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Put power lines underground

Vast swathes of the British countryside are set to be blighted by hundred's of super-pylons needed to carry electricity from offshore windfarms to the National Grid.

Cherished views of outstanding national beauty from the Lake District to Snowdonia to Suffolk and Somerset will be scarred by National Grid's intention to build nearly 1000 of the 160ft pylons.

Pylons are technology that dates from the 1960's and should be obsolete like typewriters. The UK is changing to renewable electricity generation but has no plans to change transmission technology. This is madness. All new power lines should go underground. The extra cost is very small about £10 per household for all the new power lines planned. We must protect our countryside for future generations and avoid the health risks of electromagnetic radiation.

Vote to put power lines underground.

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    PaulPaul shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Bill DBill D commented  · 

        We are having the same problem here in Mid Wales and Shropshire,
        Good luck to you all with your protests, keep fighting for the sake of health,
        countryside and wildlife.

      • Dave FieldDave Field commented  · 

        Why can't we be looking at all the other alternatives to harnessing power - The only reason for this wind power ridiculousness is that the money has been put into this technology so much that the powers that be, will not look at anything further than profit

      • Lori WhinnLori Whinn commented  · 

        Hmmm- I guess it all comes down to cost and maximising profits for the elite few who can afford to live out of the way of these hideous monstrosities that will blight our beautiful countryside. It does make you wonder what the Government are thinking...

      • Mrs.G.DrennanMrs.G.Drennan commented  · 

        Why would any firm or any government back proposals that may put even one persons life at risk and WILL blight the visual outlook and peace of the countryside?This proposal should never have passed stage 1.

      • Val OwenVal Owen commented  · 

        I can remember Mrs. Thatcher saying saying that by 1983(?) all power cables will be underground!

      • Rachel CakebreadRachel Cakebread commented  · 

        Surely it is better to use underground cables which have been developed to replace an older technology and which do not cause visual pollution.

      • Dawn MorrisDawn Morris commented  · 

        It should be automatic to put cables underground, pylons are something from the dark ages. Stop trying to desicrate our countryside National Grid.

      • ashley veeashley vee commented  · 

        I'm wondering truely welcome comments on this do we have more power to force these underground now that they are in private ownership or would we have more power if using democracy if they had still been nationalized. Or are we ' the public' always going to be the underdog with our politicians lining their own pockets either way..... answers on a post card please.

      • Joyce ParkerJoyce Parker commented  · 

        As an island nation we have the advantage of putting cables sub-sea.

      • Joyce ParkerJoyce Parker commented  · 

        Stop decimating our beautiful country and support the campaign groups in mid-Wales, Suffolk and Somerset.

      • Joyce ParkerJoyce Parker commented  · 

        Do not let a multi-national destroy our beautiful countryside. This issue should not be solely about the cheapest way of transmitting electricity it should be about the environment and peoples quality of life.

      • ashley veeashley vee commented  · 

        I used to do a lot of hot air ballooning and power lines were the worst thing out there. You'll certainly get every hot air balloon pilot on side!

      • DanDan commented  · 

        Just heard that the National Grid have a sham consultation out at http://www.midwalesconnection.com/ and they are planning to devastate Shropshire with enormous pylons passingthrough beautiful valleys, which have AONB status. Just seen http://www.nopylonsinreavalley.co.uk/ which is a small group just set up to oppose it, linked to other groups in Somerset http://www.no-moor-pylons.co.uk and scotland: http://www.stirlingbeforepylons.org . There are new pylon lines planned in snowdonia and the lake district too. This is huge. Nat Grid can barge their way due to their legal powers of compulsory purchase, and residents in each area have noted the sham style of the consultation with worry. Vested landowning interests in wales with links to the Welsh assembly seem to be pushing this, too.

        There is a proven link between power transmission lines and leukemia see http://www.electric-fields.bris.ac.uk/ for scholarly research ongoing at the world-famous Bristol University Department of Physics (several Fellows of the Royal Society here)

        In my view this campaign ought to be supported because it has all the hallmarks of a winnable case:

        - Potential mass public opposition regardless of politics - destruction of the countryside
        - Big corporation behaving atrociously with government support
        - Proven health risks, especially affecting children
        - Using ancient transmission technology for the sake of cheapness
        - Shows how greenwash works in an easy-to-understand way
        - Alternatives available, for instance burying cables.
        - Not a no to green power, but a no to greedy corporates and big landowners
        -Real David and Goliath feel to it.

        Make it so!

      • Andrew SharplessAndrew Sharpless commented  · 

        This is an excellent thought. Let it happen!!
        Clean views of our countryside are impiortant -- with already tioo much else playing upon our minds {reactionary policies, etc.} & consequent need for the refreshment its beauty provides...
        I, for one, am now very uncomfortable in my own land...!

      • Angus GoodyAngus Goody commented  · 

        We have been blighted by pylons for long enough. The technology is there to go underground. There is no valid reason why it cannot be done.

      • sally matthessally matthes commented  · 

        they want to ruin mid Wales too. Lets all get together to stop them

      • A. JamesA. James commented  · 

        I am against pylons being erected for 2 reasons.
        1, the visual impact on beautiful landscape.
        2, pylons have previously been the subject of scientists controversial claims that they could be linked to an increased risk of developing cancer, particularly brain cancer, leukemia. Now a new Swiss study has shown that people who lived in the shadow of a pylon for more than 10 years were 78 per cent more likely to die from a form of dementia than those who didn't.

        The National Grid, which operates and runs Britain's power lines, insists that there is no evidence that electricity lines cause any adverse effect on people's health.

        Would they really say anything else?

      • J JamesJ James commented  · 

        Pylons are an outdated technology which has no place in the 21st century. They still haven't resolved the issue of power leakage from the overhead cables - a waste of energy and a possible health hazard. We in rural Suffolk say NO to further blights on our countryside.

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