I suggest a campaign about ...

fairness, justice and equality for all British state pensioners

All people contribute towards the National Insurance scheme under exactly the same rules.

All people qualify for their state pension under exactly the same rules, based on years of NI contributions.

When it comes time to pay the state pension different rules are applied depending on where you happen to live.

If you live in the UK and in 40 overseas countries, your state pension is uprated for inflation each year.

If you live in mainly Commonwealth countries your state pension is frozen at the rate at which it is first paid, or as at the date of migration. This means that over time the real purchasing power of the state pension in Commonwealth countries declines over the years, so that after, say, 25 years, it may be about a quarter of the current pension level.

To rectify this problem it would cost less than 1% of the total state pension bill.

Apparently there is an unwritten cross political party agreement not to fix this problem.

Pensioners who have chosen to go overseas to be with their children and grand children in retirement in Commonwealth countries are penalised for doing so, or disouraged from seeing their children and grand children again.

Overseas pensioners have been fighting this discrimination, based on country of residence, for over 25 years.

They could really do with a hand from people living in the UK to help them, to lobby on their behalf and to try to over turn this unfair, injust and inequal practice, which is based on historical accident and which even government ministers have admitted, has no logic to it.

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    Peter Morris shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Jane Davies commented  · 

        Apart from Anonymous we have been keeping this forum going between us since Peter last commented on July 7th. Do we assume having started this campaign suggestion all interest in it is dead Peter?
        I don't know why you guys are bothering to put these links on here as no feed back or thanks have been forthcoming. Is it any wonder our pensions are still frozen! Oh well we will carry on the fight until we get justice...then the big organizations will grab all the Kudos.
        By the way...what is the point of the ICBP facebook page..they don't even bother to answer questions put to them or use it for discussions,they use it just for putting links on. It seems almost all of the comments from posters are just preaching to the converted. What is it achieving?

      • Morgeo commented  · 

        To any newcomers to the site that are as keen as those here that have commented don't forget that there is a EDM 1895 which is still current and requires more signatures from MP's if it is to be at all useful. Please write or talk to your local MPand ask them to sign it. To see it, go to : http://www.edms.org.uk/2010-12/1895.htm
        There are 102 signatures already but many more needed.
        Do it now before you forget.

      • Chippy commented  · 

        I'll join Andy in thanking you "Anonymous" and agree with you totally. But you (and a whole lot of others) can do much more than that!!

        The Telegraph is running an article at the moment about "axing UK pensioners benefits" - a number of us are commenting on it and we would very much welcome your support and opinions.

        The Telegraph article has completely ignored the frozen expat pensioner!! We need to draw attention to this - and you can help!!

        Please go to The Telegraph at .....

        and say what you think!!!

        We need support!! If we want the uprated pension that's ours by right - then we have to fight for it!! Some of us are fighting 24/7 - so help us out by commenting on all the articles that we will continue to bring to this site as "links".

        And while you're here - don't forget to vote!!!

      • Andy Robertson-Fox commented  · 

        Thaank you Anonymous for your comment. you are, of course, quite right - this discrimination is totally unfair and why this forum and the campaign for fairnes, justice and equality are so important. If you have not voted we would ask that you please support the frozen pensioner both by voting here and signing the e-petition on

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I think that all pensioners should all be treated the same, it should not matter what country they live in. Its not right the some people get it in some countrys and some other countrys dont

      • Jane Davies commented  · 

        Peter Morris, I read your comment on the Telegraph link morgeo posted on here on August 5th. Have you been back and kept up with our comments from POP Group members on there? We have kept it going for a week now and certainly made an impression and had over 300 supporters of our comments and the writer of the article has got invovled. This is what we do on a regular basis. Because of our continuous participation in these articles we are informing hundreds of people in the UK and elsewhere about the frozen pension injustice who otherwise would remain in ignorance. You can work out who we are, although I post as georgiegirl on the Telegraph the others you will no doubt recognise.

