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Prevent the closure of public libraries

Libraries offer computer access to the poor, give access to books to those unable to afford them, and provide education for all, regardless of social status.

They are inclusive of all, not just the 'white middle class'. They provide ways to learn about other cultures as well as our own, promoting understanding of foreign ways of life. They enable people to learn about subjects they may not have had the oppurtunity to study in the past. They provide a quiet place to study and read. They allow people to see the world in new ways.

Knowledge is power!

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      • Shirley Burnham commented  · 

        Libraries are wonderful, agreed; they are also a statutory service. Those charged with ensuring councils fulfil their obligations are deliberately ignoring their duties, in opposition to the public will. That is wrong and must be challenged.

      • Cheryl commented  · 

        Libraries provide something rare nowadays - a friendly, welcoming, interesting, life-enhancing community space, in all weathers, for free. Where and what else meets that standard? Whether it's for books, computers, IT tuition, family history research, newspapers, wi-fi, coffee mornings, storytimes, readers' groups, homework clubs, special service to the housebound, information/advice, a quiet space to study, to think, to be with other people...this gem of a service deserves a future at all costs. Nothing quite compares to public libraries.

      • SarahP commented  · 

        The critics of public libraries call them outdated, they need to visit a modern public library. Many say children will be protected from the worst effects of public libraries closing because they have school libraries. School libraries are not statutory and are also being closed. Times such as this are when people need libraries most.

      • Jim O'Neil commented  · 

        I led the campaign to save Hoylake Library, in Wirral. If anyone wants copies of douemnts, such as the E.H.R.C. letters, various reports, etc, just email me on jimoneil@btinternet.com - freebies!

      • Ruth Burnell commented  · 

        Close libraries and you close minds. Close libraries and families that can't afford books can't access books anymore.

      • Tricia Adams commented  · 

        Medicine for the soul.
        - Inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes

      • Zoe commented  · 

        We're visiting as many libraries as possible this half term and I'm realising what havens they are. You can strike up a conversation with almost anyone in a library. The books broaden your horizons, but so do the people you meet.

      • Katy commented  · 

        Libraries are essential and extremely valuable local services. To close them would be closing a door to education, peaceful study and a right to read, no matter your financial circumstance.

      • Ruth commented  · 

        Once a library shuts, it will never open again. It will take brave people to say no to shutting libraries, but we risk the knowledge, equality and a social mobility of our society if we allow this to happen.

      • Kinga Pascalides commented  · 

        The thought of libraries being closed is a shocking one. They might as well start shutting down schools. Foolish, short-sighted and idiotic.

      • Carol lowe commented  · 

        Libraries are so important. They have been an invaluable resource in my work and one of my greatest pleasures. At one time I could not afford to buy all the books I needed for study and I was reliant on my local library. We must save our libraries!

      • Nigel Bennett commented  · 

        The place my kids grew up loving books.

      • Paul Hill commented  · 

        If we lose them now, they will be gone forever, a whole world of fun, knowledge, exploration, learning and public access lost for good.

      • Mike Baldwin commented  · 

        Libraries are knowledge bases teaching children essential skills. They are centres of community and education. Librarians have the skills to make information available to a wider society and enrich the lives of children and adults particularly in deprived areas.

      • snowdrop commented  · 

        My local library is not under threat as far as I know. It is always busy with adults and children.
        Its not just about books, they have access to computers..Not everyone has one at home...they also offer dvds, cds, papers and magazines.
        PLEASE fight to save all our libraries from closure, once they are closed they will never return

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