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Prevent the closure of public libraries

Libraries offer computer access to the poor, give access to books to those unable to afford them, and provide education for all, regardless of social status.

They are inclusive of all, not just the 'white middle class'. They provide ways to learn about other cultures as well as our own, promoting understanding of foreign ways of life. They enable people to learn about subjects they may not have had the oppurtunity to study in the past. They provide a quiet place to study and read. They allow people to see the world in new ways.

Knowledge is power!

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    SAHSAH shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Jane HarrisJane Harris commented  · 

        Libraries have been neglected for years in many places, struggling with limited budgets, poor facilities and demotivated staff. Yet services for children in particular have been and continue to be excellent and a real factor in developing literacy. Libraries are also a place where people with limited income can access email and the internet, such an essential part of everyday life for most of us. And that's apart from all the other services. Joe Hendry described libraries as 'the people's university'. Despite its Blairian overtones, that's a true focus they should be enabled to recover.

      • Steve PalmerSteve Palmer commented  · 

        Libraries are the only place in the community not trying to sell you things, open to all ages and cultures, committed to reaching out to other organisations and into the homes of the most vulnerable.

      • VectonianVectonian commented  · 

        It's disgusting that the government minister has not so far used the 1964 Libraries and Museums Act to stop councils closing this statutory service that local councils are obliged to provide for their residents.

      • TangerineTangerine commented  · 

        Please do everything in your power to keep your local library open! Access to knowledge is critical for all citizens. Knowledge empowers us to protect open, free, and prosperous socieities. Please keep your priorities in place and your libraries open. Thank you...

      • CarolineCaroline commented  · 

        one of my childhood memories is going to the local library on a Saturday & get new books out, let my children have that memory too!!

      • Ranjita LohanRanjita Lohan commented  · 

        Modernise libraries and make them fit for purpose for the 21st century - definitely. Close them down and an egalitarian channel for building knowledge, community and the sheer pleasure of reading is lost forever.

      • Carl HadleighCarl Hadleigh commented  · 

        Once they're gone that's it they're gone!

      • Mary JonesMary Jones commented  · 

        Libraries are needed now more than ever.

      • Deborah LepleyDeborah Lepley commented  · 

        Libraries are much more than just books - anyone can use them to access information in any format. Save Libraries & Save Professional staff too.

      • Catherine DonaldsonCatherine Donaldson commented  · 

        Libraries help children to learn to read, help the unemployed to find jobs, help children without any books or internet access at home to do their homework and provide social contact for the elderly as well as books.

      • ostephensostephens commented  · 

        Public libraries are places where all UK citizens can access information in any format, with the help of professional staff who can provide help and guidance to help library members to access information they want and need in the most appropriate way.

        For many children, public libraries provide a place to study and to immerse themselves in reading - something that may be difficult at home, and for many it may be the place they are introduced to a wide range of literature they would not otherwise have access to.

        Public libraries should be celebrated as part of a civilised and educated society, not seen as a luxury to be cut.

      • Dawn WoodsDawn Woods commented  · 

        This is so shortsighted when the amount of money saved is a drop in the ocean

      • Heather BignoldHeather Bignold commented  · 

        I became a librarian because they are such democratic places - anyone can go in and make use of what is on offer. If we get rid of them what does it say about us as a nation?

      • Graham MeadowsGraham Meadows commented  · 

        I grew up in Moss Side in Manchester. I am now a Solicitor in the City of London. I owe that success to my local library service. We couldn't afford the books I needed. Abolishing libraries will have long term repercussions.

      • Sue CraskeSue Craske commented  · 

        With an increasing number of school libraries closing around the country, public libraries are even more important.

      • Gabrielle AdnittGabrielle Adnitt commented  · 

        Fighting closure *can* have an effect - two Bucks libraries have earned a reprieve. Save our libraries!

      • Maia DaguerreMaia Daguerre commented  · 

        This is really important. Once this resource has gone it will never come back again.

      • Cheney GardnerCheney Gardner commented  · 

        Libraries are a mark of a civilised society and they promote learning, which in turn promotes tolerance, community and free thinking. Their removal signals a return to ignorance.

      • Margaret KMargaret K commented  · 

        It can be invaluable to have access to books which are unlikely to be available via bookshops and which benefit "minority" groups of people who also pay for the service via their taxes. For example, I borrowed some books specially written for people with dementia which my mother really enjoyed. As well as being concerned about public libraries being closed, I am concerned about recent suggestions that they might be run by the private sector as has happened in some places in the US. There's a danger that they'd become services for the majority, measured by popularity, rather than collectively owned resources for every one.

      • James HJames H commented  · 

        Just ridiculous!

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