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Save May Day

May Day is an ancient British festival around since pagan times and is one of our few traditions left relatively intact. It has become associated with the working class and is now threatened by a government that wants to move it to October and reclassify it as a UK celebration day of some sort. This is a disgrace. For centuries governments have tried to repress this festival, let us not be the generation that lets it happen.

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    Tabitha Mellor shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ivan williams commented  · 

        A bank holiday in October is no bad idea, but it is not worth sacrificing May Day for

      • Tony Rymer commented  · 

        Save May Day! Give us another day you tightwad CON-DEMs!

      • carol henn commented  · 

        may day is a traditional english bank holiday celebrated in many parts of the country and welcoming in spring .many villages and towns rely on the income that is brought in by visitors watching these old and ancient customs and I for one would be sad to see its disapearence, dont let this government walk all over all our old customs because once they are gone they will never come back again,its a lovely joyous day celebrating life not death as the battle of trafalgar did.

      • Linda B commented  · 

        What happened to the campaign for an extra bank holiday in between August & Christmas? We should have an extra one to bring us in line with our EU cousins NOT TAKE AWAY AN EXISTING ONE!!! The Monday after Remembrance Sunday would be appropriate.

      • ArbeitsSchu commented  · 

        On top of everything else, they want to cut a bank holiday? What, are we supposed to think that it is part of their making the bankers work harder for their ridiculous bonuses?

      • aslan commented  · 

        this feels important for all sorts of reasons and for all sorts of people ... i think it comes down to consultation and ownership of public life in the UK ... does it belong to the govt? does it come from the top down? or does it belong to all of us and do the govt serve that expression of community?

      • lee Hamilton commented  · 

        Do not take away our May day festival. It is a day of celebration with significant social and cultural heritage. And for what are you taking away the 'workers day'? The last time this was done it was an act of the parliamentarian Oliver cromwell, does this present govt want associations with such a historical despot.

      • Yvonne Sibbald commented  · 

        It is outrageous of the government to try and move this cherished holiday with its traditions going back centuries. I regarded it as a punishment to both Pagans and Trade Unionists.

      • Natalie Brown commented  · 

        Save the Beltane holiday! Add another day in October if you must but leave our Beltane alone....please????

      • Colette commented  · 

        I agree wholeheartedly with previous comments of those people like Angel, Steve Wood, Nick Roberts etc, KEEP May Day and ADD October!! To remove May Day removes a massive part of our history and a huge pagan festival.

      • Tabitha Mellor commented  · 

        Thank you for the support people...keep it coming..:) x

      • Jan Millington commented  · 

        I can't make any better comments that the ones below written by Nick Ford and John Billingsley!
        Let's keep May Day; give us another Bank Holiday for sure; any excuse for a day off! As has been written, we have the fewest public hols in Europe, and work the longest hours.
        ALL public holidays are celebrations of us as 'workers'! Hard won gains against the over-riding philosophy that life=work.

      • Dreadfil commented  · 

        Let's continue to celebrate life, and not senseless death. Leave our heritage alone.

      • Jonny commented  · 

        Our Springtime rite & worker's holyday is essential. As the Justified Ancients Of MuMu & R A Wilson were prone to comment " Hurray, Hurray the first Of May~ outdoor sex begins today!"

      • Zoe Carter-Brown commented  · 

        May Day is an ancient tradtion loved by millions of people, How can they think of upping and moving it!! A day should be ADDED not moved, we have the least amount of holiday's or Festival's in Europe.

      • Katherine Baldwin commented  · 

        My family loves May Day, and it's the day of our local carnival and fun fair.

      • Yvonne commented  · 

        May Day is a special bank holiday with traditions going back centuries. We need to endorse and cherish what little is left of our English culture - it seems every other country is allowed a traditional culture (even within the UK) except England! Please don't stop this bank holiday! SOS/mayday - If bank holidays attract the tourists the government feel are necessary then why not add another one rather than deprive us of our May Day.

      • Craig Greenslade commented  · 

        I would like to see 38 Degrees take on the Governments plans to scrap the May Day Bank holiday - otherwise known as Labour Day.

        Not only is this a traditional here and beyond the UK, we have the fewest public holidays in Europe. Perhaps we should be adding holidays rather than moving/removing them?

        Source: http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/cgi/news/release?id=106596

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