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Prevent the closure of public libraries

Libraries offer computer access to the poor, give access to books to those unable to afford them, and provide education for all, regardless of social status.

They are inclusive of all, not just the 'white middle class'. They provide ways to learn about other cultures as well as our own, promoting understanding of foreign ways of life. They enable people to learn about subjects they may not have had the oppurtunity to study in the past. They provide a quiet place to study and read. They allow people to see the world in new ways.

Knowledge is power!

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    SAH shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Mark commented  · 

        Libraries - engines of social mobily, learning, leisure & self improvement. Seeing these as an easy target for cuts in the short term will cost the country and society dear in the longer period and is a acourse that should be avoided

      • Cheryl commented  · 

        Quote Zoe King: "For many people, young, old, neither, libraries are lifelines. Closing them is intellectual and cultural vandalism."

        Couldn't agree more.

      • Peter Barnes commented  · 

        Hope 38 Degress can put its weight behind this campaign. here's my thought on the issue: http://scruffian.net/tag/public-libraries/ - Public Libraries Should Get More, not Less, Funding. The barbarians are at the gate, but what can we do? Organise, and fight back!

      • Sibyl Ruth commented  · 

        If a 'big' society means anything it's about smaller communities having access to a wider world via a proper public library service.....

      • carly commented  · 

        Libraries gave us power said the Manic Street Preachers and its true. Closing them is disgraceful

      • Linda Mason commented  · 

        This has got to be made the next big U turn for the government. They get away with it at the moment because it's all funded locally but if enough fuss is made library funding can be ring fenced by the government and local councils will have to do as they're told.

      • Zoe King commented  · 

        For many people, young, old, neither, libraries are lifelines. Closing them is intellectual and cultural vandalism.

      • Andy Hicks commented  · 

        9 million ppl have never used the internet. Millions more cant afford a computer etc, where are those people supposed to learn or access what they need online? And good luck asking a volunteer to help them. if they library you used is even kep open with volunteers at all.

      • Felicity Gee commented  · 

        Libraries are an oasis, whether deep in rural Dorset, or a respite from busy London bustle. They enrich, enable, and empower. Without adequate government investment in libraries people will be poorer in every sense.

      • Emma Lambourne commented  · 

        Every time I go into either of the two libraries I use (one near my home, and the other close to my office) I am struck by the number and variety of people using them - definitely not just 'white middle class' types. Libraries are an enormously valauble resource, and provide services which simply aren't available anywhere else, we can't just stand by and watch quietly whilst they are destroyed.

      • Dave Cryer commented  · 

        An open library = open minds. Close them and you close minds, it's a simple enough equation. The very worst slamming will be in our children's minds - the doors to their futures firmly closing.

      • Roash commented  · 

        I <3 libraries

      • Parrish commented  · 

        The ideal Library symbolizes everything a society stands for. A society depends on its libraries to know who it is, because libraries are societies memory - A.Manguel

      • Minichops commented  · 

        With 2 young children, I go the local library every week to borrow books we could not afford to buy. The books are brought home and enjoyed together and I know that my children are developing a love of reading. We've enjoyed activities like storytimes and bounce and rhyme. Cutting back on and closing these community spaces impoverishes us all and should not be tolerated.

      • carlin andersonc commented  · 

        It's only a room with shelves and books,
        but it's far more magical than it looks

        It's a jet on which I soar
        to lands that exist no more.

        Or a key with which I find
        answers to questions crowding my mind.

        Building my habit of learning and growing,
        asking and researching till I reach knowing.

        Here, I've been a mermaid and an elf
        I've even learned to be more myself.

        I think that I shall never see
        a place that's been more useful to me.

        With encouraging kind friends with wit
        Who tell me to dream big and never quit.

        It's only a room with shelves and books,
        but it's far more magical than it look

      • Mick Fortune commented  · 

        Today it's the libraries, tomorrow it will be the NHS. The Big Society is under new ownership - KPMG have moved into No 10. A cynical philosophical and political viewpoint that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing is unlikely to consider the worth of a child's imagination but it may yet be compelled to recognise the power of the ballot box.

        The local elections are on May 5th...

      • Caroline Roche commented  · 

        Obama was right, libraries are the 'magic threshold'. How a civilised society could even consider shutting them is beyond me. Modernising them - yes of course, but not closure. They are the gateway for so many people into a different life, a haven for children, a place to learn, - why is this even thinkable, let alone do-able?

      • Adrian Thompson commented  · 

        In this library i could lose myself,
        Transports, gateways on every shelf,
        Dark words, bright words of ice and fire...
        (Waterboys - Universal Hall)

        Libraries are the places where imagination can be unleashed, and where children (and adults) can find out about things beyond their local area - libraries empower us all, and "Closing libraries to save money is like cutting off the blood supply to the brain as a labour-saving device for the heart.". Save public libraries, get bankers to pay back what they owe us!

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