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Petition the Queen to dissolve parliament for a General Election. No confidence in coalition

The Tory-led coalition government has acted upon numerous policies that were in neither the Tory or Lib Dem 2010 election manifestos. These legislative changes therefore have no democratic mandate for implementation and could arguably represent a Coup d'état. On that basis, and in accordance with a Royal Prerogative, we request that the Queen dissolve parliament and call for a General Election as soon as possible.

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    Greg shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Edward L CLARRY M.F.Phys commented  · 

        Cameron has stated that he cannot bring in a referendum on our membership of the EU because the Liberal party will not agree to it? and that he will put forward the proposal after the next general election, if his party gets in? and he is still the Prime Minister?

        The obvious answer is to dissolve Parliament now in accordance with a Royal Prerogative with a Royal Mandate signed by Lord Justice Peace.

        "The 1215 magna carta & the 1689 British bill of rights are still in full force & Parliament has no power to tamper or abolish this in any way" (Lord Justice Peace)

        The queen dissolves parliament before every General Election by Royal Prerogative so this action would be no way be unconstitutional.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        "These legislative changes therefore have no democratic mandate for implementation" worried about lack of democratic mandate from the elected parliament and your answer is for an unelected hereditary monarch to dissolve said democratic parliament? Ironic.

        "arguably represent a Coup d'état" in that it could be argued but only by someone with no knowledge of UK constitutional law. Firstly the manifestos have been ruled time and again to not be legally binding, secondly have you read the manifestos? The reason they can't be legally binding is because they are so broad.

        Now I don't like the current government and would like a general election to get rid of them. But there are a lot less stupid and more effective ways to do this. You should contact your democratic elected representatives and ask what they are doing to hold the government to account and ask them to introduce a motion of no confidence or vote to call an election.

      • Mike commented  · 

        This is the only real option.
        The queen has this power and she does use it.She dissolves parliament before every General Election.

      • free man commented  · 

        if each person sends a petition in to the queen giving her 41 days to disband the corrupt government or under article 61 magna carta, they lawfully have no power over you "The 1215 magna carta & the 1689 british bill of rights are still in full force & parlement has no power to tamper or abolish this in any way" Lord Justice Peace

      • Dwin commented  · 

        I think this needs to be REBORN now! Conservatives are destroying the country! Get a new one set up :D PLEASE !!

      • Dave commented  · 

        We need to get these self serving idiots out before they do any more damage. All this government is doing is working to make themselves richer, the rest of us who do not already have millions are getting poorer by the day.

      • Ron Howland commented  · 

        I agree absolutely. And the sooner the better.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Dissolve the parliment, use real people that have had it hard and really lived theres plenty of them about that have and use common sense that are not out to be greedy but want a simple life not like these sliver spooners that have no idea what its like out there in the real world that see the crime poverty and the real things that are going on

      • claire commented  · 

        there is a petition to the queen by craigmurray.org.uk i am looking into the details of him and the petition if i dont agree with his approach then i will look into doing something myself.

      • PJ commented  · 

        I absolutely agree that parliament needs to be dissolved and a new general election called. I also think you need to let more people know about this petition, and I think a traditional paper petition would work better. You could collaborate with people from different cities to get signatures in the city centre then send the petitions to you, which could then be sent to the queen (after copies have been made of course). Just make sure you don't break the Data Protection Act.

      • Carl 'Cerealfreak' Brown commented  · 

        I have seen many comments and to confirm, lobbying the Queen is the only sane tact, the Government won't listen to us and under Parliamentary procedure she can force the closure of Government for an election as head of state. The fact remains that people voted out Labour because they didn't like Gordon Brown. It also stands that thousands of people couldn't vote, they were still queuing when the booths closed, forms where printed incorrectly in some instances. This should never have gotten through as legal in the first place. But with Gordon Brown at the head Labour would never challenge it. The coalition is not a coalition, lib dems is a front, these are Tory policies through and through. Look back over Government history and you will see the same thing happening over and over again.

        Taxes raised, money taken from the poor people, tax breaks where it doesn't matter, and pointlessly spending money left right and centre to make massive changes to the infrastructure to make it seem like they are fixing things. They don't they break things that will eventually collapse by the next election and then Labour will get voted back in and have to fix the mess.

      • Alan Rayner commented  · 

        The manifestos are irrelevant. The government is merely
        implementing what Her Majesty announced in her Queens Speech. Then the Members of Parliament
        elected by the First Past the Post system approve them.

        It is left to the House of Lords to do the scrutiny. Thus
        we should OPPOSE the plans to replace the House
        of Lords with a politically elected senate (even if it is
        intended to use STV the best mass voting system!).

