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Stop the royal family being exempt from the freedom of information act.

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    Bill BakerBill Baker shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • John BradburyJohn Bradbury commented  · 

        This is disgraceful following the MP's expenses scandal. We need more freedom of public information not less.

      • Paul WhieldonPaul Whieldon commented  · 

        Lets see what they have to hide, blue blood inbred retarded scrounging scum. let us not forget their Nazi sympathies prior to WW2. Remind exactly what purpose do they actually serve and no I do not buy that bullshit about tourism.

      • Marcia Simpson-JamesMarcia Simpson-James commented  · 

        I've enclosed an example of why the Royal family should not be exempted from the full weight of the Freedom of Information(FOI)Act. Prince Charles, et al, must be getting all sorts of odd-ball things if I'm going by the article below. How much public money is the Royal family making from "insider trading". They must be making money hand over fist, was well as interferring in the government's (e.g. The People's) business.


        This is the last straw, get rid of them and be done!

      • Denis WatkinsDenis Watkins commented  · 

        The unelected and unaccountable Royal Family erodes the reputation of the UK's claims to be a democracy. When William Hague lectures other countries on the virtues of democracy our undemocratic, unelected Royals undermines everything he says and makes him appear a hypocritic. The must be subject to the laws of the land land like the rest of us and that includes their coming within the purview of the Freedom of Information Act. They can neither be criticised nor questioned in Parliament. To exempt them from the Freedom of Information Act implies they have much to hide and shames the UK.

      • Gloria FlynnGloria Flynn commented  · 

        Agree with the campaign 100%. Royals not elected, therefore they are a public funded body and as such all monetary issues or any other issues for that matter, should, and must, be open to public scrutiny. This should also include all matters on their security arrangements, which again are funded by the taxpaying public.
        In addition all subsidies from EU should also be included.
        If we had complete 'FOI' the non existent role (but extremely well paid) for Andrew would be highlighted and show how 'bloody and oily' his fingers are in events in the Middle East.
        Barry Flynn

      • redscarfoxredscarfox commented  · 

        It's disgraceful that the royal family is exempt
        What makes them different to everybody else

      • Gloria FlynnGloria Flynn commented  · 

        It would appear that the Monarchy has a lot to hide, if they want 'freedom of information'. This is unacceptable in the 21st century.
        The 'Queen' is not an elected head of state, and the taxpayer funds all the royals, therefore they should be accountable. For those who say that the royals have their own money, just where did they get it from in the first place ? If they don't like it, then they know what their option is.
        The FOI most definitely should apply to everyone, including those living in palaces.

      • Peter WattsPeter Watts commented  · 

        The monarchy should, like all other publicly-funded bodies, be open and transparent about it's activities. The fact that they are not elected yet their opinions are acted upon makes this even more important.

      • cymro o'r cwmcymro o'r cwm commented  · 

        I back this %100. The royal family are nothing special, and should be treated just like the rest of us.

      • Alex BaileyAlex Bailey commented  · 

        Although a Republican, I see this issue as one of basic democratic rights... no matter who the head of state is, monarch or president, in a democracy they work for us and not the other way around. As taxpayers (i.e. the employers of our government, shareholders in GB Ltd, however you want to put it) we have a right to know how all branches of government spend our money and how decisions are made on our behalf.

        What have the Royals got to hide? As many people have said in the past, if they're doing nothing wrong they have nothing to worry about!

      • Paul ValentinePaul Valentine commented  · 

        To Simon Wright - 1 We are not talking about the Head of State here...We are talking about the institution of the ROYAL FAMILY quite a difference really.

        2 Even under FIA there would be opportunity for private meeting.

        ....another monarchist with a nobrain mentality

      • john hawkeyjohn hawkey commented  · 

        Why should they be exempt, we are supposed to be a democracy! all in it together etc., so no exceptions please.

        John Hawkey

      • Simon WrightSimon Wright commented  · 

        Its very clear from almost all the comments below this has little to do with Freedom of Information Act rules. It is simply a page flooded by Republicans (because republic asked their members to come here and vote). They want outright abolition of the monarchy, something less than 20% of the population want according to polls.

        Private communications between the head of state and head of government happen in republics too. Should the Queens weekly meeting be tape recorded just to satisfy republican curiosity?

      • ScottScott commented  · 

        A country can not be realy free
        If it still has a monartchy
        For a monarchy
        Is nothing less than a tyranny
        The oppisite of democracy

      • Mike SMike S commented  · 

        Hiding this information is a denial of our basic rights. We need to know how OUR money is being spent.

      • Terence FlanaganTerence Flanagan commented  · 

        These parasites should be dealt with NOW a shower of inbred parasitical lunatics. Scum of the earth vermin and thats just the polite version!!

      • Marcia Simpson-JamesMarcia Simpson-James commented  · 

        Please, I want my full freedom, not this sham that we have at present. Get rid of the royal family now and we won't have to debate whether or not their are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

      • Simon NichollsSimon Nicholls commented  · 

        Accountability and transparency....err....no. We have the royals instead!

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