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Stopping Westminster Council banning rough sleeping and the distribution of free food in Victoria

Westminster Council are planning to bring in a byelaw which will mean anyone 'lying or sleeping' on the floor, 'depositing... bedding' or giving out food for free in the Victoria area will be fined. The consultation period will last until the 25th of March. See http://www.housingjustice.org.uk/site/publications/hj/Press%20releases/Press%20release%2025%2002.pdf We can stop them bringing this in with enough pressure!

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    Ellie Schling shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Sorry I seem to have run out of votes today. However, this is just more proof that neither the UK Government, nor its judiciary are concerned at all about International Laws and Human Rights.

        Article 11 of the 'legally binding' (since 20th Aug 1976 here) International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (based on Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948) states that :-

        "The States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions".

        Yet even those who work hard to buy their own homes are sold 'inadequate and sub standard housing, as is much of the 'private housing stock' run by 'slum landlords' raking it in from the Housing Benefit system which the Government hasn't addressed properly at all.

        Please support this petition http://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/bill-of-rights and pass it on to others.

      • Lewis commented  · 

        Sleeping on the streets goes hand in hand. Now people of Eastern Europe have jumped on the band wagon. And when thet crap on the street, something has to be done.

      • Tracy Manfredi commented  · 

        I am all for getting people off the streets homelessness is an issue that needs addressing. Fining is only a viable option if the city of Westminster equally provide the shelter required and food. To stop soup run and fine in such a way will encourage more people to go hungry and may not address homelessness effectively - it will only work if it is part of an integrated strategy to help rehouse provide food and shelter and isnt simply a way of hiding the issue and making our streets and cities more desirable to tourists. Homelessness is a real issue it affects real lives and the cold harsh reality of seeing people on the streets drives the message home to discerning public and tourists.

      • Robert Campbell-Lloyd commented  · 

        Westminster Council tried to sneek through a private bill (ie not public) in 1997 that didn't inform stakeholders (the people) that their right to be a civil trader (a pedlar) on the streets was over. The Home Office forced the promoters to provide an exemption for pedlars to trade in Westminster so pedlars were happy but... the promoters carefully crafted clever text to prohibit pedlars on the street allowing them only as door to door traders. By 2007 when the full effect of prosecution for "anything done on a street for gain or reward" was clear, pedlars petitioned Parliament again only to find they had no locus standi (no right of voice) on the grounds that they should have petitioned the original bill. That's how this the people's parliament works when it is self-restricted by Parliamentary Protocol to "make no comment on private bills".
        Here's your question - How do I now know today that tomorrow I may have to sleep rough on the street and seek free food at Victoria?
        Every person in the UK has locus standi to petition against this takeover of Parliament by private interests. If you don't petition then private interests will again have their dastardly way... again.
        Wake up people to protect your diminishing freedoms and liberties and those good human beings that give food to the needy in a public place (who owns Victoria... suggest you follow the money)
        Robert Campbell-Lloyd, Roll B Parliamentary Agent
        ps... no I won't do it for you

      • nic mcGerr commented  · 

        Ellie and others - you have to take out a Petition in Parliament "Against" the City of Westminster (CoW) bill.
        Ellie or another has to be an Agent ( cost = approx £20) to represent a petitioner against the bill. This is the only way at this stage of the "planning" by the CoW to have any effect on the CoW. Believe me I'm an agent and I know this is the only way to have an effect on these sorts of Councils who introduce PRIVATE LAW through the House of Lords in order to create their own fiefdoms and destroy the civil rights of ordinary people. I'm a pedlar and I know how these private laws have tried to make me a criminal. Look at <http://www.pedlars.info> for petitions and how to have a real effect.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        will they offer realistic help as well as a ban? or is it just nimbyism?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have one question. If you are homeless and with out money where are expected to to be able to get a drink of water.

        The shame is not entirely with the Westminster Council. it is with the people of Westminster who allow their representatives to do this unchallenged.

        Phil Thomson

      • Eveline Deparis commented  · 

        If they only would try it themselves may be they'll understand what it feels like to be on the street cold and angry.
        Shame on you Westminster!

      • Antoine Da Costa commented  · 

        We all need help , we all need each other to survive, so let's stop the abnormal definition defining what normal/normality is. We are one race and all have the right to be cared for and valued by one another.

      • stephen backes commented  · 

        Fully oppose Westminster
        Tenet of all religions is to give alms to the poor but Westminster want to make it illegal. Godless self agrandising *******

      • fox commented  · 

        we will win this whos up for squat the street for 1 week ?

      • Ellie commented  · 

        Don't forget to vote for the campaign if you oppose the by-law!


      • Ru commented  · 

        Brilliant idea ... providing anyone found sleeping rough is allowed to go and stay at number ten (and given unlimited toaster access and bread :)

      • Dominic Griffiths commented  · 

        The Tories hate the poor. This was always going to be something on their agenda.

      • veronica KELLY commented  · 

        This is madness, you should be providing adaquate housing for these people and support for their problems not kicking them when they are down!

      • Ed commented  · 

        In what sense can they 'ban' homelessness? Are they planning to provide everyone with a home?

      • Carol Graves commented  · 

        I don't believe that anyone sleeps rough and is cold and hungry from choice.
        This is a symptom of much deeper problems. Westminster Councillors should be ashamed of themselves. They are treating these folks as less than human.

      • Simon Fleming commented  · 

        This is terrible. I can't see how this is the good, right and proper thing to do. It's wrong!

      • trisha walsh commented  · 

        This cannot happen and we will not let it !!!

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