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Stop Greyhound Exports to China

The Irish Government plans to export Racing Greyhounds to China, a country which has one of the worst Human & Animal Rights Records in the world.
As an Irish Citzen & UK resident, I am appalled & embarassed to be Irish.
I appeal to all members to support a petition to present to the UK government in order for them to put pressure on the Irish government to abandon these plans.
What with the first ever upcoming visiit by the Queen, (a well-know dog & animal lover), to the Republic of Ireland shortly, an expose would be greatly embarassing to the newly formed coalition Irish Government.
A protest is being organised by Irish Greyhound Rescue in Dublin & the UK based www.greyhoundaction.org.uk, outside the Irish Embassy in London, dates to be announced.
Please help save these gentle & intelligent from a fate worse than death.


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    helen maher shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • roger brenton commented  · 

        Don't condemn even more greyhounds to a cruel fate by sending them to China. They are exploited enough already.

      • Denise MacGregor commented  · 

        I am disgusted and horrified to learn that the IGB has been considering exporting Greyhounds to China - shame on them! The reputation of that country regarding the appalling treatment of animals is known worldwide and well-documented. There is no excuse for anyone of any conscience to consider doing this.

      • Alan Hudson commented  · 

        Greyhounds are trusting, gentle, loyal and loving dogs. They are treated appallingly in the UK and Ireland by the vile racing industry, now they are to be sacrificed to the alter of money in China, a country with no animal welfare and where dogs are skinned alive for fur, or tortured and killed for meat in the most barbaric way. The racing industry tries to portray itself as caring - this demonstrates the reality. Stop this evil slaughter.

      • ARAN (Ireland) commented  · 

        Greyhound racing is disgusting and no animals deserve to be treated in such an abhorent way. Help us abolish this filthy industry.

      • Gaby Lydiate commented  · 

        “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated” Mahatma Ghandi

      • Jude Murphy commented  · 

        No one has the right to abuse animals for entertainment and profit.

      • Hannah.B commented  · 

        Greyhounds deserva a LIFE not dying for our entertainment. :@

      • Mary commented  · 

        Please make sure this isn't allowed to happen

      • Marta Falco Ainley commented  · 

        I agree 100% with a total ban on the export of alland any greyhounds to China. I would like to add that I deplore the export of all and any greyhounds abroad. Between England and Ireland 15000 greyhounds 'go off the radar ' every year. Just imagine seeing 15,000 greyhounds lying dead every year. And, this is all to feed the greyhound racing industry here in the UK. Greyhound racing is an abomination and we must all wokr towards the ending of it. Tell everyone to pass on this horrific fact and never go to the racing. Many companies now organise their corporate entertainment and this is mostly because they do not know the awful truth.

      • pat getz commented  · 


      • Carol Campbell commented  · 

        This must not happen..greyhounds are being used and abused daily by the racing industry. When will this cruelty stop?. The idea of these poor dogs being sent to China is outrageous.

      • Tony Peters commented  · 

        Please don't forget that over 15,000 greyhounds are put to death every year in the UK and Ireland after failing to make the grade as racers or when their "careers" on the track come to an end. Therefore, in addition to supporting this important campaign to prevent the export of greyhounds to China, please do your utmost to persuade your family, friends and work colleagues not to attend or bet on greyhound racing, so this appalling death-industry fades away through lack of financial support. Tony Peters, UK Co-ordinator, Greyhound Action. www.greyhoundaction.org.uk

      • Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen commented  · 

        My organisation Greyhound Action Denmark is against sending Irish greyhounds to China as it will be a death sentence for the poor greyhounds. They are so much more than cheap comodities therefore we endorse the petiton above and urge others to do the same.

      • helen granville commented  · 

        China is no place to send greyhounds to race. The greedy Irish are just trying to line their pockets because the industry is declining here. I think it is shameful and must not be allowed to happen, the dogs would suffer from the moment they arrived from a horrific one way journey to a cruel death. Shame on the IGB

      • Ann Casey commented  · 

        I am sick to death, of the greedy, useless, evil people, who breed, race, sell and therebye, abuse, and are responsible for, the torture and death of thousands of greyhounds every year, in Ireland, and in the countries to which they export the dogs. Now, China! a country in which, the `officials`, and most of the public, treat dogs ,as they treat vermin.
        Everyone in Ireland, the Government, the Racing Board, the breeders and owners,-- and the public, for not coming out onto the streets to stop it, should be mortified with shame at allowing the export to China of even one greyhound !
        Those who seek to do this--and those who, by their silence, permit it to happen, are a disgrace, to Ireland, and to their own selves.
        These people make me ashamed of my `name`.

      • Helen Tucker commented  · 

        China is a couintry which has radically different attitudes to animal welfare to our own. There can be absolutely NO guarantee that those greyhounds unfortunate enough to end up in China would be treated in a way that is commensurate with our own standards of what is acceptable. We must therefore resist all attempts by those who would stand to benefit from the export of greyhounds to China to persuade others that the problem is not as great as we know it to be.

      • Grace commented  · 

        6000,000 cats and dogs were reported to be roaming the streets of singapore before the olympics games, china claimed they rounded them up and put them into new goverment funded shelters, when the games began the shelters were checked to see how the animals were being kept, they fund only one shelter with one cat and two dogs and no sign of the 6000,000 cats and dogs roaming the streets. what happened to them? were are they? what horrific fate awaited them? these questions have yet to be answered.????

      • Grace commented  · 

        Animals in china are thought of as nothing more than food, fur and medicsnal purposes, they enjoy cat soup (cats boiled alive), rugget dog meat, dogs tortured for days on end and then hung by the neck so they can blow torch the fur of them while the dog is still alive, monkey brains from a live monkey that is stuned and the brain eaten from it's skull while it is still alive. Need I say anymore the bigger the dog the more in demand they are for it's meat.

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