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Put power lines underground

Vast swathes of the British countryside are set to be blighted by hundred's of super-pylons needed to carry electricity from offshore windfarms to the National Grid.

Cherished views of outstanding national beauty from the Lake District to Snowdonia to Suffolk and Somerset will be scarred by National Grid's intention to build nearly 1000 of the 160ft pylons.

Pylons are technology that dates from the 1960's and should be obsolete like typewriters. The UK is changing to renewable electricity generation but has no plans to change transmission technology. This is madness. All new power lines should go underground. The extra cost is very small about £10 per household for all the new power lines planned. We must protect our countryside for future generations and avoid the health risks of electromagnetic radiation.

Vote to put power lines underground.

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    Paul shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Mrs.G.Drennan commented  · 

        I can't agree more, but will our voices be heard? Tessa Munt if you are reading this, I hope you have this issue at the top of her list of priorities.

      • robin barlow commented  · 

        I think but do not not know that putting lines underground creates more eco-damage than above ground lines, as it disturbs and thereby pollutes the soil.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        this debate about new as well as replacement electricity pylons is to me like deciding that a beautiful landscape painting by constable or turner would be further enhanced by including electricity pylons. The technology is now available and has been for some time to reconfigure and rationalise the grid resulting in the removal of significant number electricity pylons in large areas of the u.k. So why is,nt happening, lack of political will mostly if not totally. But money for war etc is o.k say the powers that be its funny unfunny old world.

      • Sarah Wilkins commented  · 

        I think pylons are unsightly and noisy especially the super pylons. I appreciate the need for energy but not enough consideration is given to local production of energy for local use either on a household basis using solar energy or wind energy or a community basis again using solar or wind or, if appropriate, water. If every household and community produces as much energy as it could and a new means of storing renewables locally was developed, then the need to transport so much would be greatly reduced and so the cost of underground cables would be reduced.

      • James Atkins commented  · 

        Anything that makes energy more expensive is good.

      • gill B commented  · 

        lovely idea but Impractical. COST. do we want to pay more for it?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Put all future power cables underground, but better still look at other renewable energy sources that will have less visual impact on our beautiful landscape. Who are we to destroy the land , future generations will not thank us.

      • Terry commented  · 

        Already windfarms in America are reaching the end of their life and just being abandoned to stand idle as monuments to the folly of windfarms

      • Crybaby commented  · 

        Put WHAT underground NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!??? Your argument? Come on, develop a point of view beyond the childish at least!

      • Anonymous commented  · 


      • Huw commented  · 

        You mention snowdonia in your list. How are they going to put the power lines under the granite mountains? I think the last estimate I saw for trying this was in thea mynydd mawr area and would cost £1 000 000 a mile. Who's going to pay?

      • Richard commented  · 

        I agree, all new power lines should be underground. It is harder to dissipate heat underground, which is one reason why cables have to be thicker and thus more expensive, it's also cheaper to erect a pylon than dig a trench.

        However if we promote solar panels on roofs (and other similar renewable technologies) then a larger portion of the is consumed nearer to it's source thus reducing the amount of energy travelling across said power lines.

        In short, I agree, lay them underground.

      • Will Smith commented  · 

        A lot of people here use words like “they”. Sorry to be a moral killjoy but its YOU that’s causing this. YOU use and need electricity. Whether it’s in the air or underground its the Bottom line. There are so very many few actual facts on this comments page its almost funny. Pylons have been around for MUCH longer than the 60s. Before 1940 they were used as transmission towers especially for short and medium wave, occasionally lattice towers consisting of wood were utilized. The sheer cost alone will raise your bill by about 15%. Were gonna look stupid telling power companies to do this whilst lowering our bills - unless we are prepared to PAY for this it won’t happen. On the Eco side how exactly do you think it will help by digging massive scars through forests to achieve this. The fact is folks that Pylons are the lesser of two evils. I like neither but know logically what I’d choose. If you want a much higher EMF level then stick ‘em underground but trust me you don’t want to live near high EMFs either. What will happen when they need repair work? Get the diggers in Once again – just when the Earth and flora heal. This is more (if not equally) about Nimbyism than anything else and quite a waste of time and credibility for 38 degrees

      • Susie Ives commented  · 

        I vote wholeheartedly to put all lines underground. We are not being told the true cost of this, but it must be far cheaper than they say! We cannot allow our beautiful countryside to be ruined on our watch to save a few bob.

      • Paul Ives commented  · 

        I vote for this, but I cannot understand the thinking. In order to 'save our planet', which is 100% laudable, we have to destroy our heritage - our wonderful countryside. Can anyone explain that please?

        Also, whatever the costings are of pylons versus underground cables, householders are paying for pylons anyway, as those of us that have pylons placed near their homes are not only faced with the awful look of them, but faced with devaluation of their properties of up to 33%.

      • Colin Megson commented  · 

        I've voted for this but I've also voted for "UK Manufacture of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors", which would make underground power lines even more likely.

      • Richard Gillam commented  · 

        It would help enormously if the TRUE costs are displayed not the false ones
        which are being bandies about

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