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Stopping Westminster Council banning rough sleeping and the distribution of free food in Victoria

Westminster Council are planning to bring in a byelaw which will mean anyone 'lying or sleeping' on the floor, 'depositing... bedding' or giving out food for free in the Victoria area will be fined. The consultation period will last until the 25th of March. See http://www.housingjustice.org.uk/site/publications/hj/Press%20releases/Press%20release%2025%2002.pdf We can stop them bringing this in with enough pressure!

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    Ellie SchlingEllie Schling shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Matthew O'SheaMatthew O'Shea commented  · 

        Fining homeless people and those helping them? Goes to show just how desperate Westminster Council are for funds, shame on them.

      • FilipFilip commented  · 

        This is absolutely ridiculous and is completely against what our society stands for.

      • Lydia NixonLydia Nixon commented  · 

        Is the Victorian Quarter trying to head back to Victorian times? Poor people should not be seen or heard? Sleeping rough is rarely a choice that an individual has the freedom to take - you are forcing broken and vulnerable individuals even further beneath the law and alienating them even more from a society that they need support to become a part of. I am furious.

      • jon crisfordjon crisford commented  · 

        This is a clear example of how 9-5ers have no real concept of homeless life and make decisions based on statistics. Homelessness is a complex issue and cannot be dealt with in a one dimensional way. Westminster council do your homework!!!

      • Kimberly VargasKimberly Vargas commented  · 

        Totally disgraceful proposal. These are people who are down on their luck and need to know somebody cares. There will always be homeless people. There is no cure for homelessness but we can make a difference.

      • Andrew CoombeAndrew Coombe commented  · 

        And I quote from the mouth of the chief exec of Westminster council "We're running at full capacity in Westminster for the shelters, they can simply go to another borough!"..
        Based on that, the simple quote: Out of sight Out of mind springs to mind...
        I find it amazing that you have such kind hearted individuals giving up time and money to try and make a difference to people who seem to be down on their luck, only to have the affluent neighbours in the area complain that they are making the streets look... UNTIDY!?.... UN-FU**ING TIDY!?.. are you being serious!?

        Some people choose to sleep rough, others simply have no choice. Given the option I’d lay my life on the line to say that 99% of people would break an arm to be given a home, benefits and a life changing opportunity!

        I really don’t see what argument anyone has on this topic? You want a real discussion topic? Lets looks at the rising 500,000 illgeal immigrants that enter the UK on an annual basis claiming housing benefits and social money... If you look at the picture as a whole, surly putting a stop to source 1 will have a domino effect on the others?

        Stop illegal immigration and cure homeless sleeping SIMPLE!

      • cameron Blaircameron Blair commented  · 

        Banning people from giving to others. Id like to meet the people that came up with the idea

      • Alison EnsorAlison Ensor commented  · 

        This is crazy - you cannot just sweep people out of sight and expect them to disappear. Understand why people are homeless, not punish them.But maybe a meal and police bed for the night won't seem like a punishment.

      • David TurnerDavid Turner commented  · 

        I am totally opposed to this action. It offers a sad indictment of our public service elected authorities if they feel that supporting the marketing of food through special offers and freebies is preferable to the valuable provision of food and shelter from organisations supporting local public services. This is neither joined up thinking or part of what should be Big Society development. What will be banned next - the wearing of loud colours in public? This is lunacy.

      • David CoombeDavid Coombe commented  · 

        Deut. 15:7. If there is a poor man among you, one of your brothers, in any of the towns of the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart, nor close your hand to your poor brother; but you shall freely open your hand to him, and generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks.

      • Tracey BessantTracey Bessant commented  · 

        Isn’t the Big Society meant to be about encouraging people to take an active role in their communities? Making homelessness illegal and criminalising those offering help and support isn’t a great start, Westminster.

      • Mary HanleyMary Hanley commented  · 

        I commend those who give of their time to feed and befriend the hungry and the most vulnerable in society. They are carrying out their Christian duty, and it is incredible that the potential to 'fine' them is under consideration. Jesus said that whatever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me. From the perspective of a homeless person, the proposed action will do little to give them hope for their future. Please consider a more positive and caring approach.

      • Yvonne NeblettYvonne Neblett commented  · 

        Is this the new Big Society for Westminster Council - keeping the streets 'pretty' - until they can offer the same services as the many charities do, they should 'butt out' and stop persecuting the vulnerable

      • sheila freemamsheila freemam commented  · 

        the people who want to stop this should have a month on the streets and see if they can do without their perks i think not

      • Toni ColeToni Cole commented  · 

        What a reflection of those people in charge of our society, do they only want to paint "a Prettey Picture" of London. Many of these pour souls are on the streets through no fault of their own.

      • tina jamestina james commented  · 

        If these poor souls had somewhere to stay they wouldn't need to sleep on the street.......then donating food and bedding to these poor souls would not be needed. Where's the milk of human kindness???? I get it , another way for the council to make more money by enforcing these stupid byelaws .

      • donna melsomdonna melsom commented  · 

        Unless westminster councill, can provide warmth food shelter for these people, then leave them alone. Makes me mad some these people have no other option then be homeless. Let some westminster council go out for a couple nights and see how they cope with finding shelter and food

        What is wrong with people ,

      • tania lamberttania lambert commented  · 

        just been thinking about this issue what are you on westminster council do you remember our quens grandson slept on the westminster streets for a night did you want to do the same to him i guess not leave these people alone if you are bored take up a hobby

      • mick mckennamick mckenna commented  · 

        In a civilised society there would be no need for anyone to sleep rough.
        but at present the law of the jungle seems to be in ascendancy aided by
        this rubbish who call themselves Big society government.they should be
        ashamed of what they are doing .but to be ashamed you have to have a
        concience. but i doubt this collection of clowns have one between the lot
        of them.

      • nicki jamesnicki james commented  · 

        Reflect on this draconian measure.

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