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'New nuclear' energy: the great green rip-off

The government has told us that we need more nuclear power stations to combat climate change. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nuclear power is incredibly expensive and incredibly dangerous. The New Economics Foundation estimates that to pay for building new reactors and processing their waste, nuclear power providers could increase our electricity bills by almost three times the industry estimate. So that's a hike from £45 a quarter to around £100.

Opting for ten new nuclear power plants is a quick fix solution that will leave us with a terrible legacy of cancer-causing radioactive waste that nobody knows what to do with.

If nuclear power is allowed to get a grip on the energy sector now it could kill off any hope of a viable, affordable market in truly renewable forms of energy.

Reports by Greenpeace, the New Economics Foundation, the Sustainable Development Commission, the Centre for Alternative Technology and many other respected organisations have outlined strategies for future energy provision that does not include nuclear power.


We want a future, not a disaster.

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    Nancy Birch shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • D. Viesnik commented  · 

        My thoughts are very much with everybody in Japan during these awful times. It makes me sick to my stomach that even after Chernobyl, Windscale, Three Mile Island, Kyshtym, and now Fukushima, there are those who still think nuclear power should be part of our energy mix.

      • oRNELLA sAIBENE commented  · 

        We need to shut down all nuclear power stations NOW ! No to Nuclear Power!

      • Jude commented  · 

        I agree Dave. I for one would welcome it. I can't afford to install solar panels myself, but my house faces south so panels would be ideal. The government needs to spend money on this and other renewables instead of new nuclear power stations

      • Dave at Vote For Yourself commented  · 

        What we should be doing is building new factories to produce solar panels and training the unemployed to install them! Given the freedom to decide on this issue I'm sure the public would support this hence my Vote For Yourself campaign to replace politics with self-government using the Internet.

      • Vicky commented  · 

        Hello? Japan?

      • Jude commented  · 

        I agree wholeheartedly with Dominic. Renewables are the way forward. The only sane way.

      • Dominic Smith commented  · 

        Why do we drag our heals with renewable technologies and investment into this science! We need to view this as an opportunity for the UK to lead the way, not an excuse to rely on this now dated technology-one look at the recent terrible events in Japan and the Fukushima Daiichi's nuclear power station makes you realise that we need to invest money, time and initiative into a safer, cleaner future for all!

        please sign this petition until 38 degrees raises one;


      • Jude commented  · 

        Really! How do you explain the huge rise in cancers of all kinds, especially in and around nuclear power plants? Who in their right minds would use a product that has the capability of destroying the whole earth? Why do some people think of life as being so unimportant?? Also the quality of life. Even an Xray can trigger cancer in some people. Wake up!

      • Marianne Birkby commented  · 

        Nuclear power needs back up power 24/7- The back-up diesel generators in Japan were not placed on high ground but behind the containment wall, which was breached by the tsunami.
        The third back-up system used heavy-duty batteries, but these went
        According to David Suchman, a correspondent for the BBC Radio 4 5 p.m.
        programme on Monday March 14th 2011, the lack of planning continued
        even after the coolant systems failed: several fire engines pumping
        sea water to cool the fuel rods were destroyed by a second blast at
        reactor number three; while the one remaining fire engine maintaining
        water levels in reactor number two ran out of fuel, which contributed
        to fuel rods being exposed through falling water levels. The problem of meltdown does not happen with renewables (or the coal, oil and gas used to back up nuclear). Sellafield needs power 24/7 to look after wastes - around £30M of gas - stopped producing electricity in 2003!

      • Steve Green commented  · 

        Why would anyone support a campaign which, if successful, will increase our carbon emissions and result in the use of even more fossil fuel? We need nuclear power to reduce our dependence on oil and coal.

        As for safety, consider the number of people killed in the oil and coal industries and compare it to nuclear - even including Chernobyl, nuclkear power has been responsible for far fewer deaths.

      • Jude commented  · 

        My answer to 'Adam' is that, when there are no people, animals or plants left on earth because we have had so many nuclear 'accidents' THEN he can tell me nuclear power is a good idea

      • Jude commented  · 

        In view of the current catastrophic happenings in Japan it seems like a good time to push ahead with a campaign to at least stop any new nuclear power plants, with a view to ending nuclear power altogether.

      • Wendy Fletcher Jaques commented  · 

        Please rethink, how can you say nuclear power is safe after what has happened in Japan. It is just too dangerous for us to consider.

      • mark wrighteverton1 commented  · 

        i'm totally against nuclear power and energy it is dangerous and unsafe we must not gamble out futures away over this.

      • Alexis Rowell commented  · 

        It’s hardly a surprise that building nuclear power stations on seismic fault lines, as Japan has done, turns out to be a foolish thing. In the pause for reflection about the safety of nuclear power that the Fukushima disaster is bound to create, here are ten reasons why it’s a mistake to build a new round of nuclear power stations in the UK.


      • alex cater commented  · 

        Nuclear power is cancer causing, unstable and unsafe. There are better ways to generate energy.

      • Steve Woods commented  · 

        Portraying nuclear power as green is misrepresentation. Look at the problems Japan is having currently with its reactors in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami. Nuclear power is too dangerous to be used.

      • Nick Hider commented  · 

        Despite its cost and potential for massive enviromental damage, I'm amazed how nuclear power has again been championed by some as being essential for a 'balanced' energy programme. The possible nuclear meltdown at Fukushima should remind us all of the dangers associated with nuclear power.

      • Yoko commented  · 

        We don't want to leave the nuclear waste to our children, grandchildren and their children. There are more economical, safe, and renewable energies and technologies today being developed. Give them more chance to grow.

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