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Save May Day

May Day is an ancient British festival around since pagan times and is one of our few traditions left relatively intact. It has become associated with the working class and is now threatened by a government that wants to move it to October and reclassify it as a UK celebration day of some sort. This is a disgrace. For centuries governments have tried to repress this festival, let us not be the generation that lets it happen.

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    Tabitha Mellor shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Cardinal Fang commented  · 

        If the Government wants to move a bank holiday, to spread them out, why aren't they moving the one at the end of May?

        It'd have the same effect without the controversy.

      • graham commented  · 

        why tabitha to me its just old fashioned and an excuse to have some days off work.lets do get rid of may day.

      • John Jones commented  · 

        As well as those points posted on this site previously, this is an idealogical attack on Socialism, and the Labour Party specifically, in this country: there are three public holiday periods in late spring which have been enjoyed by the British workforce for many years. Of these the Mayday Bank holiday is the only politicised holiday. Although historically of pagan origin, and having been celebrated for hundreds of years, the Labour Party centred its adopted 'day of celebration' on Mayday, just as in the USA Labour Day is their 'workers holiday' and celebrated in similar style.

        We in the UK enjoy less public holidays than most of the rest of the EU, so why is David Cameron's Conservative led Coalition not calling for an additional days holiday for the British worker? That, of course, would be anathema for the British major employer, major also in support of the Conservative Party! To move the Mayday public holiday is impossible - it would no longer be a 'Mayday holiday', even though it would be an ideological swipe at the Labour Party and especially at Socialism. Why not then create a further UK public holiday, Mr. Cameron? Better still, as Mayday IS a British institution, give us a public referendum and a deciding voice on what to do with it!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        hebben op 8 dec.2011 een armband betaald maar nog niet ontvangen Fam Oudenbroek Volendamlaan 796 gen haag
        waar blijft de armband

      • Newton Heath commented  · 

        This proposal is a disgrace!! As well as the bank holiday tradition, it's a great time to have a bank holiday weekend at the start of Spring & generally it's great weather too. FAO TORY'S: DO NOT CHANGE THE MAY DAY BANK HOLIDAY!!!!!

      • Rose commented  · 

        The celebrations of May Day are part of English heritage [no matter where you feel they came from, they're now ours]. It's also not worth having a day off in the rain and cold when we had one in the sun and warmth.

      • Tom commented  · 

        centuries of history to be abolished for what? tourism? a lie!

      • Scarthman commented  · 

        Ridiculous to stop Mayday bank holiday and Osborne et al are full of double dealing double standards!

      • Andrew Tomlinson commented  · 

        The ruling elite think they can destroy a millenia old festival? I'd like to see them try...

      • heidi commented  · 

        save mayday at least its warm

      • Arianne Churchman commented  · 

        An important part of our tradition which should not be lost.

      • Mark Rosher commented  · 

        To be totally honest, if they remove May Day it will make not one jot of difference to my Beltane celebration except I may need to take a religious holiday from work. But May Day really is a day of celebration for work done - a workers festival - and to remove it is to attack those who toil for their bread. How unlikely, from our current incumbents... ahem.

      • Glyn commented  · 

        Yet another part of our heritage being destroyed

      • Khhat Harding commented  · 

        This is a Pagan religious festival and we demand to know what right any government has to reclassify and remove it. Perhaps they would like to reconsider whether Christmas is inconvenient, rename and reschedule it. Whatever your personal reason for supporting the Save May Day campaign, whether political, religious, or simply the enjoyment of a fun festival, please add your voice to the protest!

      • Lorraine Murray commented  · 

        May Day is a traditional festival that should not be scrapped, especially to be replaced by one in October when the weather is usually awful.

      • Susie Watkins commented  · 

        Why sacrafice a holiday when the nights are long and it's generally warm, for one in October when it's dark and miserable.

      • Sophie Watson commented  · 

        The May Day bank holiday is an ancient tradition associated with both International Workers Day and the pagan festival of Beltane. By all means add a new one in October, but whatever you do, keep the May one. It's part of our heritage.

      • Paul Jefferies commented  · 

        This is the one day of the year dedicated to the workers it is an ideological move by the tories to remove it.

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