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Banks: Withdrawm money from those paying obscene bonuses

The Dutch have succeeded in campaign to stop bank bonuses: http://bit.ly/efKs8T. Let's do the same here - campaign for mass withdrawal from banks paying obscene bonuses.

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    Henry Stewart shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • simon commented  · 

        I dont agree with this at all.
        Bank bonuses are part of a great culture in rewarding those that do well.

        Paying bonuses to people who loase loads of money and break all the rules is a problem, but bonuses in themselves are a great incentive for staff to work hard and do well for the organisation they work in.

        If you make 100 Million for the organisation you work for, why shouldn't they be allowed to bonus you for your hard work.

        This is silly and reactive campaign.

      • Stuart Graham commented  · 

        There seems to be a reluctance within 38 degrees to organise mass boycotts of greedy egregious companies/banks/finance houses. The campaign to switch power suppliers is interesting in that it may set out a way forward to pick these selfish sods off one at a time. The letter written by the departing Goldman Sachs exec showed just what we are up against.

      • FrodoBaker commented  · 

        There is nothing stopping anyone changing bank accounts, Banks love debts as much as credits... They make more money if yr in debt.

        So set up two three bank accounts and then decide which has made the worst bonus payments and then switch to the one you like. Then write to the chairman and tell them whjy you changed. Or try a Building society they still exist and are better value all round.

        Then when this is done by 100,000 people all togehter AND writing to the Board it will have impact.

        You do not need a law, or Govt but Collective Public Action... just look at what Ghandi achieved.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes very good idea and one i suggested at a Q&A in Brighton to a huge round of applause. I reckon this would be popular with the public. Here is a similar idea http://www.cnbc.com/id/44800021/

      • graham commented  · 

        good on the dutch we need to do the same but i bet our govt wont

      • Paul Healy commented  · 

        absolutely ,not only banks,CEO pay in this country is shameful

      • quash commented  · 

        Agree with this and hope the right time comes sooner rather than later. Someone needs to change 'Withdrawm' to 'Withdraw' in the title though.

      • Zoe Equality Blackmore commented  · 

        People do have power if they wake up.

        ps small point ...can you correct the spelling mistake on 'withdrawn'?

      • c butler commented  · 

        Incredible progress in Holland. If well coordinated this could work well here.

      • Father Kajagoogoo commented  · 

        If ppl r thinking of withdrawing using their credit cards (or letting someone else do so) I'd advise being at least as heavily armed (or just wayy sneakier) than the BNP/debt collectors. Why should the devil win just by sheer force of strength? Might most definitely does *not* make right. Fuck the fkn fkrs!

      • Sean Talbot commented  · 

        Make those who caused this crisis pay!

      • Oliver Lee commented  · 

        Man, the Dutch are ahead of us again.

      • Emily commented  · 

        I'm in, but we need to get the unions (and their pension funds!) on the case. How can we do that? I don't have a pension, but I'm going to write to my union anyway.

      • Cameron commented  · 

        if this was built up to well using existing networks (UKUncut, Robin hood Tax) this could be amazing particular if it co in-sided with student loan payments. hit the banks in their pockets its the only way they'll listen, they don't listen to the government thats for sure

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