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fairness, justice and equality for all British state pensioners

All people contribute towards the National Insurance scheme under exactly the same rules.

All people qualify for their state pension under exactly the same rules, based on years of NI contributions.

When it comes time to pay the state pension different rules are applied depending on where you happen to live.

If you live in the UK and in 40 overseas countries, your state pension is uprated for inflation each year.

If you live in mainly Commonwealth countries your state pension is frozen at the rate at which it is first paid, or as at the date of migration. This means that over time the real purchasing power of the state pension in Commonwealth countries declines over the years, so that after, say, 25 years, it may be about a quarter of the current pension level.

To rectify this problem it would cost less than 1% of the total state pension bill.

Apparently there is an unwritten cross political party agreement not to fix this problem.

Pensioners who have chosen to go overseas to be with their children and grand children in retirement in Commonwealth countries are penalised for doing so, or disouraged from seeing their children and grand children again.

Overseas pensioners have been fighting this discrimination, based on country of residence, for over 25 years.

They could really do with a hand from people living in the UK to help them, to lobby on their behalf and to try to over turn this unfair, injust and inequal practice, which is based on historical accident and which even government ministers have admitted, has no logic to it.

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    Peter Morris shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • richardmilne commented  · 

        We paid in so we expect our return to be the same as if we were domiciled in
        the UK. If an insurance company cheated us like this it would be heavily penalised.

      • stephen cohen commented  · 

        If the UK is so hard up that we in the Commonwealth cannot receive indexing, then let the Government stop indexing elsewhere and se what happens

      • Robert (Don) Stewart (WW2 Partially disabled Vet) commented  · 

        What with twenty five years of Social Security freeze and two years of huge Currency Exchange reduction my net pension is almost worthless!!
        Shall be looking for a job selling pencils on street corners soon!

      • DJ. Newman commented  · 

        I'm trying to plan my income in retirement. And have come to the realization that its going to come up short. After being born in Liverpool England and worked for many years before coming to Canada - I feel Its a huge injustice that my ex wife who lives in the USA is treated in a diffidently - Why are Canadian expats singled out and denied the same rights are others? this needs to change - we are a part of the BIG picture....

      • kieran broadbent commented  · 

        I paid into NI contribution as did my employers all my working life. Now the full monies held on our behalf by successive British governments are being denied to me this is blatant discrimination and goes against all rules of fairness and good gvernment

      • Elaine and Victor Phillips commented  · 

        Its outrageous that we are treated this way.We paid our contributions and we want the same treatment as others get.Thanks for fighting for us and Good Luck

      • David Jenkins commented  · 

        Shameful discrimination by the UK government

      • jgoodall commented  · 

        It is time for ALL pensioners,no matter where they live, to get equal fairness in our struggle for what is rightly ours

      • Wendy Laverick commented  · 

        I have lived in CANADA since 4 June 98 and have CANADIAN citizen status.
        I served 22 yrs in the BRITISH AIR FORCE and have been receiving an air force pension since 1990, that is indexed linked. I paid into the government pension scheme which entitles me to a full pension. Why does moving to another country remove my entitlement to any annual adjustments to pension payments. this is GOVERNMENT DISCRIMINATION, do the right thing for all BRITISH pensioners.

      • Joe Donachie commented  · 

        With overseas pensions for expats in Canada it is totally wrong that these pensions are not indexed. The reputed "fairness" of the British Government and British Society is something in which I believed until this disgraceful episode.

      • George Jerret commented  · 

        I retired in 1998 ...paid my full NI contributions.......1999 my husband and I moed to Canada to be with our family.........my UK pension has been frozen since that date......also my UK SERP payments are frozen.
        We in Canada are asking for your help ......Will you help?

      • W.Peter Hobbs commented  · 

        I was born in London,enlisted in the Territorial Army august 1938, was mobilised august 1939 and demobilised April 1946 with the rank of Major. I live in Canada because I wanted to stay within the Commonwealth and am 91 years of age. My UK old age pension is at the same rate as it was at age 65 but if I lived in the United States it would have been indexed. THAT IS BLATANT DISCRIMINATION.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I do not understand how, if we lived in the USA we would get full pension

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I do not understand how, if we lived in the USA we would get full pension

      • John T Hulley commented  · 

        Hear! Hear!

        Ran across comment recently to the effect that the Canadian Gov't is trying to achieve indexing as well. Declared income from any source being taxable after all.
        Cheers, John T

      • Peter French commented  · 

        I made the same contributions to the UK pension scheme as others. Accordingly, I have a right to the same benefits as the others regardless of my current address.

      • Peter Couture commented  · 

        I lived 38 years and worked 20 of them in the UK and see no reason why I do not get an indexed pension, which is already reduced because I didn't work and contribute for the full 40 years. What I do get should be indexed.

      • George Jerret commented  · 

        I paid my NI contributions up until I retired in 1998 ....I emigrated to Canada in 1999 to be with my family.....Result .... no pension increases since then.
        My SERP contributions are also frozen.
        We in Canada need your help ......will you help?

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