      • John Jones commented  · 


        Dissolution of Parliament cannot be brought about by an act of the Queen alone. The Queen has NO power to dissolve Parliament without a Parliamentary vote (which the LibDems almost certainly would NOT support in this case) or by the request of the current Prime Minister - which ISN'T going to happen! Public riots could not cause this to occur, or demonstrations such as those that preceeded the downfall of Margaret Thatcher vis-a-vis the Poll Tax, where she eventually resigned whilst her government stayed in power. This is a democracy and the "will of the people" HAS to be represented by the Government and by Parliament. Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with much of what is stated on these threads, I think that perhaps YOU should take your own advice and learn a little of how Parliamentary procedure works both for and against us. And a bit about how our democracy works in practice...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        To John Jones comments - a vote of "no confidence" sent to the Queen, if signed by her subjects, ie the UK public, would result in a dissolved Government, which would not come before parliament, but would cause an immediate General Election. The current Government, whether one Party or a coalition, would have no say in this manner as Her Majesty has overriding control of the UK Government on all aspects. Please learn about dissolution before making spurious comments.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please do this now! We need to get rid of theses idiots who have no idea how to run a Government. Typical Tory mandate is "make the rich richer, the poor poorer" except even the middle classes are now being made poorer also! Enough is enough!

      • John Jones commented  · 

        No "State of Emergency" has been declared, which is the only instance in which a UK government can change its policy mandate without recourse to "going to the country" in a general election. Much of this Government's work so far has NOT been mandated or agreed to by the citizens of the United Kingdom: although the working policies of government may be changed or modified during the course of a full parliament, it has ALWAYS been accepted in a democratic fashion that those operational policies be based on the original party manifestos promulgated by the elected government PRIOR to the election. As in law, "Ignorance is no defence", so politicians cannot claim after the event (of a general election) that they did not know the true state of the economy - they sit in Parliament to debate those issues, and should FULLY understand them, whether in government or in opposition. The Coalition have manifestly NOT followed EITHER of their party manifestos, in fact both parties have disgracefully ignored their individual advertised policies and introduced new policies, and policy changes, NOT announced in their pre-election manifestos! Perhaps a legal challenge might be made based on those grounds - perhaps even as high as the European Courts of Justice?

        I do not believe that we can call for a "Vote of No Confidence", and believe that it would be a waste of time to do so. The Vote of No Confidence is a mechanism of Parliament, and were it to be called for would almost certainly be overturned by a "No" vote from the combined Conservative and LibDem House majority, and that would be a confidence boost for the Coalition. A split in the LibDem support for the Coalition might be an alternative, but is also unlikely to unseat this coalition government: the Liberals have not held individual power as a party since the late 1920's, and in their current guise (as Liberal Democrats) will NOT want to lose it now; the senior LibDems are on a power-kick and would have to be forced out for there to be a change of heart and conscience. The Tories are being controlled root and branch by dogma and wealth (mainly their OWN, but with a strong thought for their "friends in the City"). The Coalition is in control mainly because of the apathy of the electorate, mis-information by the Government and the media via the "blame game" ("the Labour Party was to blame for the world-wide financial crisis...") and the apparent weakness of the Labour Party currently (with minor exceptions, in a lack of "fight back" by their political leadership).

        38Degrees membership can keep the ball rolling by continuing to create a "stink". Challenging the Government over anything and everything that threatens to destroy the hard-won democracy of this country, and the happiness and security of its peoples. But I do NOT think that we would achieve very much even if we were to force a debate in Parliament which resulted in a call for a vote of No Confidence - "clumps of manure stick together", as the saying goes, and I would that it has no conscience and feeling either... there ARE decent and caring folk in the political arena in ALL of the political parties. The need is to break the philosophy of the Party Line and the archaic "Whipping-in" process, so that independent thought and action can occur: it IS undemocratic to force people to be of one mind when we should be open-minded and have differing opinions about how we react to crisis. Perhaps that is one way that we might influence political debate.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I think the only way to stop the NHS Bill is to stop this government in its tracks.

        The same applies to all the other disastrous legislation they are putting through and which is opposed in detail in this forum.

        Osborne has clubbed the economy to its knees. Employment is rising because of his policies and his pathetic excuses that it is all somebody else's fault just won't wash.

        Any government has to be better than this one.

        Save the NHS. Save the badgers. Save the economy. Stimulate our green economy. Save our countryside.

        It only takes one campaign to do all these and more. The time has come to campaign for a General Election and campaign very hard!!

        Time to save Britain!

      • Gordon Craig commented  · 

        Please consider moving your votes to one of the other NO CONFIDENCE Campaign suggestions. They are ultimately about achieving the same goal. Several different NO CONFIDENCE CAMPAIGNS CREATES A WEAK FRONT.

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