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Prevent the closure of public libraries

Libraries offer computer access to the poor, give access to books to those unable to afford them, and provide education for all, regardless of social status.

They are inclusive of all, not just the 'white middle class'. They provide ways to learn about other cultures as well as our own, promoting understanding of foreign ways of life. They enable people to learn about subjects they may not have had the oppurtunity to study in the past. They provide a quiet place to study and read. They allow people to see the world in new ways.

Knowledge is power!

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      • Glyn Williams commented  · 

        Its this Govt that needs to be closed, not the libraries.

      • Jessica Spencer commented  · 

        Such valuable resources, it makes no sense to close them.

      • Jeannie commented  · 

        The more worrying thing is that our libraries could be privatised. Part of them would be, for instance, coffee shops by large chains and the library would be the bit that no one wants to run. It wouldn't have much of a budget and would exist only with volunteers, the coffee shop part of it wouldn't be interested in supplying a proper library service. Once we lose these county council run libraries, we'll NEVER get them back and it will be the beginning of the end of the library we now know and love.

      • Kerry Dunning commented  · 

        Our local library runs lots of events that bridges all age-ranges, it creates a great sense of community and it's events and staff are well organised. It isn't just a place to borrow books, it's a place to meet people and learn different skills.

        There are plans to make our library self-service, I think this is a real shame as many people will loose out if they can no longer run the activities they currently do.

      • Nick O commented  · 

        Perhaps I could just draw your attention to the pro-library petition started by 13 year old Joe Miller from Birmingham - for details see Alan Gibbons` article `Sign Joe`s Petition`, 11 April 2011 at http://alangibbons.net . Cheers.

      • Ken commented  · 

        The Government is making cuts to our libraries, bus services, etc. etc. but SOMEHOW they are managing to find MILLIONS OF POUNDS to build massive incinerators to burn our waste. We don't want toxic incinerators. We want libraries and buses. I live in King's Lynn and our Borough Council have just spent £53,000 on a referendum about this incinerator and it has been a PURE WASTE because our County Council have told us that they are ignoring our vote and going ahead with the incinerator anyway. The Government are funding to the tune of £169 Million! How many library books could you get for that? King's Lynn is currently No. 2 on the 38 Degree website. Read some of the posts - you will be shocked. Money is found when it needs to be! Good luck with the librarys.

      • Nick O commented  · 

        I hope we`re not forgetting the libraries.

        Maybe we need to look at some positive examples to remind us what it`s all about.

        I`d have to give a lot of credit to the campaign to save Bentham Library (Yorks), which has been very active over the last month and has an event planed for early May - a protest walk from Bentham Library to it`s equivalent in Setlle (using local footpaths I believe - it sounds great !). They are at http://benthamlibrary.blogspot.com and are part of Save North Yorks Libraries ( http://ny-libraries.org ).

        In Suffolk, local groups across the county have united to produce a countywide petition, as reported in the Eastern Daily Press ( Adam Gretton - `Protest Groups Join Forces`, 1 Mar 2011 at www.edp24.co.uk ).

        Lastly, I have to take my metaphorical hat off to writer Alan Gibbons, founder of Campaign for the Book, whose site http://alangibbons.net is always up to date with details of campaigns and relevant articles.

        My own little efforts can be found at http://angpav.blogspot.com and http://bookshelvesandbrownale.blogspot.com . They are probably a bit dated now, but the links may be helpful.

      • Jeannie commented  · 

        Are we forgetting the libraries? The consultation ends on 30th April - then we'll be doomed

      • Lisa Kanabar commented  · 

        Hi Cheryl I am not happy with the cuts and closing down the library I am feel disguested by it all. Why can't M.Ps cut their budget and whey are they spending loads of money on the houses and swimming pools when we have got swimming pools in the sports centre. This whole thing doesn't make any sense at all. I would love to support the library it is very important for people who don't have internet and it helps people who have learning difficulties with their reading. If Earlsdon Library hadn't been there for me god knows where I would have been.

