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Ban pesticides from killing the bees.

Bees are being killed by pesticides which have already been banned in other countries

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    Julian Siglioccolo shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • RP commented  · 

        It's not just pesticides that are the problem. The bees are sick. Huge fields of the same crop mean there is no diversity in their diet, and many bees have parasites and other diseases. This is a crisis for both bees and people.
        One little way we can all help is by growing more flowers. I have no garden, but I've seen bees in the flowerpots on my balcony in past years. They're very good - they don't go in the house because there is nothing for them to eat in there. I hope to see them again, but I fear they may be too sick.

      • Julian Siglioccolo commented  · 

        This is one of the most important topics for mankind. It is not just bees that are being effected but all kinds of insects that pollinate plants. They are vital for the food chain as well as for people. It is not recognized widely but bees are also important for creating plants and therefore oxygen.I would guess in medieval times 99% of people understood the importance of bees and respected them.It is an indictment of modern people that we do not have the same insight of people that lived centuries ago. Lets get this campaign moving guys or please someone start it going in a more effective way.

      • Jonathan commented  · 

        Seems from what Bruce says that a lot more needs to be done to safely test new and existing pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers, with emphasis on biodiversity and health impacts on the consumer, even if that does hurt profits for big companies :P

      • Debs commented  · 

        Since 2007 there has been a huge decline in the bees around the farm I am living on, these pesticides used by farmers has to be stopped!

      • Bruce Denney commented  · 

        The government, quite rightly, point out that there is no scientific evidence that these pesticides do not meet the safety testing requirements.

        The problem is that the testing regimes are it appears faulty.

        Even faced with the clear evidence form places like Italy where withdrawal of these pesticides has resulted in a flourishing bee population our government is sticking to the rule book.

        If we had politicians who had common sense... these would be banned tomorrow.

      • Rodney Noon commented  · 

        No bees and we have just 3 years left. Worth thinking about...

      • lynda commented  · 

        This definately needs to be addressed. If these pesticides are being banned in other areas then we need to follow suit asap. The bees must be saved.

      • Arlene commented  · 

        this really needs to be taken forward now before more of our bees are killed

      • Bill Waller commented  · 

        Neonicotinid insecticides have been banned in some European countries and bee populations have increased. The UK has been branded "weak" by the EU on the use of sustainable pesticides and has yet to issue a ban.
        The issue is being debated in parliament.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Gordon - yes I agree, they have us all scrabbling around trying to campaign about so many different issues, we are struggling to cope with them all. Let's just get them out! No Confidence in this government Campaign a really good idea!

      • Gordon Craig commented  · 

        Should we consolidate our votes to make them count and pick a campaign that best suits the "No Confidence/ General election vote?" I personally feel no confidence says it all and should then lead to a general election.

      • Caroline commented  · 

        Juliet, I can't find the debate listed, do you have further details?

      • Juliet Guiness commented  · 

        There is a debate (on this subject) in the house of commons next tuesday 2/2/11, so this needs urgent action. write to your MP's

      • Tony Combe commented  · 

        Caroline, you`re SPOT ON!
        We need to jump on this threat hard & fast.
        The thought of no more Honeybees, (& of course, no more natural pollination),
        is devastating.

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