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Stop Greyhound Exports to China

The Irish Government plans to export Racing Greyhounds to China, a country which has one of the worst Human & Animal Rights Records in the world.
As an Irish Citzen & UK resident, I am appalled & embarassed to be Irish.
I appeal to all members to support a petition to present to the UK government in order for them to put pressure on the Irish government to abandon these plans.
What with the first ever upcoming visiit by the Queen, (a well-know dog & animal lover), to the Republic of Ireland shortly, an expose would be greatly embarassing to the newly formed coalition Irish Government.
A protest is being organised by Irish Greyhound Rescue in Dublin & the UK based www.greyhoundaction.org.uk, outside the Irish Embassy in London, dates to be announced.
Please help save these gentle & intelligent from a fate worse than death.


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    helen maher shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • helen maher commented  · 

        Many people involved in welfare and who are greyhound "owners" have been
        sending emails and letters to the Irish government to oppose the idea of
        sending greyhounds to China, and there have also been demonstrations at
        Irish embassies in several countries. This has had some affect on the
        Department of Agriculture, which very recently received a formal proposal
        from the Irish Greyhound Board to consider the China project.

        However, it was learned TODAY that Adrian Neilan, the CEO of the Irish
        Greyhound Board, was at the government offices in Dublin lobbying for the
        government to sign off and give approval or commitment for the project. He
        is under pressure from the Chinese investors to get this underway

        We need an ocean of reasonable and rational letters and emails to be sent
        to the powers that be in order to have any chance of not letting our
        beautiful greyhounds be sent to a place where there is no future for them,
        no comfort, not a chance in hell for them to ever have a good life of any

        There is no need to convince you with photos and videos showing unspeakable
        atrocities being done to dogs there....you can find these yourself on the
        internet. You will then know what sort of future China holds for our
        greyhounds, and it is not a place to send a dog.

        I urge you to please, tonight or tomorrow, send a letter or email to the
        following people so that they hear our voices and will not overlook the
        welfare side of this issue. Ireland has been in the news too many times now
        for welfare issues, from the New York Times' coverage of the dreadful
        treatment of horses to Ireland's reputation as "the puppy farm capital of
        Europe", we don't want to also be known as the place that sent its
        greyhounds to a country with no animal welfare practice in place, where
        there is no overarching regulation of the veterinary profession, where even
        Australia does not choose to deal with the Chinese on this issue. We have
        only in recent years just managed for the racetracks in Spain to be closed
        down.....now we have China.

        Please don't let our greyhounds be sent there. It will be hell on earth for

        Please write to all 3 people:

        Mr Simon Coveney , Minister for Agriculture,
        Agriculture House,
        Kildare St
        Dublin 2.

        Shane McEntee, Minister of State at the Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and
        same postal address as above

        Taoiseach Enda Kenny (taoiseach is Irish for Prime Minister)
        Department of the Taoiseach
        Government Buildings
        Upper Merrion Street
        Dublin 2

      • Kerry commented  · 

        Please where do I find the petition. I wonder when we're up against the likes of some of the ignorance posted on here what chance we have. Totally disgraceful. I have 2 of these gentle creatures (currently lying on the sofa!!) and it breaks my heart to hear that anyone could abuse any animal in such a way.

      • Carol Reins commented  · 

        To yuqianguanshan, I think you are avoiding the perils of animals in China and resorting to insults and assuming I don't know the difference between Asian peoples and their languages. Getting back to the real subject...so if there wasn't a demand there wouldn't be a supply(from China's brutal dog and cat skinned alive fur farms)? Why don't these people who make money literally off the backs of animals take the high ground and refuse for ethical and moral reasons not to cater to the rich and famous. Can you tell me why they can't? Because there are no animal welfare protection laws in China! And if there are no laws...then do want you want to animals..make some money and laugh about killing these animals. By the way I live in an area of St.Paul and there are Hmong, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Korean and Chinese...and no they do not sound alike. And do not call me a fool. If the rest of the world is horrified by the skinning farms, why aren't you?

      • yuqianguanshan commented  · 

        to Carol Reins

        Could you answer my question ???any of them

      • yuqianguanshan commented  · 

        "Regarding the treatment of dogs and cats, there are enough videos that show the brutality of the cat, rabbit and dog fur businesses"

        go and blame those who are buying the fur cloth ,most ofthem are rich people and celebrities!) will you ??? or can you ????

      • yuqianguanshan commented  · 

        to carol
        I am in Ireland and there were couple of brutalities of cat dog and rabbit happened last year in SUCH A TINY COUNTRY !!! which has smaller propulation than the little I come from . We have 1.5 000,000,0 people !!!! think about the percentage !! you fool ! BTY I 've seen many of the videos I have to say , for you guys , anybody has asian face and doing something bad would be Chinese , you don't even understand if they were speaking Japanes korean or any other language , like you can'teven spell my name cr

      • Carol Reins commented  · 

        to yuqianguanshen,I understand your defense for you home country and the how animals are treated. However there are no animal rights or welfare let alone humanrights. Regarding the treatment of dogs and cats, there are enough videos that show the brutality of the cat, rabbit and dog fur businesses that show the brueality and suffering of these animals. that's why so many people are outraged about sending the greyhounds to your country. Have you seen the videos? Not only the boiling of live cats and dogs for food or the myth tnat drinking the juice and meat used for consumption is appalling and inhumane.