      • andy commented  · 

        once the paper has disappeared(ie:-books) and we rely on computers,and if the computer says 'no', where will you get your information from

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Loss of the libraries would be a bad thing, as would similar public information services (museums, galleries etc). The government has a responsibility to provide us with such services to help with information dissemination. More access to PCs in libraries and government databases would be no bad thing either!

      • Jeannie commented  · 

        Do we want our libraries privatised? That is what it amounts to, they are just trying to distract us with words like Community, Volunteering and The Big Society. Selling them off is the best bet for them.

      • John Dean commented  · 

        Thank you, Nick.
        The Save North Yorkshire Libraries site http//ny-libraries.org
        is still active. Further contributions will I am sure be welcomed
        on the website. Have a look! Add a comment (or event, and vote in the ongoing petition especially if you're a North Yorkshire resident),

        The official announcement by NYCC on/around 17 Feb can be read on their website- interesting:can any group of library supporters feel safe?

        The Consultation (ended 28 Feb) results are being pored over now at Library HQ.

        Many positive things are happening in all North Yorkshire's libraries, too numerous to mention here. We are already on the lead-in to a major Literary Festival NYCC, Friends of Scarborough Library and many other supporters. The main events are in April, but the fringe events are up now:
        libraries and other venues (examples across the Broad Acres from Hunmanby to Helmsley and all around):


        John Dean.

      • Nick O commented  · 

        I don`t know wny, but I found it difficult to trace JOhn`s Save North Yorkshire Libraries - maybe it`s me, my computer skilss are not advanced ! If anyone`s looking for it, try http://ny-libraries.org .

        Perhaps if those of us who have blogs were to add it as a link, that would help raise awareness ?

      • Nick O commented  · 

        Interestingly, I was reading at the weekend that cabinet member`s constituencies are getting away with dramatically lower levels of cuts than the rest of us are experiencing.

        As I live in a marginal constituency in a region the Coalition are targetting because of it`s strong manufacturing/engineering sector (I live on the Notts/Derbyshire border), you`d think they`d be wise not to antagonise us !

        I suggest a trip to the library to borrow a book on logic for Clegg, Cameron et al.

        For those of us who are normal people and not politicians, perhaps I could remind people about sites with more info on campaigns against library closures, particularly http://alangibbons.net and http://angpav.blogspot.com , as well as the site mentioned by John Dean below. Cheers.

      • Paul Bright commented  · 

        Libraries are so vital - community; learning; finding out things; public Internet; children; studies; themes...
        Libraries must remain public

      • John Dean commented  · 

        North Yorkshire has the largest closure programme in the UK.
        24 of its 42 libraries to be cut loose from the public library system proper,

        The proposal has been put on hold for 'a year'-but no guaranttees have been given that closures will not start. I have heard of a tiny library whose
        local supporters have been told it is 'doomed'.

        'The Yorkshire Post' featured a range of strong articles on this topic-apprropriately on 'World Book Day' 5th March.

        John Dean Save North Yorkshire Libraries (website)

      • Jeannie commented  · 

        Do we want our libraries privatised? If they are, anything can happen to them!

      • Steve Barlow commented  · 

        We need long-term protection of our library services, which will continue to be under threat because they are seen as a soft target whenever financial savings are sought. Even in those areas where public libraries are not so far under direct threat, 'invisible' erosion of the service - eg loss of schools library services, sacking or redeployment of professional librarians with the resultant loss of their priceless knowledge and expertise- is taking place constantly. Both local and national government have demonstrated that they are not to be trusted with the future of our libraries: we need a new way to ensure that this vital service continues to be available to succeeding generations.

      • Marcia Simpson-James commented  · 

        I can have no sympathy for this cause. Brixton and Lambeth libraries are busy 'running' west-indian people out of the library. Plus they have Black people under surveillance to the benefit of immigrants. Until they are fair - close them!

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