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Save Our Lollipop People

Local Authority cuts are threatening the School Crossing Patrol Service which sees our children safely across the road. If we allow this service to go just to save money children will start being injured and killed we must make it plain that this is a cut too far. The government must step in and stop the Local Authorities doing away with a service that has been in place for 57 years. Please vote.

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    Helen Toft shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Has anyone been successful in overturning a decision to cancel this service from April this year, with local Councils or via on-line petitions? Thanks.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        They are a waste of time and money usually with power problems, and probably kiddy fiddlers, the one outside my sons school ,Homewood sixth form and college, at Tenterden

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        this is a cutback too far. though i have no use of the service myself i can see the advantages of the service provided. it seems like when they got rid of in house hospital cleaners. the idas, mollys and veras who had spent their lives cleaning a ward. now its all out to contract and we have mrsa. we will have a similar problem if you cut lollipop ladies.

      • cath baker commented  · 

        Manchester Council are trying it now - wanting schools to pay for patrols on high risk crossings - a clear case of passing the buck. Our lollipop people are trained, CRB checked, insured, and go above and beyond their jobs as they become trusted and respected figures in our communities. They help all members of our communities cross roads safely, including people with mobility problems, as well as our children. How they can justify even considering cutting this service when they are responsible for road safety is beyond belief.

        The kids of Alma Park primary school have set up their own petition, and already gathered over 400 signatures of under 16s. Good for them!

      • Eileen Elchaar commented  · 

        children need protecting not just from traffic but from abuse, from strangers, from bullies. Lollipop men and women look after these young people and promote safe use of roads. They can help to eradicate thoughtless parents who park close to crossings and increase the risks for youngsters. It is also a job for older people who may need some cash to help them in their old age and also helps to keep people active and part of the community. It is madness not to keep them and children will die as a result of this callous saving. Nothing is worth that.

      • Mrs D commented  · 

        This is getting beyond a joke. Budget cuts are going to cost lives.

      • John G commented  · 

        This single issue is too important to leave solely to Local Authorities, who are being forced to make unpopular choices because of budget constraints.
        Its unreasonable to assume this daily, demanding (and dangerous) task could be done by untrained volunteers - and to do so probably against H&S legislation.

      • Vivien commented  · 

        As a motorist, I welcome the lollipop people supervising children [and accompanying adults], as it also makes traffic progress so much safer and quicker!

      • Peter Kemp commented  · 

        We sponser are lollipop lady as the council stopped funding the service in the afternoon only and then when we gave the money to the school the council wanted us to sign a contract with them, of course I refused as my agreement is with the school.

      • Steve Jump commented  · 

        I am a school crossing person and I personally know the dangers posed to our children by ever-increasing traffic volumes and speeds. I believe the Councils are cutting at the bottom as a protest to the Govt about the cuts. How about some cuts of their highly paid Cabinet members.?

      • Pat commented  · 

        Keep our children/grandchildren safe - keep Lollipop People - they do a fantastic job in keeping the traffic flowing.

      • Natalie commented  · 

        My children's school in Stockport is loosing its lollipop people. They do a fantastic job and it's a disgrace that their jobs are going. Children's safety should be a priority!

      • Dorota Thomas commented  · 

        My children go to a Wandsworth primary school - Fircroft - encircled by busy side roads featuring your typical road ragers and risk-takers more concerned with driving to work in a hurry than the small people in their way.
        The two lovely, dedicated lollipop people near the school provide an essential service. But the council in its wisdom - not - is 'reviewing' the need for all its crossing patrollers and thinks that schools, not they, should pay for them. As if schools aren't already underfunded and over-stretched.
        As if we should be paying the price of a national debt not of our making.
        Sadly, local authorities aren't statutorily obliged to provide lollipeeps. They appear to think it's an easy option to pass up and pass the buck on both their civic duty, and their legal obligation under the Education Act, to help ensure the safety of our children on the roads.
        Meanwhile, Wandsworth is shelling out £13 million on a 'free' school with a catchment area of children from some of the wealthiest households in London. What are they like?
        Fircroft parents have started a campaign to stop the progress of the council's review of SCPs - to stop the cuts that this review intends. We've featured on the front page of the local paper, the Wandsworth Guardian and have the support of local MP Sadiq Khan. Hundreds of us have written letters of protest and signed petitions to voice our protest, joining thousands of others across the country faced with these latest nonsensical public service cuts. Leave our lolli-people alone!

      • Barbara Brayshay commented  · 

        False economy - surely as a civilised society we can provide safe journeys to school for our children

      • Michael Buckley commented  · 

        They should have a huge big action day and just all show up at major traffic points around the UK and walk out and pretend invisible children are crossing.

      • Louise Wallace commented  · 

        this is an outrageous....I hope they do a u turn on this....the safety of children going to school is of the utmost importance.Make those bankers pay back the money they flittered away.Why is no one held to account over what they have done.

      • Landy Slattery commented  · 

        I am a mum of a primary school in Wandsworth Borough Council. we will fight this....how can the saftey of our children not be a priority?.

      • jennifer neil commented  · 

        I am currently campaigning to get our Lollipop lady reinstated at Moulton Village in Northamptonshire.

      • James Wickens commented  · 

        I am a Lollipop Person and feel that my job and the other Lollipop People's jobs do a great service and keep lots of schoolchildren safe!!!

      • Philip N Roberts commented  · 

        At times of distress and panic, the ability to think logically seems to disappear out of the window! I think it was this coalition government that was considering stopping the use of British Summer Time. Which has been shown to save children's lives, why not add the removal of Lollipop People as well??

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