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Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) happening NOW in UK

Why does nobody know about this!!
This is even more pressing than ousting the Bankers. Action needs to be taken immediately!
An American company has begun fracking in OUR COUNTRY. This has had terrible consequences in USA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMS8VsG2LSY
They risk contaminating our aquifers which supply our drinking water with the highly toxic fracking compound. For a list of chemicals see link: http://www.register-herald.com/marcellus/x962029419/Fracking-chemicals
This needs to be stopped NOW before it is too late for us and our environment.
The US company involved only has to report its findings in 2015, by which time irreversible damage will have been done. If we can save our Forests surely we can save our Water. We need to take action for ourselves and future generations, won't our children ask why we did nothing?
A vote for this is a vote for your health, your children's health, your environment, your country, your planet. Please act now. Please

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    iamahumandoing shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • paul commented  · 

        Please get informed properly, not just go with the scare mongering, there are vested interests which will lose MONEY if we make use of this gift of cheap, clean, safe energy.

      • Andrew Platt commented  · 

        The shale gas "fracking" companies are on the move even faster since Osbourne granted them the massive tax break. However our countryside will be trashed if we don't stop it all together.

        THe public are already protesting in their localities, we need a national movement against this.


      • Miall commented  · 

        So far I've seen NOTHING to suggest that fracking is that dangerous. We need a proper, informed, mature debate.

      • Miall commented  · 

        I haven't seen any evidence that fracking is as dangerous as some correspondents suggest. I'd like to see a lot more mature, rational debate.

        I'm not signing, or subscribing to anything, until I've read a lot more about it. Both ways.
        So far fracking looks like a good, if perhaps short-term idea.

      • Alan Lord commented  · 

        My particular concern is the fracking proposed for Lancashire, where up to a thousand wells can be expected. There is a very real risk of pollution both from aerial sources, due to spillage, flaring, flowback of contaminated water and toxic drilling waste and ground water pollution.

        All the emphasis is on the abundance of available gas, but no one knows how much, or if it can be extracted at reasonable cost, but we are told that it will result in cheap gas for all, for years to come as experienced in USA. This is not true. The cost of domestic gas in the US remains much as it has been for years. This can be found from the official US website, just Google - EIA Natural Gas Domestic Prices - and look for Item 20 on the table of contents to see prices for each state currently and historically. Furthermore a gas terminal is planned on the Oregon coast for exporting gas to China. What chance of cheap gas for the home market if it can be exported at high prices.

        No mention is ever made of the need to re-frack the wells at regular intervals because output tends to drop off rapidly after a promising start. Neither is there any mention of the associated infrastructure, roads, pipelines, nor the massive vehicles, pumps, tankers, nor the millions of gallons of pure water required. A few sweetners for the locals will not compensate for years of noise and disruption.

        Most important above all else is that all this fracking and its associated high risk of pollution is taking place in prime dairy and arable farmland, producing food for human consumption for much of northern England.

        If pollution occurs, and it most certainly will occur, the land will be worthless and there will be no way back. It is not worth the risk to our food supplies.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Vanessa has a good point, all anti-fracking campaigns need to be amalgamated as one.

      • John Powell commented  · 

        There appears to be mounting evidence from sources that are concerned with conservation issues such as provided by Greenpeace that raise real concerns about the dangers about fracking such as, amongst others, the potential contamination of the water table. In addition the objections to fracking and its impact on rural habitats is an aesthetic concern which should be considered alongside any economic argument.

      • John Hobson commented  · 

        I think you may find that although Cuadrilla are a "UK companY" and have an office in Lichfield they are mostly owned by US based Riverstone LLC and an Australian mining company AJ Lucas. Nice try shale person but this is just so typical of the way the industry tries to hide the reality of what is going on from those it is affecting, so thanks for showing us again that all in this industry is rarely as it would like us to believe. The UK will get exploited to make a few people very rich. Don't let it happen.

      • Shaleperson commented  · 

        The poorly-informed, unscientific reactions against shale gas seriously threaten to undermine the credibility of the environmental movement. Scaring the public is great for environmental campaigning but is short changing those in fuel poverty in the UK who stand to benefit from lower energy prices from commercial shale gas development. The UK has stringent legislation and regulations to ensure all hydrocarbon exploration and production is conducted safely and safeguards the environment.