      • Andy Robertson-Fox commented  · 

        I was a bit surprised a couple of days ago to get an e-mail from Steve Webb to say he couldn't accept my request for him to be a friend as he had reached the Facebook 5,00 limit. Two things struck me - first I had not made such a request (although have corresponded with him) so how did get such a request? second - Steve Webb has 5000 friends??? - must be another DWP statistic!
        But Webb apparently has opened a page on Facebook so that he can "keep in touch"......


        I am sure he would welcome your comments from as it were the horses mouth

      • Chippy commented  · 

        I just did Morgeo - thanks for letting me know about it! There's plenty of room for more there too!!

      • Jane Davies commented  · 

        There have been many articles we as a group have commented on over the weeks and months. We have encountered many ignorant posters who think we should not get any uprating and we have spent many hours doing this. We are on our own in these forums for the most part. We do not see any comments from you Peter or James or any of those who are obvious members of your organizations. Do you not get Google Alerts? I told you that's how we get to see these articles months ago. Yes we can post links on here but it's easy to get the info yourselves. It just takes a small amount of time and effort to get your alerts up and running. Let's face it you do not come to this site very often and you will get alerts in your inbox everyday.

      • Chippy commented  · 

        Some time ago it was suggested that we all put "links" on this forum so that others can use them - pass them on - comment on them if possible - or just read the articles that the links go to.

        Here is a link to an article about the "expansion" into other countries - of the UK winter fuel payment.
        It's a little light on comments - so I hope that some more will join "Nine Penneth" as he's feeling a tad lonesome!!

        Here's the link.....

      • Andy Robertson-Fox commented  · 

        Peter, I have refrained from commenting on the Google activity because, put it down to pride, I did not wish to show my ignorance. I have no idea how it works and, judging from both Chippy and Jane's comments it is not something they are familiar with either!

        So, please, for our benefit, explain how it works and if and how we can be of assistance either individually or as a group.

        I think, too, that on reflection, Peter, you will appreciate that we all, and especially those who have sought to keep this forum alive, are fighting a common cause.

      • Chippy commented  · 

        Peter. The billboard idea was just a suggestion for the ICBP to consider as an affordable means of gaining publicity in the UK (London) for our fight.

        Most of us are already contributing to various UK expat frozen pension organizations, such as the CABP, both in annual fees and on occasion to "fighting funds", and it's impossible to ask us for yet more. We're frozen pensioners remember - not bottomless money pits.

        The billboard idea is one that could and should be checked out, as the "renter" can choose the location of the board - bus shelter - telephone box etc that they want to put their ads on.

        A bus shelter outside Parliament with a possible slogan "End Frozen Pensions Now" wouldn't cost a packet (from £120 a week, 2 week minimum) but would pay dividends in raising "our" moral.

        It'd be something we could see - particularly if it was possible for Champollion to photograph it, and pass it on to CABP's Justice magazine.

        If we could rent the "right" location then maybe the ICBP could afford it for a couple of months. Not a big deal moneywise - but a big deal for those in the deep freeze!!!

        Peter, the Google adwords is a great idea, and although I'm not exactly sure how it works - I'll take your word for it that it's looking good, Good for you for coming up with the idea and going for it!!!

        We need all the help and exposure we can get, and every small avenue should be looked at and explored. OK, newspaper ads are too expensive - but could someone check the billboard idea out for us, and come back with some firm figures for the locations I've mentioned??

        If the cost is prohibitive, then we can forget it and move on to something else, but someone find out first before we dismiss it - that's only fair!!

      • Peter Morris commented  · 

        Jane, I wish everyone could be supportive of the cause instead of petty back biting comments that have posted here.

        The Google Adwords ads that I am running have been shown to nearly half a million people in the UK searching for keywords that include those interested in frozen countries, etc.

        How are you going to finance your billboard idea?

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