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fairness, justice and equality for all British state pensioners

All people contribute towards the National Insurance scheme under exactly the same rules.

All people qualify for their state pension under exactly the same rules, based on years of NI contributions.

When it comes time to pay the state pension different rules are applied depending on where you happen to live.

If you live in the UK and in 40 overseas countries, your state pension is uprated for inflation each year.

If you live in mainly Commonwealth countries your state pension is frozen at the rate at which it is first paid, or as at the date of migration. This means that over time the real purchasing power of the state pension in Commonwealth countries declines over the years, so that after, say, 25 years, it may be about a quarter of the current pension level.

To rectify this problem it would cost less than 1% of the total state pension bill.

Apparently there is an unwritten cross political party agreement not to fix this problem.

Pensioners who have chosen to go overseas to be with their children and grand children in retirement in Commonwealth countries are penalised for doing so, or disouraged from seeing their children and grand children again.

Overseas pensioners have been fighting this discrimination, based on country of residence, for over 25 years.

They could really do with a hand from people living in the UK to help them, to lobby on their behalf and to try to over turn this unfair, injust and inequal practice, which is based on historical accident and which even government ministers have admitted, has no logic to it.

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    Peter Morris shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Peter Belcher commented  · 

        We lived all our working lives in UK, never had a day out of employment, never had a penny in benefits, had no choice in making pension contributions and now we are retired to live with our family in Australia we get no pension increases. How fair and just is that?
        The British Government used to be the envy of the rest of the world and used to set standards of fairness and justice for the whole world to emulate. What now? Is it our corrupt civil servants and politicians who seek to use and abuse the tax payers contributions in preference to paying a fair annual increase to all the UK pensioners wherever they live? Oh and by the way, why is it that this freezing of our pensions does not apply to the judiciary or to politicians? Justice and fairness for all - I think not.
        It is part of the governmental "I am alright Jack" attitude.
        Please vote to end this iniquitous scheme.

      • Gillian Brain commented  · 

        If the government is so short of cash that it is unable to unfreeze pensions why did they reduce the contributing years from 40 to 30 years.

        I have paid contributions for 40 years but when I received my pension only 30 years was required so what have the UK Government done with the 10 years contributions which I overpaid??

      • Bryan Batten & Barbara Batten commented  · 

        Please try to get our Pensions unfrozen We live in Australia & are finding with the pensions being frozen Plus the exchange rate most Brits are struggling, So that we can be with our families who live here, help appreciated Thank you Babs & Bryan Batten

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is patent discrimination and the British parliament should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is patent discrimination and the British parliament should be ashamed of themselves.

      • David Wood commented  · 

        My wife and I are living in Malaysia and the freezing unjust rule applies to us from 2001 ,so far.
        If we lived up the road in the Phillipines we would be uprated. Bah humbug, what a ridiculous rule. Left in the law by mistake in the 50's now 1000's are suffering in our case after paying 50 years contributions.

      • Dee commented  · 

        I worked and paid 'full stamp' whilst working in the UK. I even made voluntary contributions whilst overseas. Now because I'm resident in Australia I get no indexation on the pension amount established at retirement age 60. However, my brother who worked and paid similarily, but because he retired to Portugal, gets indexation ! How unfair is that !!.

      • Brian Clarke commented  · 

        The anomoly of frozen pensions should be removed immediately. We had no choice when we paid our contributions and have every right to assume that we would be paid our pensions in the fullness of time. For the UK Government to freeze them is immoral and totally beyond justification.

      • colin morris commented  · 

        My contributions were paid in full and on time throughout my long working life. I should get the full pension as given to all the pensioners living in the UK. The cost of living rises where we live too. This is almost tantamount to theft. We are not getting our promised pension now.

      • Richard Coles commented  · 

        I paid for 44 years towards my pension and now my pension is frozen at the amount I received when I reached the age of 65. Pensioners in the UK get annual increases. Pensioners living in the USA, Europe, the Phillipines and many other countries get annual increases to their UK pensions. However because I now live in Australia (similarly for UK pensioners in Canada and other former commonwealth countries) I get no annual increase - ever. My pension is therefore being eroded every year and will be almost worthless in 20 years. How can this be fair? How can the government be allowed to discriminate against me because I chose to retire to Australia? At the moment I cost the UK government nothing but eventually I will be forced to return to The UK and then it will cost them plenty to keep me in my old age. I only ask for equality - nothing more.

      • John Wittering commented  · 

        Those who have contributed have a right to a UK state pension. Only those who live in certain countries have the right to have that pension uprated. Where is the fairness, justice or equality in that?

      • John Raynor commented  · 

        If you pay the same as everyone else in contributions you should get the same return on your investment wherever you live. If a private pension provider discriminated and varied the return on the investment on the basis of where you lived then the government would be the first to criticise!

      • Len Watson commented  · 

        I played fair and paid my contributions, the government should play fair and pay me the returns and not discriminate because I left the UK. What rubs salt in the wounds is that I still have to pay tax to them. I cannot change the tax rules for my convenience now I have left . It is so frustrating.

      • Howard Snow commented  · 

        It is a disgrace that a Brit who emigrates to Canada has a frozen Uk pension, while his ex-pat neighbour across the bridge in the USA enjoys annual inflationary increases.
        Those of us in (supposedly) British Commonwealth countries are being ignored.

      • John B commented  · 

        Shame on the British government who cheated their pensioners by misrepresenting the case in the courts

      • Richard Hart commented  · 

        The time to rectify the HARM done by the Frozen pension policy is NOW and by using any and ALL means available. Even apparently reasonable MPs in the UK, who have stated how wrong this policy is, and have acknowledged the HARM; once in power do nothing. Take Steve Web for instance, now Pensions Minister who used ICBP membership to support his goals in the past, now rethinks his position and says we all knew our pensions would be short changed by the UK Government before we emigrated. Let us tell our story of betrayal to the UK public and let them be the judge, because they do not know our story. NOW is the time for true political action!

      • Bryan Priestley commented  · 

        After paying compulsory NHI contributions all my working life, it is discriminative not to treat all contributors equally.

      • Paul Kemp commented  · 

        This should be a right when you have paid for it over the years.

      • yvonne morris commented  · 

        It is about time the UK Government kept their promise to pay us a fair pension as we paid in for all our working lives well over 45 years

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