gas with China, India and Poland. Is he a polar bear killing enemy of progressive politics?
        Coal is the enemy here: the US EPA says that it contributes to 17,000 premature deaths each year. The UK can exceed 2020 CO2 targets simply by switching to gas.
        Gas is a carbon fuel: But it burns 50% cleaner than coal and 25% cleaner than oil. There is so much gas (>250 years) that a serious movement to replace oil with natural gas in vehicles is underway. Natural gas is 80 pence per litre by the way, as well as removing sulphur, mercury and dirt from exhaust fumes.
        I have respect for Josh Fox's Gasland, but it is entertainment, not science. To simply leave it in the ground as he proposes, as opposed to drilling for with proper regulation as 99% of the industry proposes makes the air dirtier, foregoes jobs in producing it and send UK consumers money to other countries instead of staying here at home: Thus helping to shore up the NHS and stop tuition fees.
        Please check out the facts (they are also at www.nohotair.co.uk). Shale gas can be a win-win situation for everyone.
        Good news does occasionally happen! Please suspend belief in conspiracies and emotional, unscientific scare stories. Those stories can come from mis-informed progressives, but they are also financed by the coal and nuclear industries as well as Russia who feel terribly threatened by the thought that Europe could supply it's own gas.
        Thanks for reading
        Nick G

      • Vicky commented  · 

        Renewable energy is the only way now and I dont understand why our government won't listen. David Cameron, your children and gran children will suffer too don't you know?! Or maybe they won't :/

      • Philip Green commented  · 

        Please do not do this. We do not need to burn more gas. Cheaper are larger supplies of gas will only reduce the incentive to innovate in the renewable energy space.

        I thought the Conservatives were supposed to be the greenest government ever? David Cameron, stand up and be counted. Are you the next Tony Blair? Right now it would seem you will end up be labelled a deceitful and slimy serpent.

      • Joe Marsh commented  · 

        I can't believe they are going ahead with this without proper impact studies, just look what's happening in the US. Open your eyes people. Let's have a moratorium and get this stupid, irresponsibe, money motivated procedure banned.

      • Tony commented  · 

        ALL about the ££££££££'s

      • KW commented  · 

        Call for a moratorium.

      • Debbie Green commented  · 

        Please, please stop this. Do you care about people at all?

      • Francis Middleton commented  · 

        I think this dangerous and toxic process should be outlawed. We cannot predict the dire consequences this may have on our health and environment

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