      • kimberley davison commented  · 

        This is a major concern of mine. If this gets a large scale "OK", I will be leaving this country as soon as I am able to. I agree this needs bringing to people's attention - urgently! can we pay for films to be broadcast on TV? Maybe have a channel screen "Gasland" at a peak time to try and engage the mainstream?? EARTH QUAKES SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF OUR WORRIES REGARDING THIS VILE EXTRACTION PROCESS!!!

      • Scott Chase commented  · 

        Something must be done to stop Fracking in the UK and everywhere else. It totally destroys the wildlife and has been proven to cause Earth Quakes. How Can this be allowed?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am no expert and have not yet looked into it properly, but I have noticed that the mysterious sonic booms happen in areas (quite large sometimes) where there is fracking.

        Could the booms be some kind of after effects of fracking - pockets of escaped gas that hang around in the air and then explode (even some time after the fracking)? Could these pockets of gas hang in the air and travel some distance before exploding?

        Unsuccessfully, I am looking for a list of all mysterious booms to see if they are all within a certain distance from fracking areas.

        So far;
        USA booms - so far all around fracking areas
        New Zealand boom - there is fracking in Canterbury
        North east UK in Jan 2012 - fracking started in north west UK, but then stopped in Nov 2011 due to earthquakes. Gas could still have escaped some time after closure, maybe?

        If the booms could be linked to fracking, there would be one more reason to stop it, plus it affects a wider area.

      • Vanessa Vine commented  · 

        There are at least SEVEN different 38 degrees campaign suggestions about fracking!

        PLEASE cancel this one and focus all energy on the strongest, which is this one calling for a moratorium:


        We have to act swiftly and TOGETHER! Dilultion is not the answer!

        There is a Downing Street Moratorium Petition too - please share:


      • tone commented  · 

        All 'fracking' should be stopped immediately until a public inquiry has heard all the evidence.
        Why wait until it's too late?
        Where will our fresh water come from if things go belly-up (as they have done so on many occasions)?
        What the 'chemicals' being dumped on the cheap?
        How is a disaster going to be cleaned up? ~ it's impossible to undo the damage.
        It's not who profits or who foots the bill, but why, why, why in the first place.

      • Paul Lewis commented  · 

        Note that there is a separate suggested campaign on fracking with more votes. If you have voted here you should probably transfer you votes to that suggestion:



        ProPublic has extensive coverage of what fracking has done to communities across the US. This might be useful to anyone who wants to know why this must be stopped.


        This article in particular is worth reading (though it is pretty long):


      • Steve Leary commented  · 

        Some recent news stories on a new danger associated with 'Fracking'. It seems its not just a threat to water supplies but exploiting Shale Gas may result in it leaving a carbon footprint that is bigger than that of burning coal. See these articles:

        ‘Methane Leaks Can Make Fracking Gas ‘Dirtier’ than Coal or Oil’, 11/4/11, news wire @


        A research team led by Robert Howorth from Cornell University is to publish a study in the May edition of the peer reviewed journal ‘Climate Change’ which argues that Shale gas obtained by ‘Fracking’ is more polluting than burning conventional gas oil or coal. Their argument based on their study is that up to 8% of the available shale gas leaks unto the air and as this is mainly methane it has more potential than the other fossil fuels to contribute to global warming.

        ‘Shale gas ‘worse than coal’ for climate, 12/4/11, BBC @
        ‘Methane Losses Stir Debate on Natural Gas’, 12/4/11New York Times Green @


        More evidence that the Cornell University study is significant.

        ‘Shale Gas: Is it as green as the oil companies say?’, 20/4/11, The Guardian (Fiona Harvey)@


        1st critical article on the claims made in support of the merits of shale gas.

        ‘Fossil fuel firms use ‘biased’ study in massive job lobbying push’, 20/4/11, The Guardian (Fiona Harvey )@


        2nd article on some of the risks of Shale Gas operations + how the exploitation of Shale Gas is being promoted in Europe.

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