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Stop Greyhound Exports to China

The Irish Government plans to export Racing Greyhounds to China, a country which has one of the worst Human & Animal Rights Records in the world.
As an Irish Citzen & UK resident, I am appalled & embarassed to be Irish.
I appeal to all members to support a petition to present to the UK government in order for them to put pressure on the Irish government to abandon these plans.
What with the first ever upcoming visiit by the Queen, (a well-know dog & animal lover), to the Republic of Ireland shortly, an expose would be greatly embarassing to the newly formed coalition Irish Government.
A protest is being organised by Irish Greyhound Rescue in Dublin & the UK based www.greyhoundaction.org.uk, outside the Irish Embassy in London, dates to be announced.
Please help save these gentle & intelligent from a fate worse than death.


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    helen maher shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Dominique Lee commented  · 

        these poor dogs do not deserve to be raced and then abandoned, and shipped to china!!! stop this insanity!!

      • Muriel Young commented  · 

        Abandon plans to do this to these beautiful creatures

      • helen granville commented  · 

        The Irish greyhound board must be completely insane to consider sending greyhounds to china. Everyone knows of its lack of welfare laws and cruel practices with regards to dog killing and eating, greyhounds would endure unspeakable misery due to the greed of the IGB. Shame on them for even considering it.

      • d cotton commented  · 

        Greedy IGB, should be ashamed of this, how dare they send dogs to their deaths in that animal hell hole, it makes a mockery of their so called welfare policy. Its not worth the paper it is written on. They expect the public to open their homes and hearts to their surplus and unwanted greyhounds then think its ok for themselves to export to a country with NO welfare. !!

      • Steve Wells commented  · 

        selling gentle greyhounds into hell

      • Steve Wells commented  · 

        The racing people here are not covered in glory.But asians and third world people are so fucking cruel .

      • helen maher commented  · 

        To All-

        Dates for Protest Confirmed.

        The dates for the protest are now confirmed for the 9th of April, between 1-2pm

        Protesters are asked to gather outside the Irish Embassy, 17 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HR. Protesters who wish to bring their greyhounds are asked to bring calm types, used to noise of the city. This is a peacefull protest.

        Email stop greyhoundexportslondon@gmail.com or visit www.greyhoundaction.org.uk for more updates/info.

        See you all there.

        Helen Maher.

      • Kimberley Bown commented  · 

        Sending greys to China is a fate worse than death. It's not the fault of the dogs that the Irish economy is up s*** creek so don't make them suffer for your failings and your greed.

      • Samath Gammampila commented  · 

        If respected governments such as Ireland resort to such drastic and cruel measures in a bid to recover from financial crisis, what moral authority do they have to question citizens who treat animals and humans in as cruel a fashion? You might expect an extremely poor nation developing such economic ties with China, you certainly won't expect it from a country said to be one of the most advanced and 'developed'. Shame.

      • Marlene Spiers commented  · 

        In the name of all that is compassionate and decent please do NOT send these sensitive and gentle creatures to life of brutality , bewilderment and pain.

      • Lorri commented  · 

        Disgusted that IGB are even contemplating this course of action to a country with widely recognised human and animal welfare issues..........

      • Lorri commented  · 

        I am saddened and disgusted at those involved in the unfair treatment of racing greyhounds at "normal" times. I am sickened that any organisation which relies on animals to make their money would even think about becoming involved in China or indeed any other similar country.

      • ira moss commented  · 

        We canot allow this to happen, it will be the most awful outcome for this already troubled breed, we must do all we can to stopthis happening now!

      • Angela Humphery commented  · 

        Sending greyhounds to China is sending them to a fate worse than death. Being delicate creatures, some will die in transit. Those that survive will end up as spare ribs or fur trimmings once they can no longer race. lthe Irish Greyhound Board should be ashamed of even considering such a barbaric act.

      • Jon Christensen commented  · 

        There will very likely be no parameters set on the welfare of those dogs once they are in China; and you can just bet that they (the dogs) will end up on dining menus once their usefulness in racing and/or breeding is gone.

      • Helen Maher. commented  · 

        A date for the protest has been confirmed for the 9th of April, 1-2pm,
        outside the Irish Embassy.
        17 Grosvenor Place
        London,SW1X 7HR.
        Any protesters who wish to bring their greyhounds, please only bring them if they are calm & used to city noise.

        Hope to see many of you there & again, thanks for all your support.
        You can email stopgreyhoundexportslondon@gmail.com to confirm.

        Helen Maher.

      • Debb Lovett commented  · 

        Please no more greyhound races because I have seen greyhound dogs suffering great abuses by their greed owners who think of money first before those dogs.

      • Dominic Witzel commented  · 

        Since many years, Australia has exported its greyhounds to Asia.
        Please visit the AACT website to see how it may end.
        Ireland should not allow this.

      • Carol Reins commented  · 

        Someone in authority with some common sense and compassion stop this insidious export of these dogs...we know what will happen to these beautiful, intelligent dogs.

      • Mark Moss commented  · 

        That is just disgusting. Nothing more to say.

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