      • yuqianguanshan commented  · 

        BTW any of you seen dogs skined for fur ?? DOG FUR ???

      • yuqianguanshan commented  · 

        Could any of you give me one reason ----- ONLY ONE reason to import greyhound ,


      • yuqianguanshan commented  · 

        I am a chinese myself , stop lying about greyhound are being exported to China !!!! Any of you been to China before ?? Have you ever seen dogs being threated badly in China yourself ?!?!

        YOU ONLY HEARD SOME RUMOR ,and most of you are doing it for fun ! SHAME ON YOU !

      • yuqianguanshan commented  · 

        tell me what's gonna happen to those dogs , that make you worry so much about them ??!?!?!?!?! WHAT DO WE NEED GREYHOUND FOR 11!?!?!?!!????????????

      • L Main commented  · 

        The chinese people have the worst record on Earth when it comes to mistreating animals. They skin animals alive for their fur, and the Irish government want to send them more animals? That's sending them to a fate worse than death. Do not let them do this.

      • sue cotton commented  · 

        With the decline of greyhound racing here, the IGB are looking for outlets for some of the thousands of greyhounds that are over bred each year in a country willing to kill any living creature with no remorse. I think the IGB are disgusting, no other country will trade in the lives of greyhounds because of the total lack of welfare.
        Shame on the lot of them

      • julie tanner commented  · 

        Its sad enough that these dogs are often put to sleep when they have finished racing, but to send them overseas is unbelievable wicked. It doesnt take much imagination to predict the neglect and cruelty that awaits them.

      • helen maher commented  · 


        Wednesday, 30 March 2011
        Say No to Irish Greyhound Exports to China - London demo
        Demonstration outside Embassy of Ireland, London
        Saturday April 9th 1pm until 2pm
        Please try to be there!

        There will be a demonstration outside the Irish Embassy in London from 1pm to 2pm on Saturday, April 9th against the Irish Greyhound Board's plans to export greyhounds to China, as part of a scheme to set up a greyhound racing industry there.

        Please try to attend, if you possibly can, and rescued greyhounds are also more than welcome.

        Address: Embassy of Ireland, 17 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HR

        Map at http://tinyurl.com/IrishEmbassyLondon

        Get directions at http://tinyurl.com/IrishEmbassyLondon2

        Nearest Underground stations - Hyde Park Corner and Victoria

        Nearest bus stop Wilton Street

        Buses from main railway stations - Euston 73, Kings Cross 73, Marylebone 82,
        Paddington 36 & 436, St Pancras 73
        We recommend you allow at least 45 minutes for you bus journey

        Info on buses/undergound from elsewhere in London, call Transport for London on 0843 222 1234 and then press 3 to speak to an advisor.

      • Ruth Davis commented  · 

        I agree with a previous comment; the Irish Government needs to address it's own laws on animal treatment/cruelty as English dog rescue homes seem to be full of abandoned Irish strays. To even contemplate sending any creature to China is appalling; it's a death sentence for any dog.

      • helen maher commented  · 

        We have received the message below from a supporter in Ireland.
        Please be polite, at all times, in your communications with IGB officials.



        These people want to send Irish greyhounds to China.
        Let them know you disagree!
        The Irish Greyhound Board are willing to trade Greyhound lives for profit,
        and they are now trying to export gentle Irish greyhounds to China to be
        abused and killed when they lose races.

        ADRIAN NEILAN, Curraghchase, Adare, Co Limerick. Phone 061392602
        BILLY DWYER, Kilrush, Thurles, Co Tipperary. Phone 050421848
        TIM GILBERT, 63 Taney Avenue ,Dublin 14 phone 01 2987267
        TERESA WALL, Blackrath, Colbinstown, Co. Kildare.
        DANIEL REILLY, Tara house,Tara, Navan, Co Meath.
        TONY MC KENNA, Ballyhaden, Borrisokere. Co Tipperary, Phone 067 27221
        PAT HERBERT regulations Apt 1. The Belfrey, Model Farm Road. Co Cork.

        Contact these people asking them to stop this sick plan.

      • John commented  · 

        The Irish also need to look at themselves in regards to Greyhound cruelty as our rescue centres are full of abandoned Ex racers. I wouldn`t wish China on any animal.

      • frederick amies commented  · 

        i agree with everything you say debs, it must be stopped, evil bastards

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is an utterly cruel and despicable idea - these dogs have already been used and abused. Please have some humanity and change your mind on this horrible plan. Send the perpetrators of this plan instead of the greyhounds - they are bound to have more meat on them !

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